Friday, October 21, 2016

This week's update features some major improvements to the levels of the Rubic 5 deployment, as well as some exciting quality of life improvements for any level.

First, we've beefed up the regimen of secondary objectives throughout the Rubic 5 deployment.  They aren't always easy to reach, but they are now available across the level set.

While we are on the subject of Secondary Objectives, we've improved the victory screen to list the total possible objective count, showing something like 3/3 Secondary Objectives (+15 XP) or 0/3 Secondary Objectives if your Templars were feeling lazy.

Next up, we've removed the Swap limitations that were in place on the two Rubic 5 levels -- Infiltration and Detonation Site.  For both levels, there is still a limitation in place that you cannot Swap in an Engineer, as both levels are built around achieving an objective to bring in an Engineer through a story event.  Still, you can now swap out the Scouts or Soldiers for other any other Templar you want to bring in.

We've made a nice improvement for Ordnance, where the purchasing screen from your Tact Point will list the number of Ordnance you already have in your inventory.  This can help your precision when buying and avoid accidental duping.

To mix things up, we've also added new spawning towers to maps across the Rubic campaign.  This will give you more control over the spawning map in the levels, having some influence and ability to shut down different spawning vectors.

If you enjoy all the updates, improvements, and continued stream of new content for the game, please leave a review!  55 updates in a year, no paid DLC ever!

v2.4.25 - 10/21/2016
 - Improved Rubic 5 deployment maps
 - Added 7 new Secondary Objectives throughout deployment
 - Added spawning towers to 5 maps across campaign
 - When buying Ordnance, count of currently owned Ordnance is shown
 - Total possible Secondary Objectives displayed in Victory screen (2/3)
 - Fixed Infiltration Site and Detonation Site preventing Swap at start

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Templar Battleforce: Patches and Balance with v2.4.23

This week's Battleforce release focuses on a set of balancing patches.  As we ramp up toward the release of the Flame-Engineer, we're tightening up some knobs and bolts to make sure everything is ready.  This war mech has to be shine up and ready to ride when the new pyro arrives.

We've increased difficulty in a few levels by preventing humans from using Reactor Jolt Ordnance.  Simply put, do not try this at home without a void reactor.

If you are firing the Roavin MK9 Relic on Overwatch, it will now cause Bio-Poison damage on following turns.  Even better than before!  Full-Vent 7 no longer costs 3 Heat, oddity resolved.  We've improved the starting spawn setups and turn goals for a few levels.  Careful out there. We squashed a bug that let you swap your Engineer even after Capturing a Tact Point.  Green recruits to your Templar squad were reporting 1 Kill, now they report "No Career Kills" correctly.

We fixed a few little issues to tighten up controller support as well.  We're continuing to make progress here and great to hear all the feedback from teh community.  We sunk a few hours into looking at XBox 360 controller support and hope to keep learning more there.

v2.4.23 - 10/11/2016
 - Humans can no longer use +MP Reactor Jolt Ordnance
 - Improved balance and starting spawns for multiple levels
 - Fixed bug with Swapping after Tact Point capture
 - Fixed issue with scrolling while status / ordnance / objectives open
 - Fixed issues with Roavin MK9 and Overwatch, fixed issue with Full-Vent 7
 - Fixed bug with score for Templars with 0 kills

Friday, October 7, 2016

This week, we've got our hands on some Steam controllers and are making strides to adding full Steam controller support.  The first step has been to add missing keybindings -- you can now bind to Prev Templar (Ctrl) and Prev Talent (Z) and Next Talent (X).  These new bindings let a controller setup work much smoother, paging backward and forward through ready Templars, as well as moving through a Templar's Talents without having to bring the mouse / controller anywhere near the Talent bar.  It's a great QoL improvement for anyone playing with a controller or even a mouse.  We're working toward official controller support, so stay tuned as we keep making improvements.

To help anyone who wants to try out a controller, we've published a controller config called "Trese Bros: October Best".  Once we get full support, we'll publish a recommended config.

We've also added an internal setting that remembers the sort setting on your Templar list.  We fixed the balance of Wrathful Defense 4-7.

