Sunday, July 20, 2014

Heroes 2.2.9 Brings New Reasons to Love Phalanx Shield

If you didn't love your shield-Outlander before, now is the time to come back to Phalanx Shield and give it another go.  The latest Heroes of Steel update, v2.2.9, brings unique new abilities to Vraes' second defensive Talent, Phalanx Shield.  Not only do you gain consistent Parry and Armor bonuses, your leading warrior is now capable of deflecting a flat percentage of all ranged attacks!  At Level 1 Phalanx Shield, Vraes turns aside a massive 18% of all ranged attacks - arrows, knives, magic!

Along with another set of heaping story event enhancements, balancing, UI improvements, and tweaks, v2.2.9 is a big one.  And it paves the way for an even more exciting release, in the new character department.

v2.2.9 - 7/20/2014
 - Improved balance of Phalanx Shield (+parry, auto-block % of ranged attacks)
 - Improved balance of Stone Skin (+earth res)
 - Improved triggers of waves in Siege of Gholla Outlook
 - Improved balance of Nordhall Troll, added campsite to North Vault
 - Fixed Quest Log issues: Excavation Site, Vlotgar at Hunting Lodge, lingering logs
 - Improved Talent display on all devices, scrolling in list
 - Restored Spear sales at Riven Field

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Star Traders 4X v1.2.5 Update Released

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v1.2.5 - 7/20/2014
Invasion Rules Update -- XP, Criticals, More Population Hits
Improved Ship List: Faction, Maintenance, Percentages
Turns to complete on Projects Queue, Upgrade List, New Project, New Ship
Turns to complete in Research Queue, New Research
Added Trade Points field to Colony Detail screen
Better Green Sector Logic
Fixed: Steel Fortress on Hard+
Fixed: Ship A Movement Blocked by Ship B
New Library Pages

Improved Ship List

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Showing Turns - Star Traders 4X Empires

Excited that the next release will start to display more and more of your options in "Turns" as well as their other costs.  Bringing the full economy model (with all the upgrades, faction bonuses, etc) to bear to generate these numbers has taken a little work, but I know you'll agree that it is worth it!

When looking at the existing build queue for a colony -

When looking to pick a new colony upgrade -

When looking to pick a new ship to construct -

Also now working on technology research screens, and showing the fact that RP are split evenly -

Friday, July 11, 2014

Templar Assault v2.0.9 Released!

The newest release of Templars focuses on the special powers that Captain's can use - both detailing their effect and the remaining count when a Captain chooses to execute.  Every Captain gets a very small number of these special bonuses per level, so it is important to know how many remain.  The games list has also been enhanced to show Honor and the profession of the Captain of the squad, making it easier to find your games.

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v2.0.9 - 7/11/2014
 - Captain's special powers describe their result when used
 - Captain's special powers list how many more uses are available
 - Captain profession type and squad Honor displayed on games list
 - Fixed bugs in shop interface
 - Fixed Crashes, Typos, Reported Map Bugs

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Star Traders 4X v1.2.1 Update Released -- New Features + Achievement System

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Record your exploits, Templar!

Ship Designer Better Than Ever

Wage war across hundreds of Stars against 10 unique opponent AI
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v1.2.1 - 7/10/2014

  • Added Support for Google Play Games 2.0
  • Added Support for Amazon Game Circle
  • Added Support for Apple Game Center
  • 16 Challenging Achievements to Earn
  • Reduced Spice Hall Maintenance Costs
  • Balanced CP Cost for Palace 1, Spice Hall 1
  • Reduced Credits Cost for some Upgrades
  • New: Victory Celebration Screen Marks Xeno Defeat
  • Reduced Starport Maintenance Costs
  • Fixed Reported Bugs with Ship Designer
  • Fixed Reported Crashes & Device Issues

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cyber Knights 2.2.0 releases Hunds on the NBZ!

With Escorts having laid the foundation, Hunds were only the next natural step. Once they are rounded out (with specialized gear & implants) then the next step is the ultimate - Drone Master & Hunder professions!

Hunds can be purchased at any of the three breeding pits in the southern NBZ. All of the Hund activity will be focused around gang-land, where soon new gear, rigs, armor upgrades, and even implants will become available for your Hund.

The Hunder will be a profession focused on running with a pack of War Hunds, decked to kill. Certain armor, weapons, and implants and new dog types that are coming soon, will be reserved for the Hunders expert control.

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v2.2.0 - 7/9/2014
  • Elite Only: Purchase a Hund as a team member - immediate ally
  • Visit Pit-Hund Breeders in Roxbury Crossing, Fairmont Breeders in I-93 Barrens, St. Paddy Pups in Dorchester
  • Hunds cannot install cyberware or equip gear (yet!), do not help in Encounters
  • Fixed bugs with Escorts taking the lead in Encounters
  • Fixed reported crashes (thanks!)
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Star Traders 4X -- Achievements Coming Soon

The team at TB Game's HQ is wrapping up the latest round of Star Traders 4X updates including the new Play Games / Game Center / Game Circle support for Achievements.

Google Play Games

These new features will provide new goals for players and let your friends who also play the game to show off or challenge you to keep up with their stellar empire.

Game Circle on Amazon Kindle Fire

Completely optionally, we won't require you to sign in or use these new features -- but we think they're a lot of fun! Of course, we'll also be adding them to the iOS version by supporting Game Center (not pictured.)