Monday, April 20, 2015

Templar Assault 2: Dev Blog #2

Some of the founding game design ideas for Templar Assault 2 were to create both a strategic and tactical game, with our second dev blog post, I want to talk about how we've done that.

First -- the tactical part I believe is clear and evident. You will deploy Templar Knights onto the field of battle, fight against enemies on all manner of fronts and terrains, all while trying to accomplish varied and sometimes nigh on impossible primary and secondary objectives.  And when it's all over, sometimes it will look like this --

The strategic side of Templar Assault 2 allows you to be the Captain and the commander of your forces and to work at a higher level to determine how you will face your tactical objectives.  Who do you deploy, how are they trained, what load-out do they carry?  

Much of the exciting push and pull of this strategy will be in your choices in Requisition.

Requisition is the process of unlocking the supply capabilities to deploy new types of Knights, weapons, armor, gear, one-use items, and the training to advance your Knights of any class.  As you are victorious in your conquests, you'll gain Requisition Points and can unlock new branches of the tree.  Until you unlock the Berserk's required Requisition, you won't be able to deploy this type of Knight.  As you unlock the Scout's tree, you'll have the option to put your focus on sniper training and powerful long distance rifles or on stealth techniques and gear.  

Your Requisition decisions will drive your army design and you'll find that each squad you create will take a unique path in their Requisition specialization, and therefore your army will be different every time.  

We've very excited to see the interaction between the tactical and strategical level play out.  Subscribe here to our blog or our to mailing list to keep up with the latest news about Templar Assault 2's impending release.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Templar Assault 2: Dev Blog #1

As we've recently shared the news that Templar Assault 2 is coming soon on our Star Traders 2 KickStarter, we want to take another opportunity to share the game's progress and some of its exciting system development via a series of Dev Blog posts.  These posts will include work-in-progress screenshots and share where we are at right now, where we are going, and what is really exciting about TA2!

Templar Assault 2 is our third game on the Cocos 2DX engine that we first debut with Heroes of Steel and then progressed with Star Traders 4X Empires.  We've taken what we learned from those two great games and progressed the engine and game play even farther with TA2.

As a top-down tactics game, Templar Assault 2 lets you focus on building and perfecting a larger team strategy.  You're in charge of recruiting an army of Scouts, Soldiers, heavy weaponry specialists, melee Berserks, Paladins and more.

The fearsome Hydra Templar unleashes a gout of super-heated flame

Where in Heroes of Steel, you face every challenge with four heroes, in Templar Assault you'll be deploying different configurations of your force to the field with every battle, and tailoring your forces to the exact challenge.

You'll have to face some missions with only a few Scouts and a Captains, while others you'll use the full force of your army.  And so, as the commander of the Templar force, you'll be on the hook to build an army that has the right blend of specialists to face any challenge at hand.

We'll be sharing more details about the game's progress every week, so sign up, subscribe, plug in!

The carnage, holding a bridge against waves

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Double-Sale Weekend

This weekend, we've got two of our amazing games on sale.  Both are squad based tactics games -- Heroes of Steel RPG and Templar Assault strategy RPG.  Don't miss the change to pick them up at these low sale prices!

Lead four unlikely heroes on a quest through the fallen world of Steel. Unexpected twists will lead you to an unexpected patron, and keep you guessing.  Deep tactical combat and endless group combinations!

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Heroes of Steel RPG Elite

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Heroes of Steel RPG Elite

Arm, equip and train your might mechanized Templars and send them into battle against pirates, rogue Star Traders, and deadly xenos.  Blast your way through abandoned starships, ancient temples, and sieged fortresses in this sprawling strategy epic.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cyber Knights v2.9.17 Released

The newest release helps mitigate the risk of losing team mates.  If you've invested thousands in their weapons and armor, there is a chance you'll be able to recover that if the Runner, Ally, or Pet is permanently dead.

Also, we've added a long requested Skip button which allows a character to completely forfeit their turn and bow out of the round.  With Escorts, or on turns where you are waiting for something to happen this can dramatically speed up game play.  If you're looking to only delay for a single AP, just double-tap your characters.

