Monday, February 13, 2017

Templar Battleforce roars into action with v2.6.10

Templars, prepare your weapons!  We took a bit of a break from Templar Battleforce updates this month, as we've launched our closed alpha for Star Traders 2, our next game coming to Steam.  Now that the alpha is full steam ahead, and we've gotten through the first buggy stretch, we're going to get back to some Battleforce, Heroes, and Star Traders 4X Empires updates.

For Battleforce, this week, we've fixed some bugs in the last boss show down, as well as added a bunch of valuable clarifications to Talent descriptions.  Where previously we were relying on icons to indicate specific restrictions, we've added text clarification everywhere ("Flame Tank armor only", etc).

Also, thanks to the players who pointed out some issues with Sensorkit scan -- we've improved it as well as clarified some of the bonuses you get over its 10 level arc.

Martin, our artist and youngest brother, is back on the case this month as well and we will see some new character portraits coming up soon.

v2.6.10 - 2/13/2016
 - Fixed bug with boss causing invuleranbility to return too quickly
 - Clarified all rules about Talents that require special armor or weapon combinations
 - Improved balance of Sensorkit Scan and made size of fog reveal clear
 - Fixed map bugs and typos

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

First Twitch Stream

Well folks, we did it -- we joined the streaming future and did our first broadcast on Twitch.

It was fun, we messed up a lot and no one will know because we forgot to record it.

However, we did have a lot of fun and gathered some excellent feedback from alpha testers and players in general.

We're planning on trying to do some regular streaming during the ST2 alpha test and see if it something we'd want to add to our team's content.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in!   :)

TreseBrothers on Twitch

Friday, January 13, 2017

Heroes of Steel v4.2.77: Improving UI + Hovers + Patches

This week hits a bunch of areas across the game -- we're improving the UI in a new round, upgrading hovers with more data, fixing quality of life snags, and clearing some bugs from the table before the story content release.

This week, we've rebuild the waystation and campsite interfaces. They're faster to use, require no toggling between heroes, and show off the game's art better.  Enjoy!

Hovers on the map for both enemies and heroes now include all buffs and curses.  They also include the duration of those buffs and curses once they drop to 3 or below, so you can easily look over the enemy forces, or your own heroes for missing effects or ones that are about to expire.

We fixed a bug that was causing monsters to sometimes have double their buffs when the game was opened from the main menu into a pre-existing combat.  Rare, but important fix!

Finally, we fixed an issue that causing havoc with elemental res and causing magical weapons not to have their Res set properly.

We also clarified a rule in the leveling screens -- if you are using dual wielding blades, you do not get the Strength bonus to Damage for them, even if your primary weapon is Strength-based.

4.2.77 - 1/13/2017
 - Rebuilt waystation / campsite / inn interfaces
 - Mouse hovers now show buffs, curses, and durations for enemy and heroes
 - Fixed bug where first turn after load, some monsters getting double buffs
 - Fixed bug with Fire Res stacking from All Elemental Res
 - Improved UI elements across the game
 - Clarified that +Damage bonus from Strength does not effect Dual Wield in leveling screens

Monday, January 9, 2017

Templar Battleforce v2.6.7 Released!

This week, we've focused on delivering some highly requested features from the player base, as well as a number of quality of life fixes in and around hovers.

You can now see a running total of how much Heat your Templar will burn at the end of the turn in their mouse hover, as well as in their status screen.  It ticks down with every move or action you take, so its very helpful for heat planning.  Thanks to everyone who requested this.

We've also added buffing effect icons to the Templar's hover, and ensured that the include the duration once a buff drops below 3 turns left. A new quick way to survey your forces!

There was a bug that was causing ranged attack Talents that added Critical % (such as Headshot) to add twice their value in Critical.  Once you got Headshot up high enough, it was going to be 100% critical.  Thanks to the player who reported this -- now fixed.

We've improved the RQ tree confirmation box to show you exactly how many RP you are going to spend and how many you have.  Both numbers are now always visible.

