Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Brett Caron - The Author Behind No Legacy Between The Stars

Brett Caron (@brettcaron) is the author behind No Legacy Between The Stars.  Download our newest short fiction from the Star Traders universe to your iPad, iPhone, Android or Kindle.

When we first asked Brett to tell us about himself, this is what we got ...
Abandoned at birth, Brett Caron was raised by wolves in the Canadian wilderness. When his adopted pack was caught by local trappers, he escaped captivity and headed for civilization. Dancing for quarters on street corners, the half-feral runaway soon had enough for a bus ticket to Toronto. Only the negligence of the fast food industry kept him alive at first.

He slowly learned English by observing people in shopping mall food courts and reading take-out menus. After a false start in rodeo clowning that turned out to be beginner’s luck, he settled on writing. At least until technology catches up to the point where cyborg dinosaur ninja became a viable career choice.

He died as he lived - in that weird dream he had a few months ago.

So we had to ask him again.

Who is Brett Caron?
A very good question, and something that I’m still figuring out. So far, I seem to be an okay person. I think so, but my opinion is almost certainly biased so I really can’t be trusted. I haven’t ever serial murdered anyone, which is probably a good thing unless all those people were clones of Hitler or something.

I didn’t do well in school, mostly because I coasted and slacked off. When I figured out later that I wanted to be a writer, I stopped slacking off and here we are several years later now. I also obsessively enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, walks on the beach, and talking about myself so let’s just end this part before I really get going.

Where did you find your love of sci-fi?
I have some good memories with my dad, watching Alien in the dark eating ketchup chips or having my mind blown into quantum fragments by Ghostbusters. He introduced me to a lot of cool stuff that came out while I didn’t exist and it definitely got into me early enough that I’ve sought out great sci-fi and fantasy since.

How did you discover Trese Brothers games?
I drunkenly downloaded Star Traders in bed one night and stayed awake long enough to name my character Quasar Pants. I woke up drooling on my phone and made a new character. I like how hard sci-fi makes even traveling in space a hazard, and even though it’s a turn-based game that’s easy to jump in and out of it always has stakes that add drama to stabbing at a touch screen on the bus. Captain Pants never got the chance to sail the void, which makes me a little sad now that I think about it.

Where else could readers find your work?
I do some blogging for O2E Brands, who also employ me as an analyst. Both positions are fun, and one requires me to wear pants. I work with a great editor, Sam Landa.  She knows how to rein me in when a tangent on the electromagnetic spectrum of light as it relates to cybernetics or the morality of Columbus Day or sewer goblins deviates from brand compliance or goes over word count.

I’ve been playing Rifts for ages, and so working with Palladium Books to publish stories in The Rifter is some of the work I’ve enjoyed the most. They have some awesome new stuff coming that I’ll be excited to be a part of – Chuck Walton’s art makes me feel like I’m 12 again and picking up a sourcebook for the first time.

There’s some work on my blog, and updates on future releases. There’s links there to other work in older posts. I have a book of short stories and my entry in the 3-Day Novel contest from last year in edits, and of course there are more Star Traders stories to tell.

Friday, May 1, 2015

No Legacy Between The Stars - Short Fiction from the Star Traders Universe

Today, Trese Brothers is proud to announce the first short fiction in the Star Traders universe by Brett Caron (@brettcaron):

No Legacy Between The Stars

Download his work from any of the major online markets:

Join the the crew of the intrepid and fearless Explorer, Captain Gloukhoze, as he embarks another mission in search of riches and fame.  From the Spice Halls to the bustling Star Dock, into the void of space and onto the surface of wild planets, you're invited to visit the Star Traders universe with new eyes, from new perspectives. No Legacy's captivating narrative shares the harrowing experience of an exploration mission to an untamed moon. -- where life and death hang in the balance.

As co-creators of the Star Traders universe, Cory and I were delighted to work with Brett to share another slice of the myriad planets, people, and adventures of the Star Traders.  We hope you will join us on this new adventure!

Cyber Knights 2.9.23 Preps for Drone Master!

With the final release before the Drone Master is added to Cyber Knights, we've improved the critical hit system in the game, made it more visible, and added new cyberware to let you pump the stat.

We've also updated the icon!

Please Leave a Star Rating if you enjoy this game

v2.9.23 - 5/1/2015
 - Improved damage for critical hits, improved combat messages for critical hits
 - Added Combat Display Link 2, +15% critical hit
 - Removed "at optimal range" stipulation from critical hit cyberware
 - Fixing bugs with Encounters and electronic kits
 - Drone Master prep release

On Google Play
Cyber Knights RPG
Cyber Knights Elite RPG

On Amazon App Store
Cyber Knights RPG
Cyber Knights Elite RPG

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Coming Soon: Short Fiction from the Star Traders Universe

Star Traders RPG - and in fact, all of our games - have always drawn authors and creators. A game like Star Traders invites you to create your own story.  It helps support your Captain's tale, but it doesn't crowd you out with too many details.  You get to fill in the gaps with your own imagination.