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v2.9.17 - 3/29/2014
 - In combat Victory, can recover some weapons and armor from killed Runners (perma-death only)
 - Skip button added to combat - spends all AP & ends turn
 - Wait a single AP by double-tapping your character
 - Improved edge case in Exhaustion meter - always shows 1 bar until fully Exhausted
 - Fix AP tracking when using combat Talents, no more negative AP

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Cyber Knights RPG
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Cyber Knights RPG
Cyber Knights Elite RPG

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cyber Knights v2.9.15 Released!

The joys of focused iterative development!  Last week, we were able to get complete the basic implementation of the Exhaustion Meter, and got it tested on a very large number of devices.  With your feedback in hand, we've now struck out for V2 of the meter - fixing bugs and really powering it up.

We've also fixed a series of bugs that are plaguing jobs related to Safehouses and Runners default armor confguration.

What's ne

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v2.9.15 - 3/19/2015
 - Exhaustion meter v2 - improved refresh, sync with exhaustion states, clearer when cramming
 - Fixed and improved default Armors for all Runners
 - Improve balance of jobs offered by Connectors
 - Fixed bugs with dumping ammo after canceling Use Item
 - Fixed bugs with Safehouse jobs and Black Row Safehouse
 - Fixed bugs with Capture for Interrogate losing details on Connector

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Cyber Knights RPG
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Cyber Knights RPG
Cyber Knights Elite RPG

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Heroes of Steel - Storm Brothers Story Arc

This morning, we released the newest story arc for Episode 3, the Storm Brothers. The story arc was designed and created by one of our most involved KickStarter backers -- Lord Gansai himself. You might remember Lord Gansai as the designer of the Underforge, and you probably saw him at work again in the Star Traders 2 KickStarter helping us cross the finish line so spectacularly. Now, enjoy his creative vision again in the world of Heroes of Steel through the Storm Brothers story arc.

The Storm Brothers story arc:
  • Can be started by visiting the ice in Bone Pass in the far eastern Underdeep. 
  • Will require you to start Episode 3 before you can go far 
  • Adds 4 new unique story characters to the world 
  • Includes 4 new dungeons, 3 completely new monster types, and exciting new variations on the Krete and Orcin -- new tribes mean new nasty abilities 
  • Piles of new magical gear, only available on this story arc 
  • Over 800 lines of dialog and 20 new cut-scenes 
  • Advances and opens other story arcs in the world of Steel -- old friends, old mysteries

So get in there!

50% Off Character Sale

If you haven't tried the extra characters for Heroes of Steel, now is a great time to snag them. They are all on 50% off sale on Android (Google Play or Amazon).

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v3.2.13 - 3/13/2015
 - All IAP Characters are 50% off
 - New E3 story arc - "Storm Brothers" - created by KickStarter backer
 - "Storm Brothers" story arc adds 4 new dungeons, 3 new monster types, new Krete & Orcin tribe abilities
 - Start Storm Brothers story arc by visiting the ice in Bone Pass
 - Added 5 Moonstones and 1 Bloodstone
 - New hotkey Tab to toggle character list
 - Updated keymap to include Tab, Esc, Enter
 - Improved Vincent's unique items

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Heroes of Steel RPG
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Heroes of Steel RPG
Heroes of Steel RPG Elite

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Heroes of Steel RPG
Heroes of Steel RPG Elite

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Star Traders 4X Empires v2.1.7

The newest Empires release crunches down on the tech tree and its use, making it easier and faster on both desktop and mobile.  With the new introduction of right click support on desktop, you can browse and buy new techs without ever leaving the tree.

Other great fixes include improving the deselect behavior of Repair and Refuel (thanks for the request, community) as well as providing more information about xeno worlds.

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v2.1.7 - 3/3/2015
 - Updated Research Tree to be easier to use
 - Adding Technology to Queue is faster
 - Tapping a Xeno World shows the alien's name
 - Fixed bugs with auto-move and cancel move
 - Further combat & political balancing updates
 - Do not unselect Repair or Refuel Training after use
 - Desktop: Right Click Support for Units on Map
 - Desktop: Right Click in Tech Tree

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Star Traders 4X Empires

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Star Traders 4X Empires

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Star Traders 4X Empires