 - Templar displays Heat that will be reduced at end of turn in status and hover
 - Improved Requisition display to make sure current RP always visible
 - Fixed bug with Critical % on ranged attacks being too high
 - Hovering over Templar now shows active Buffs
 - Duration of crippling effects and buffs shown in Templar hovers
 - Fixed bugs with hover text overruns

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Save 50% on Templar Battleforce + New Human Sniper

We're still in the middle of the Winter Sale, offering the best price you'll see on Templar Battleforce all year.  Save 50% now and pick up this tactical RPG for yourself or for a friend!

This week's update returns to empowering and balancing the enemy forces.  The meta changes come in on the coat tails of two months of updates to add Dual Axes, 2H Hammers, and Pyro Engineers.

We've added a deadly Sniper to the human enemies you will face. Packing a longer ranged rifle and a nasty Penetration %, the Sniper will challenge your ability to stand and hold against rogues, traitors, and any human forces.  You'll need to push forward to take out these rangey enemies.  They are rare among the forces, but when you hear the loud, single shot of a sniper rifle, you know what you're facing.

In prep for the sniper, we've made improvements to the SFX & animations improvements for the standard rifle-carrying human, as well as Neptunes and Soldiers.

Finally, we've rebalanced the human stats for all enemies above level 10.  You'll find that they are tougher, more accuracy, and will pack a more significant punch.  Humans simply were not scaling very well throughout the 20+ levels, but now you'll find them more challenging in later levels.

v2.6.5 - 12/28/2016
 - New Enemy Type: human sniper fires at long distance, high penetration
 - Rebalanced all human enemies at level 10+, now hitting harder, moderately tougher
 - Improved human enemy attack animations and SFX
 - Fixed issues with Full Auto and Shredding Fire SFX on large AoE levels

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Save 60% on Heroes of Steel + New Update!

This week's update continues to improve the game based on your feedback.  Keep sharing your ideas, balancing thoughts, and suggestions for features and we'll keep rolling them into the game.

The two other major projects we are are working on are the next Episode 4 story update and the Crafting System.

We've added a new marker that subtly highlights the active hero.  This definitely increases the speed and ease of play.

In Episode 2 and beyond, the spot and ranges of Krete monsters have been reduced a bit.  In the discussion of facing Krete, remember that more than half of their damage comes from elemental magics, and it is a good idea to plan to be able to deal with monsters like them.

Finally, we've continued the UI improvements across the game.  We've added some new formatting to the titles of screens to help display more context (so you can see who you are going to use an item on, etc) and are working our way across the game, improving as we go -- expect more in this department.

v4.2.73 -  12/28/2016
 - Marker added to highlight current character
 - Rebalanced Krete monsters across game - lower spot, lessened some ranges
 - Fixed issue with Sell All and gear
 - Improving UI elements across the game

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Save 50% on Templar Battleforce + New Cold-iron Armor Design

We're excited to announce the start of the Steam holiday sale!  Pick up Templar Battleforce on Steam, or on Google Play or the App Store for 50% down!

For this week's update, we've added a new armor design to the game -- the cold-iron blue and gray.  With eight armor design options, color code your fire teams to speed your command.

We've improved the status display for Templars, making sure to display 0% counter-attack for all melee Templars, who are unable to counter-attack due to their weapon configuration.

We've improved the consistency of Talent display on the map view -- hover any time, even without enough AP, to see the full Talent details.

We've fixed bugs reported by players -- thanks for those!  Issues with zooming and scrolling as well as Requisition Achievements.

Enjoy the holidays and the great deals on the sale!

v2.6.3 - 12/16/2016
 - New armor design: gray and cold-iron blue
 - Clarified Counter-attack for non-melee templars (0%)
 - Improved hover over Talents regardless of selected / lack of AP
 - Fixed issues with All RQ Achievements
 - Fixed issue with zooming/scrolling while modal windows open

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