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Star Traders: Frontiers Update #4: Balancing the Blade

New Captain HP Bars in the HUD warn of impending trouble
We are rounding the final bend and coming into the last 16 hours of the Star Traders: Frontiers launch sale!

Another day in the void, another major update.  We're hard at work and not just listening to you -- we're quickly learning and improving based on your. As STF launched into early access, we knew we'd have an exciting week with a lot of changes.  It has been exactly that and this update is a really move forward for the game and its balance.

A huge thanks to everyone who has left a review!  And, Star Traders: Frontiers is in its last hours its launch sale, so if you haven't picked it up yet, do!

Balancing Out Captain Insta-Death We've been hard at work in the balancing room, running the math and watching the logs and all the data we have.  We have also been reading every forum post and review about combat and comparing it to our roadmap how to go forward.  What we've released tonight greatly improves…

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