Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sprites vs. Portraits - Creative License

As an artist, I would like to defend the creative license required when creating sprites for characters, enemies, and bosses. But, you are the player--and your opinions are more important than mine!

So, let me make my case. It is very clear that the mediums between the two are different. Portraits (of the face, or entire body of a character) are much larger than a sprite--in this case, the sprite is anywhere from 1/4 to 1/8 the size of the portrait. Sprites a very small, and every single pixel must be used to convey the form, motion, and texture of the creature in question. A portrait is much larger, and has space for decoration, trinkets, accessories, interesting clothing and the like.

It is only natural that the sprite will be a diminished version of the portrait--both in size, and in detail. Not only are the details smaller, but many of them will simply disappear. If there is a decorative lions head on the character's shoulder pad, it is likely impossible to properly show the decoration on the sprite. If you'd like to dispute the point, try it for yourself!

The lingering question is then--should the artist create boring (you could also say simple) portraits of characters and bosses so that the accompanying sprites can match the portraits, or is it more engaging to see flashy, exciting portraits full of detail and intricacies even if much of that detail is lost as the character is boiled down into a sprite?

[[ Attached is an example of one such simple portrait and sprite. All of the details in the monster's portrait can be copied into the sprite without dropping anything. But, the desert raider wears simple garb, carries a simple weapon, and purposefully has no details that cannot be transferred. ]]

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Divergent Paths in Role Playing Games

As a gamer, I know and understand the desire to explore every inch of an RPG, to find every hidden cottage, to open every chest, smash every crate, and check every side passage just in case. If you are immersed in a story within a deep and engaging world, you do not want to miss any tidbit of information, flimsy rumor, or hidden secret. If you are excited by the tactical aspects of a game, you want to reach every level, and discover and exploit every advantage you can--just so you can destroy the opposition with that much more satisfying finesse and utter dominance.

I believe this desire is in fact a natural instinct of gamers, and one that most RPGs have catered to over the years. Such secrets, side quests, and optional distractions provided depth to a game world. This instinct often runs counter to another driving force within gamers--the desire to be able to make meaningful decisions that change the world or alter their course in a greater story.

It seems a classic problem to be caught between the two. There are games that allow the character to chose to be evil or good, and in some cases the choice feels superficial (Fable 1) where the choice affects your powers and meaningless NPC reaction, but does not alter the core story. There are games that allow the character to make choices that lead them down radically different paths throughout the game world (some of the Star Wars games)--truly branching the story. Future role playing games (the Mass Effect series) will develop this concept farther, allowing you to affect the world and its denizens in many ways, through active (directly making a choice) and passive choices (ignoring something that is happening elsewhere), brining computer gaming closer to pen and paper games, in which your ability to affect the world is paramount.

You could suggest that the answer lies in game replay. If the game is exciting and engaging enough, a player will be excited to play through the game a second time, trying the alternate courses and options until he or she has exhausted the entire world, even if it takes multiple runs.

Game play can be dry if you feel as if you are rail-roaded down a certain path. As a gamer--what is your preference? Would you rather follow a single story line and gain full access to the world in a single run, or have a real handle on changing the face of the world and your place in it, but in doing so, make certain alternative realities only accessible through replay?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Star Traders RPG v2.7

Version 2.7 is be released to Android Market!

New Features

  • New Ship Movement System
  • Smooth Map Movement
  • Combat Sound Effects
  • Music Sound Track
  • Improved Difficulty System
  • Improved Contract Difficulty
  • Improved Merchant Reputation System
  • Game Text Fixes
  • Fixes All FC

Read more:

Star Traders RPG Merchants, Reputation and Player Feedback

Star Traders RPG players have been sending excellent feedback via e-mail, on the forum and on Twitter! It is great to hear from everyone and trust me, we are hard at work to improve the game and live up to your suggestions!

Consistently recently we have received reports that Captains are confused by the behavior of some[*] neutral and faction Merchant Captains. In light of that feedback the next release will contain a revised set of rules for Merchants and Smugglers operating under a Trade Permit for a Faction.

From the Captain's point of View
  • The Captain knows he will no loose reputation by ignoring, acknowledging or retreating from merchants (if they really are merchants. Bounty Hunters with high Stealth may appear as Merchants.)
  • The Captain will see the Acknowledge button for Merchants. This button will appear in a way similar to Smugglers -- the Merchants and Smugglers want to leave the area as much as the Captain does.
From the Merchants point of View
  • The Merchant AI no longer reports any Captain who does not acknowledge Faction Authority IF the Captain's reputation is above -15
  • The Smuggler AI no longer reports any Captain who does not acknowledge Faction authority IF the Captain's reputation is above -20
  • The Merchant and Smuggler expect to acknowledge at long distance and leave the area. Any attempt to advance to closer range is a violation of Faction laws. Most Merchants will report that infraction to the Faction.

