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Star Traders: Frontiers v2.0.27: Silent Void Update

As we're roaring into the weekend, we are excited to drop the Silent Void update -- its a mixed bag of great things.  What's maybe most important is that it is a really [i]big[/i] bag. Personally, I am excited at how many times the word "added" or "new" appears in this update!  While we are still digging out from under bugs, story fixes and UI improvements -- our engines are starting to burn with a new light -- expansion! To the frontiers, Captains! Let's go!
New Contacts and Recruits Across the quadrants, you'll now meet Prospectors and Academy Doctors both -- who will make it easier to gain access to Doctor recruits and now make Explorers recruitable for the first time.  In order to make Pirates easier to find and recruit, the Warlord contact has switched over to recruiting these space corsairs instead of spies.
Emergency Hyperwarp Behind Enemy Lines Too many Captains have come to the sad end of being stuck in a hostile quadrant with a damaged hy…

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