It is likely that it was these qualities that drew the author Brett Caron (@brettcaron) to Star Traders RPG.  From his first Captain "Quasar Pants" to those Captains he plays today, Brett found a world that invited creativity, storytelling and writing.

Cory and I have been excited to work with Brett over the past months to break ground on sharing a new perspective from the Star Traders universe.  Brett's masterful writing has helped us tell the story of a Captain in a new way, and to bring the lens closer than ever before to the life and reality of the Star Traders, their officers and their crew.

Over the weekend, Brett's first work within the Star Traders universe will join the Heroes of Steel comic on the digital shelves of Google Play, iBooks, and the Kindle bookstore.

For all the veteran Captains of Star Traders, this is one you won't want to miss.  While it isn't the story of "Quasar Pants" (perhaps, that can be for another day), Brett's moving writing brings to life the world of a Star Trader in ways that you only imagine when playing the games.

Coming Soon:
No Legacy Between The Stars
By Brett Caron

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Templar Assault 2 - Dev Blog #3 - Alpha Opens

The Alpha Access offer has just opened up! Jump on it, let's get an amazing alpha team together.

Never tried a Trese Brothers alpha? This is a special experience, and direct access to Cory and Andrew during the final phases of finishing our latest game. The alpha will run about a month long, and you'll receive a very playable, very fun game in its final stages of balance, build, and polish.  Join the alpha and leave your stamp on the next Trese Brothers game.

If you're interested in joining the world of Templar Assault 2 in a special way, check out the Elite Package.  See you face in Templar Leviathan battle armor.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Templar Assault 2: Dev Blog #2

Some of the founding game design ideas for Templar Assault 2 were to create both a strategic and tactical game, with our second dev blog post, I want to talk about how we've done that.

First -- the tactical part I believe is clear and evident. You will deploy Templar Knights onto the field of battle, fight against enemies on all manner of fronts and terrains, all while trying to accomplish varied and sometimes nigh on impossible primary and secondary objectives.  And when it's all over, sometimes it will look like this --

The strategic side of Templar Assault 2 allows you to be the Captain and the commander of your forces and to work at a higher level to determine how you will face your tactical objectives.  Who do you deploy, how are they trained, what load-out do they carry?  

Much of the exciting push and pull of this strategy will be in your choices in Requisition.

Requisition is the process of unlocking the supply capabilities to deploy new types of Knights, weapons, armor, gear, one-use items, and the training to advance your Knights of any class.  As you are victorious in your conquests, you'll gain Requisition Points and can unlock new branches of the tree.  Until you unlock the Berserk's required Requisition, you won't be able to deploy this type of Knight.  As you unlock the Scout's tree, you'll have the option to put your focus on sniper training and powerful long distance rifles or on stealth techniques and gear.  

Your Requisition decisions will drive your army design and you'll find that each squad you create will take a unique path in their Requisition specialization, and therefore your army will be different every time.  

We've very excited to see the interaction between the tactical and strategical level play out.  Subscribe here to our blog or our to mailing list to keep up with the latest news about Templar Assault 2's impending release.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Templar Assault 2: Dev Blog #1

As we've recently shared the news that Templar Assault 2 is coming soon on our Star Traders 2 KickStarter, we want to take another opportunity to share the game's progress and some of its exciting system development via a series of Dev Blog posts.  These posts will include work-in-progress screenshots and share where we are at right now, where we are going, and what is really exciting about TA2!

Templar Assault 2 is our third game on the Cocos 2DX engine that we first debut with Heroes of Steel and then progressed with Star Traders 4X Empires.  We've taken what we learned from those two great games and progressed the engine and game play even farther with TA2.

As a top-down tactics game, Templar Assault 2 lets you focus on building and perfecting a larger team strategy.  You're in charge of recruiting an army of Scouts, Soldiers, heavy weaponry specialists, melee Berserks, Paladins and more.

The fearsome Hydra Templar unleashes a gout of super-heated flame

Where in Heroes of Steel, you face every challenge with four heroes, in Templar Assault you'll be deploying different configurations of your force to the field with every battle, and tailoring your forces to the exact challenge.

You'll have to face some missions with only a few Scouts and a Captains, while others you'll use the full force of your army.  And so, as the commander of the Templar force, you'll be on the hook to build an army that has the right blend of specialists to face any challenge at hand.

We'll be sharing more details about the game's progress every week, so sign up, subscribe, plug in!

The carnage, holding a bridge against waves