[*]The game contains many different types of each Captain (behavior, how they spend the XP, ect) for each major category.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trese Brothers Software: Listening and Acting

TreseBrothers wants to hear what you think. Our most recently released game, Star Traders Elite, has benefited so much from community feedback. The critical part here is that our dev team is not just listening to feedback, but as so many of you have noticed, we are acting, and acting quickly. In a lot of ways, a great game like Star Traders Elite was built by you, the community.

We'd like to say thank you, and invite you to comment, reach out, suggest game ideas, enhancements, and anything else you'd like to share about how to make better games. And that means games that you will enjoy more!

Monday, December 13, 2010

From the Trese Brothers Workshop: Secrets of Steel

With a great groan, the ground heaves and splits, revealing the great under-ground workshops of Trese Brothers Software...

Deep within the pit, epic music is blasting as klaxons roar to life, warning that another war torpedo launch is about to be tested. Nearer the surface, the clanging of hammers and the roar of monsters dominates the smoke-filled air. Smiths toil day and night, churning out an arsenal of deadly fantasy weapons, even as story-tellers, wise men, and witches come from the world around to weave an epic story, in an open-ended world.

We are very excited to announce our upcoming game release -- Secrets of Steel, an Android fantasy RPG set in an vast, dynamic universe. Travel an immense world, exploring and fighting back both the mystical and mundane forces of evil and tyranny. Recruit a diverse squad of companions and friends whose bonds and sacrifices define an era.

The epic prologue to Secrets of Steel is now live on KickStarter:

Do you want to be part of the Legend of Steel? Keeper of Secrets? Join our team as a backer and take part in building the next great Trese Brother's game.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trese Brothers Customer Service Policy

Google has stated that:

Over the next several days, we’ll be updating Android Market on devices running Android 1.6 or higher. We’re writing to alert you to several changes being introduced with the update that may affect your applications:

* The details page for every app will now utilize and display the app’s “Promotional Graphic” assets at the top. If you haven’t done so already, we recommend uploading “Promotional Graphic” assets for your apps as soon as possible.

* Users will be able to filter applications by content rating. If you haven’t added a content rating for your published apps, you should do so immediately at the Publisher site by December 15 -- applications or games without a rating will be treated as “Mature”.

* We will be reducing the purchase refund window to 15 minutes.

* We will be increasing the maximum size for .apk files to 50MB, from the current 25MB.


Regardless of what Google does we will continue to offer full refunds to any customers who has trouble.

We are now offering a guaranteed 48 hour refund policy for any Android Game Purchase.

Just e-mail me,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Star Traders RPG Guide: Copy Captain

The Copy Captain Feature is found under the "Roster" in the Star Traders RPG Elite game.

You can use it to play your existing Captains from Star Traders RPG in Star Traders RPG Elite.

In some ways, Copy Captain can be used as a saved game. One Beta-Tester said:
Saved Games! I can start a game on Crazy or Hard in "Star Traders RPG" and get to Level 5. I like my ship and he's in a good spot, a starting point.

I Copy Captain him to Elite and he goes off on a wild adventure and dies at level 10. Usually it is the Narvidians, I can't help myself the ships have 1000 Artifacts on them.

I delete him in Elite (or don't) and make another living copy of him at level 5, the same one from Star Traders RPG, and keep playing on Elite again.

I could even go back and try to level him up to Level 10 in RPG before I copied him to Elite. But then if I died in RPG I couldn't copy him anymore.

Star Traders RPG Guide: Smuggler & Exploration

Star Traders RPG Play Guide for Smuggler
  • Use Stockpile in Cache to Store Electronics, Weapons and Artifacts
  • Stockpile on Multiple Planets Near Independent Worlds
  • Sell Normal Trade Resources to Fund Repairs & Trade Permits
  • Empty/Sell Caches of Electronics, Weapons and Artifacts Under Shortage Rumor if possible
  • Purchase High Value Trade Resources (Electronics, Weapons and Artifacts) at Faction Worlds
  • Sell Smuggled High Value Trade Resources to Fringe Worlds
  • Recruit On Fringe Worlds for Hardy Crews
  • Get a 100+ Cargo Hold
  • Achieve 10+ Explorer (for RPG-Core Planets)
  • or Achieve 25+ Explorer (for Elite Planets)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Inspiration for Star Traders RPG

Today I notice a 3 Star Review on the "Star Traders Elite RPG" reviews (one of our first 3 stars on Elite) and it stung a little bit reading it.

"Vae victus? De valtos? Uh warhammer 40k ultramarine novels much? And no sounds -_- otherwise ok game"

I want to acknowledge that I have been inspired by great authors my entire life and Star Traders RPG wouldneverhave existed without the books I read as a child and young adult.

Settings like Dune, Star Wars, Warhammer 40K, Firefly, Issac Asimov and a whole host of unique one off words.

I am a sucker for the Space Opera and I am the first to knowledge the debt I owe to these worlds and authors.

I felt (perhaps I was wrong) that a fair way to acknowledge these greats was to include minor references -- Spice, De Valtos, Serenity class, inquisitors, artifacts, spacing guilds, syndicates, Tennath, Rychart and so forth.

