Friday, January 16, 2015

Heroes of Steel v3.1.17 Released!

This week brings a nice upgrade to the art and animations for Selen, the deadly Rogue and blade dancer. I've also spent some time improving animations for some of the City of the Dead monsters and fixing a few bugs there as well.

With Linux out in the field, we've moved on to doing some house-keeping before we start releasing Episode 4 content. Over the year, and the 100+ hours of story in the game, we've accumulated lots of little reports of things that could be better, possible play-through paths that result in hanging quest logs, and the like. We'll sweeping up these issues in a series of releases that really clear the table for E4 and make sure the story is ready for the big world changes that are coming!

v3.1.17 - 1/16/2015 
 - Fixed / improved story events across E1 & E2 (Red Hill, Torrent Watershed, Oskahold, Riven Field, Brunehorn)
 - Improved Rogue Selen's animations and model
 - Improved monsters in City of Dead, fixed bugs in character animation timing
 - Fixed bug with magical effects on monsters loading first turn
 - Improved status UI, click handler on Talents menu
 - Added hotkeys 1-4 to all status screens

Thanks again to everyone making suggestions, pointing out bugs, and asking for improvements!

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Star Traders RPG v5.7.7 Update Released

Thank you for playing the Star Traders games

v5.7.7 - 1/11/2015

  • New Ship: Ultra Cruiser
  • New Ship: Phantom Cruiser
  • Improved Support for Nexus 6 and 560 DPI Devices
  • Improved Zoom Map Performance and Rendering
  • Officer bug fixes and contract balancing

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Age of Pirates v1.3.7

The newest Age of Pirates release ramps new improvements to the story event and dialog system.  Now, when you visit a place where an important character is waiting, you'll see their face waiting for you in the Tavern, Castle, or Dockyard.

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v1.3.7 - 1/8/2015
 - Story events show face of contact character in Tavern, Castle, Dockyard
 - Improved support for high density screen devices
 - Fixed bugs with maps and transitions between regions
 - Improved speed of dialog display

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Heroes of Steel v3.1.15

The latest release of Heroes of Steel includes a heavily requested set of UI changes.  Thanks to all of our gamers who are making suggestions on how to improve the play within the game.

Gear, weapon, and armor screens are all now sorting and stacking to make equipment decisions easier.

Also, the team status UI includes all 4 characters and displays their AP and MP during combat.

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v3.1.15 - 1/6/2015
 - Weapons, Armor, Gear list now stacked and sorted in equipment screens
 - Weapons, Armor, Gear list now stacked and sorted in sale screens
 - Team status includes includes AP / MP during combat
 - Team status includes all 4 team members
 - Double-tap or double-click to use Item
 - Fixed issue with Northwest Wheel Road in City of the Dead

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Happy New Year!

We wanted to extend wishes of a Happy New Year to all of our gamers and community!  You helped us make 2014 a major year for Trese Brothers, as we released our latest 2 games and ran our biggest KickStarter yet.

We wouldn't be here, making games without your help. Let's make 2015 a big year together!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cyber Knights v2.6.17 - Big Weapon Compat Update

The latest Cyber Knights release makes major improvements on how you can view and confirm weapon compatibility.  The biggest step forward is that weapon shops are now making it easy to see the weapon type and directly check who on the team can use the weapon.  Each weapon shows its type icon, and that icon can be tapped to check to see who can use it.

In addition, the new game screens and Runner lists are now displaying every type of weapon.  Previously, only 4 types were shown, leaving you in the dark about the full picture.  Now, all 12 weapon types are there, even those for Hunds!

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v2.6.17 - 12/18/2014
 - Improved weapon compatability display for Knights & Runners
 - In new game & runner list - tap weapon icon to see specific weapon type
 - In weapon shop, type of weapon icon is displayed
 - In weapon shop, tap weapon type to see which team members can use
 - Elite-only: new KH Merc Runners will be Snipers
 - AgentEX Burst Fire applies accuracy bonus to pistols and SMGs
 - Improved Game Store and IAP

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Star Traders 4X now on Steam

Hi, my name is Andrew Trese and along with my brother Cory, we are Trese Brothers Games. As a member of our gaming community forum, you have played at least one the six games we have made for Android, iOS, PC or Mac - and we hope you are still enjoying our continued updates!

Tonight, we are excited to release Star Traders 4X Empires on Steam for PC and Mac.  The Steam release includes Steam Trading Cards, Achievements, and a major new UI update with the 2.0.1 release.  At a 20% launch discount, there is no better time to pick up a copy of Star Traders 4X Empires for your big screen!

Star Traders 4X Tactics writes the next chapter of the epic story of the Star Traders, allowing you to tell the tale of the splinters of the great Exodus as they settle their own new Quadrants. How will you hold your empire together and defeat the xeno threat without the Templar Fleet to protect your people?

Buy Star Traders 4X Empires on Steam today!

Thank you for your support,
Andrew Trese (
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