We've made some balance changes to Stacking Buffs for the Paladin.  First up, Stacking Buffs were never intended to be affected by Ordnance that increased Buff duration -- that bug is now fixed. Second, we've increased the duration of the stackable Buffs -- up to 3 and 4 for the higher level ones.  We also fixed a bug where no buffs were applied if you killed [i]lots[/i] of enemies (4+).

v2.4.21 - 10/3/2016
 - Increased duration of higher level Embrace stacking buffs
 - Added new hotkeys for Prev Templar, Next / Prev Talent
 - Veteran sorting preference remembered
 - Adjusted benefits of Wrathful Defense 4-7
 - Fixed bug where Righteous Embrace was not Stacking Buffs on 4+ Kills
 - Fixed bug where Stacking Buffs were effected by Ordnance
 - Fixed bug with Tact Point defenses killing enemy bosses

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Patreon: A Year of Wallpapers

We are honored to have delivered our first full year of wallpapers for our Patreon supporters.  With one new wallpapers a month, you can see a glimpse of the machinations, work, and progress our team has achieved over the last twelve months through these wallpapers.  New games, new projects, immense projects, old projects -- all mixed together into one glorious set of digital rewards.

As we pass the year anniversary of starting the wallpaper reward, we'd like to extend our thanks to all of our 51 Patreons who have chosen to pledge a monthly amount--small or large--to help us stay in business and keeping making the games that we love to share with our entire community.

It has been a great year of wallpapers--for me, twelve months now with twelve different backgrounds--and we look forward to the next year!

If you would like access to a years worth of wallpapers, and all future rewards as well, join us on Patreon at $1 a month.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Heroes of Steel v4.2.51 Released!

In this update, we're following up on recent changes that allowed Strength to directly impact your damage. As a refresher, if you're wielding a Strength-based weapon, the minimum your Damage dice can roll is equal to your Strength score.  If you are wielding a 2-handed Strength-based weapon, the minimum your Damage dice can roll is 200% your Strength.

This week, we've linked Vraes' Natural Mastery talent into those new rules.  Natural Mastery now adds +Strength for Vraes' attacks, used only when calculating this minimum Damage dice roll.  Therefore, if you had +6 Strength from Natural Mastery, and 12 natural Strength, you'd be working with a minimum Damage roll of 18 or 36 for a 2H weapon. Topping out at max, with +12 from Natural Mastery and 16 natural Strength, Vraes packs on from 28 to 56 guaranteed minimum Damage with every attack. This bonus does not affect Accuracy, which Natural Mastery already has covered.

In addition, we'd like to thank some of our players for requesting that the game remember zoom setting between regions.  We've added that this update and I can say its really nice!

As the game has grown to be so large and long, we've had some quest logs lingering to long and other small issues related to that.  We've done another round of clean up this week based on emails and posts from you, the community!

We are hard at work on the next chunk of story for Heroes of Steel, which will be the next-to-last story update for Episode 4.  Hoping its ready soon!

v4.2.51 - 10/5/2016
 - Vraes' Natural Mastery now increases Strength for base Dmg Calculation
 - Natural Mastery bonus adds Strength-based Dmg, doubled for 2H weapons
 - Zoom setting now remembered when traveling between regions
 - Fixed issues with quest logs staying too long
 - Fixed story event bugs

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Wallpaper for Patreons

We are proud to roll out a new digital wallpaper as a reward for our Patreon supporters.  We rely on our Patreons pledges to help us keep making games and we love to reward them!  If you pledge $1 or more to our Patreon, you get access to a year's worth of monthly wallpapers, including this latest Star Traders 2 background.

Straight from the Star Traders 2 KickStarter T-Shirt design, this wallpaper captures an epic Star Traders moment -- the meeting of a captain and a ship on a lost desert world.

We hope you will consider joining our Patreon and help us keep making games!

Check out some of the wallpapers from previous months!  Don't miss these goodies!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This week's update sees some bug patches as well as some improved balance for Neptune and Grenades.

First, last week we fixed some issues with the Stratos Elevator Complex, but we also introduced a new bug that could get you stuck if you attempted to switch the elevator switches in a certain manner.  If you're stuck, you need to install this update, end one turn in Stratos, and then try again on the next turn and you'll be all set.

Second, we've added new Gear Level 1 gear for Neptunes (and Hydras, Paladins) that adds +20 Max Heat to give Neptunes a nice Heat bonus out of the gate.  On top of that, we've reduced the high end of the penalties around the Full-Vent Talent, keeping the -Move penalty to -2 and reducing the -Deflection penalty as well.

For a long time, the maximum number of targets hit by a Grenade was defined by your Grenades skill.  This wasn't intentional, and it is now fixed.  When a Grenade is thrown, any number of targets under the AoE template can be hit.  As always, every target gets an Accuracy roll.

v2.4.19 - 9/27/2016
 - Added new Thermal Enclosure gear for Neptunes: Gear Level 1 adds +20 Max Heat
 - Reduced penalties from higher level Neptune's Full-Vent Buff
 - Max targets by grenade attacks is no longer limited by Grenade Skill
 - Fixed animation issues with Dual Axes + Grenades
 - Fixed bugs in Stratos Elevator Complex victory conditions
 - Fixed map and dialog bugs

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