Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Trese Brothers Autumn Sale

Trese Brothers is having a massive cross-platform Autumn Sale

Templar Battleforce

Templar Battleforce is on sale for $6.99 with 30% off on all platforms until December 1.

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Heroes of Steel RPG

Heroes of Steel RPG is on sale with 50% off on all platforms until December 1.

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Star Traders 4X

Star Traders 4X is on sale with 30% off on all platforms until December 1.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Patreon November Wallpaper: Selen!


Every month on Patreon we ship out a new digital wallpaper to our amazing family of supporters in 3 formats -- 1920x1080, 1920x1200 and mobile 800x1200.  These wallpapers feature the latest art and your favorite characters and scenes from our latest games.

Following up on last month's Tamilin wallpaper, November is a new Selen wallpaper.  The Thief and the Rogue are keeping good company.

This is also the newest update for the game's icon, but the only place to get the full-res version and wallpaper is on Patreon. All Patreons pledging $1 a month or higher get access to all the wallpapers, so we hope you'll consider supporting us and the games we make!

Come, join the family!  Help us keep making great games and get some great digital rewards in the process! Our success is based on your support, as always.

We've also published another variety of the same wallpaper for Patreons -

Join us on Patreon!

Templar Battleforce RPG -- Evacuation!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Cyber Knights RPG v2.9.27 Update Released

Thanks to all of our supporters, we've pushed another Cyber Knights release. While it does not include the Drone Master, it allowed us to handle a large amount of engine work that is required to support the drone master -- we've now covered all the special rules about XP, weapons, cybernetics, armor, using items, ally/dismiss/death and how drones act in encounters. We're not there by a bit, but we're getting closer with each release.

I shouldn't forget to mention - new Cyberware, fun new rules about V-Chips, an art update on the NBZ, and finally turning McCougan into something useful (it's been 5 years coming!)

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v2.9.27 - 11/16/2015
- New Cyberware: Chameleon Sheathe I and II - add Stealth bonus
- Team has 50% chance to gain +1 XP if installing a duplicate V-Chip
- Updated map tiles for roads across the NBZ
- McCougan is now a Flatline Connector
- Continued engine work to support drone weapons / cyberware

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Cyber Knights RPG Free
Cyber Knights RPG Elite

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Launch Sale Ending Soon

You don't want miss the amazing turn-based tactics and strategic army building of Templar Battleforce. Even more, you don't want to miss the 30% launch sale! The sale has less than 48 hours left to go and will end when the weekend wraps up.

Step into your pilot suit, strap into your Leviathan battle mech, and lead your squad in blazing combat against the enemy, all for just $6.99.

BuyTemplar Battleforce for your mobile today - available on Google Play or theApp App Store!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Star Traders Comic pg1

We are excited to share the first full page of the Star Traders web comic on Patreon.  The development of this comic is supported by our Patreon family, so we hope you will join us there to help fund more pages, panels and choices.

This page jumps in line before the original panel that we shared including the first Choice Moment. It helps better set the scene for what will come next. Join us on Patreon to help support this new project and to have a hand in steering the comic's characters, events, and story arc.

The first page:

The 1st choice panel:

The poll prompt is below -- the first Choice Moment of the project. We hope you'll join our Patreon to help support this new exciting project and take a hand in steering this comic's storyline! Vote by commenting on either post!

Here we join the Vigilant as it sets down on the dust-ball of Lioka Cross. In the next moment, hexshell fire rings out in the ship's cargo hold, and the Captain is knocked to the deck by a hit.

Choice Moment #1

The ringing of hexshell fire is still reverberating through the cargo hold. The Captain's blood splatters across the corrugated deck.

Staring at the boots approach, and the heavy hexshell rifle, the Captain tries to focus. "Off kilter..." the Captain thinks. "Things have been off kilter for a while."

Identity Decision *
[ ] The Captain is male
[ ] The Captain is female
[ ] That's not the Captain! That's an male Officer
[ ] That's not the Captain! That's an female Officer

* More identity questions will follow in later panels.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Heroes of Steel 4.1.31 Released!

Heroes of Steel v4.1.31 brings a very exciting package of new goodies to the game.  We've upgraded all the battle music throughout, so you can now listen to a variety of longer, more epic tracks while battling enemies.

If you want to play faster, this release is for you!  The new option "Fast Speed Enemy Turn" will help you whip through the game at a killer pace.  This will greatly accelerate an enemy's turn so you can play at easily twice the pace.  Be careful if you're playing on Nightmare -- this can get you killed!

v4.1.31 - 11/11/2015
 - Talents in list remain visible when AP = 0
 - Hover over active effects in bottom right to see list
 - Fixes "No Blood" Option Crash
 - Added option for high speed enemy turn - skip enemy attack animations, play fast!
 - Improved and added variety to combat music
 - Added option to go back to slower movement speed
 - Improved new game screen
 - Fixed issues with hanging quest logs
 - Fixed issue with getting stuck in Granthorn mines
 - Unlocked Respec now available on Steam - 1 free respec for every character

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