Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Black Friday + Heroes of Steel v4.2.63

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This weeks' update responds to recent user requests for some new options.  We've added the ability to disable auto-center on heroes during your turn.  We've also improved the auto-glom option to automatically bring your group back together when you leave waystations, inns, and campsites.

We've fixed issues with the re-ordering feature as well as impoverished the movement flow within the city of Freeport.

v4.2.63 - 11/23/2016
 - Auto-glom now works out of inns, waystations and campsites
 - Added option to disable Auto-Center on heroes during your turn
 - Fixed bugs with re-order and re-order UI
 - Improved Freeport map

Black Friday + Templar Battleforce v2.5.7 Update!

Happy Black Friday to all!  Welcome to the best deals you'll see all year.  Don't miss deals on our entire catalog and the amazing deal on our Trese Brothers Steam Bundle!!

This weeks' update brings two new unique Relics to the Requisition Tree.  Gear up with the Strikepoint Kit to double your Plasma and Fire Damage whenever you get a Penetrating Hit.  Be sure to stack buffs and other gear to maximize your benefits of this unique Weapon Mod Relic.

Second, equip the Spearpoint Ocular to increase the duration of any Buffs you use by +1 Turn.  For both Soldiers and Berserks, get an extra bang for every one of your Buffs, which can be especially powerful for your Leader-in-the-Ranks Soldiers.

We've also fixed some bugs related to the recently released Pyro Engineer, Overwatch, and Gear Levels.

v2.5.7 - 11/21/2016
 - New Relic Wargear: Strikepoint Kit doubles Fire/Plasma damage on Penetrating Hit (Neptune Tree)
 - New Relic Wargear: Spearpoint Ocular extends Buff's used by +1 Duration (Soldier tree)
 - Two new Requisition levels for new Relics
 - Fixed sound effect for Pyro Turret's firing
 - Fixed Overwatch bug that was adding heat when repositioning template
 - Fixed issue with Engineers Gauntlet equips and Gear Level

Friday, November 11, 2016

Templar Battleforce: v2.5.3 Pyro Patches

Every great and fiery update needs a patch to follow!  The Pyro Engineer has rolled onto the scene with great success, but we've closed a few bugs in this follow-up patch.

We've fixed the Pyro's attack animation to be more flamey.  We've fixed the labeling of the Flame Tank armor to correctly read "Engineers and Hydras Only".  We fixed a bug with the Achievement for getting all of an Engineer's Requisition levels -- you'll need to get all of the Flame Tank levels now as well.

We've cleaned up an issue reporting 0 Secondary Objectives on The FLance Boarding March, an odd bug you could get renaming Templars, and some issues with the options screen being finicky.

All set -- patches away!  Burn baby burn!

v2.5.3 - 11/12/2016
 - Fixed bug mis-labeling Flame Tank Armor as Heavy
 - Fixed issue with Engineering All-Tech Achievement
 - Fixed Secondary Objective count in Ferarai Lance Boarding March
 - Improved animation for Pyro Engineer firing hand flamer
 - Fixed issues with designer and renaming Templars
 - Fixed issues with option menu

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Templar Battleforce: v2.5.1 Pyro Engineer Lights it up!

It starts with a popping and a crackling noise and then a huge gout of flame envelopes the battlefield.  Through the stench of sizzling xeno strides the Pyro Engineer, heaving a Pyro Turret into the fray.

This week's update rolls out 8 new Requisition levels in the Engineer branch of the Requisition, unlocking Flame Tank Armor, Hand-Flamer weapons, and 4 new Talents for your Engineers.

With four new Talents, you're Engineers have new capabilities to bring to the strike team.  Deploying a Pyro Turret requires Flame Tank Armor and trades the Overwatch of a Sentry Turret for raging napalm on the field of battle.

Manual Vent is the Flame Tank Engineer's replacement for Heat Sink, an Area of Effect heat reduction that trades mobility for offensive power.

Scorch Order helps a Templar Engineer synchronize better with Hydras and their own Pyro Turrets.  This Crippling Order doesn't require Flame Tank armor, but does make enemies more vulnerable to Fire Damage!

Finally, Turret Stance is the ultimate defensive stand -- completely preventing all movement but trading up for powerful offensive punch.  Useful for Templars and Turrets alike, in the right situation it can double down on devastating firepower.

With new weapons, armor types, and relics juicily hanging off the new branch of the Requisition tree, you'll want to get out there and scoop them up quickly.  To increase their allure, Flame Tank Armor can also be equipped by Hydras -- so if your squad already includes a flamey or two, don't miss this upgrade.  Flame Tank Armors are lighter and more offensive focused than Hydra's existing Heavy Armor, but giving the scenario and your build, you may find them to your liking -- nothing like a piece of armor to add +Fire Dmg!

If you enjoy the free upgrades and new content, please leave a review and tell some friends.  57 Updates in a year and no DLC!

v2.5.1 - 11/4/2016
 - Added new weapon / armor combo for Engineer: Pyro!
 - Added 8 new Requisition Levels for Engineers
 - Added 4 new Talents for Pyro Engineers: Pyro Turret, Scorch Order, Manual Vent, Turret Stance
 - Deploy flame-spewing turrets to the field of battle!
 - Added 3 new Hand-Flamer Weapons + 1 Relic, 3 Flame-Tank Armors + 1 Relic
 - Added Ordnance for Pyro Engineer resupply
 - Hydra Templars can wear Flame Tank Armor
 - New Talents limited by armor type worn - some talents require standard / flame-tank armor

The latest update sends the already sprawling Requisition Tree to a new level of packed.  More coming too, btw!

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

October Wallpaper for Patreons

This month's digital wallpaper reward has gone out to our Patreon supporters.  A huge thanks to everyone supporting us on Patreon who is helping to make our mission to keep creating games possible.

For as little as $1 a month, you can snag awesome digital rewards on our Patreon and help support games you love.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Heroes of Steel v4.2.57: Re-order Your Party

This week's update for Heroes of Steel allows you to define the order your party travels in while glommed.  Whenever trouble is encountered, or you unglom your party manually, this order will be respected.

You can setup your new party order in the hero list screen, using the right and left buttons.  Whichever hero you put in the far left position (lead) will be automatically selected whenever you Glom (or Auto-Glom).

This will be a great help for players who want to move certain characters farther forward or backwards -- I know already my Fyona group appreciates the opportunity to put her in second position.  Also, for higher difficulties where a single death can be devastating, this is a great way to move Kjartan out of danger!

If you enjoy the continued updates and new content for Heroes of Steel, please leave a review!

v4.2.57 - 10/26/2013
 - Re-order party members under Character List
 - Unglomming remembers party order
 - Fixed hanging Quest Logs in Episode 4
 - Fixed dialog typos

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.4.27 Released!

With major updates come small bugs.  Dedicated to fixing them quickly, we've dropped a patch tonight to clean up a few things after update #55.

First, we introduced a bug with the Detonation Site that was causing your Engineer not to arrive on turn 6.  We've fixed this and you should be able to play forward -- your Engineer will arrive next turn.  If you are not on a higher end difficulty, you might want to restart the level.

Second, we've fixed a set of levels that were all under-reporting their secondary objectives.  Levels like Kaldun Factory South, Deck 14 Alta Sector, Siege of Tundeer - fixed up!

Thanks to all of our Templar Captains, especially those leaving reviews!

v2.4.27 - 10/23/2016
 - Fixed bug in Detonation Site with no Engineer arriving
 - Fixed incorrect Secondary Objective counts
 - Fixed map bugs

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