I tried to keep the references subtle but I am happy to state for the record that I owe the literature that covers my bookcase -- both Java Programming Books and Frank Herbert, et al. a great deal.

- Cory

PS: Working on Sound and Music today.

PPS: Colter didn't create Vae Victus -- he got it from the same place I did, actually -- Brennus of the Gauls.

I get the review but crediting WH 40K for "Vae Victus" seems a unfair to world history and ancient literature.

Vae Victus is "Woe to the conquered (ones)" in Roman Latin.

It will make sense once "Story Mode" drops. =)

Read more:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Star Traders RPG Guide: Military Officers

Currently I feel that the key to the Military Officer lies in combining Conflict and Contract to create success. Unlike the Rumor and Resource driven Merchant/Explorer class, the Military Officer must find success in the relationships between the Syndicates and Factions.

Key Behaviors:
  • Stockpile Only Water-Fuel, Weapons and Electronics
  • Always Play for more than one team
  • Avoid Pirate Status -- Buy Pardons to Clear Pirate Flag and Most Wanted
  • Avoid Factions in Alliances (Contracts Against Them in Particular)
  • Mercenary for Any Solar War -- Go Blockade the Enemy Immediately and Sustain
  • Mercenary for Any Spy Battle -- Go Surveillance the Enemy Immediately and Sustain
  • Electronics are critical resources for Military Officers during Surveillance.
  • Weapons are critical resources for Military Officers during Blockades or any Combat.
  • Military Officer must seek Rank, Edict and Trade Permits with all friendly Factions
  • Records are critical resources because they are produced by Military Action and can be sold without Trade Permit. Records let you recover from small negative Reputation easily
  • Warrior is for Boarding. The Military Officer's best bet in combat is to get on board the enemy ship and kill the Captain in a hand to hand duel. Warrior, Weapons and Ship Boarding Action Upgrades should be a Military Officer's top priorities.
  • Sometimes I Stockpile some Artifacts in case of Jail
  • If you are playing a Capital Ship (25+ Hull) you should raise Pilot to at least 10 before taking command of a Capital Ship
  • If you are playing a Military Ship (75+ Crew) you should raise Intimidation to at least 10 before taking command of a Military Ship
  • If you are playing an Operative (Blockade/Surveillance) you should raise Tactics to at least 10 before taking to Battle at Secure Sector (Rating 7 and Above)

I find the Military Officer is at his best with a Crew armed to the teeth for whatever task is at hand. A Military Officer could sell all his capture weapons for profit and Reputation. Initial leveling and Faction Rank may grow faster, however, the Captain needs to consider the wars ahead.

Take for example the Longbow Carrier, one of the best for a traditional Military Officer. With 100 Crew and 90 Cargo during War the Captain can Cargo 25 Water-Fuel and still have space for more than 60 Weapons and 5 Luxury Rations. This configuration is Epic in Combat and Blockade.

That same configuration is a disadvantage during Surveillance. The Military Officer is attempting a complex action with a full ship and receiving no bonuses for the Cargo. Therefore, the Military Officer above strives to have at least 60 Weapons and 60 Electronics ready for use when Spy War or Solar Wars occur.

A full Cargo hold slows down the ship, increases random encounters and makes docking at civilized planets more difficult. The traditional Military Officer will offload some Weapons in a secure location before returning to HQ.

The Military Officer will be consistently doing missions for multiple Factions. While doing Blockade Missions he may take Bounty Hunter missions.

However, the Military Officer's real focus is on participation in Conflicts. Each Conflict has a different type of reward, but when used in combination they have a powerful way of elevating the Captain's standing with his Faction.

The Military Officer will be sure to maximize payment, reputation and Faction rewards for his work by ensuring that he has the appropriate Death Warrants (Edicts,) Permits and Ranks.

The Military Officer will be sure to minimize his expenses by repairing, healing and purchasing supplies at the most favorable Faction.

The Military Officer will more often than not avoid more rumors than he will attempt to reach. Rumors like open battle, shortage and so forth mean very little to the Military Officer.

However, a wise Military Officer may still find some rumors very helpful -- Weapon Surplus is one that comes to mind.

Evil Bears Updated to v1.2

While not our most popular product, Evil Bears does give Andrew and I something we enjoy -- a goofy Arcade-style game to play with. It might not be everyone's favorite, but I get a good laugh out of it from time to time.

This recent update (v1.2) still does not include the sound features I have been working on but it does include a much revised difficulty scale. I can now get past level 20 when I am playing well and scored over 10,000 points on my very best game.

I think the difficulty is getting much better now. The difficult balancing act between what is "too long" for a game and what is too short.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Star Traders RPG New Contract Types

There are two new Contract Types in Star Traders RPG 2.5.0

  • Requires Rank 1 To Take Contract
  • Best vs. Solar War Enemies
  • Easiest for Military Captains
  • Extra Bonus w/ High Rank
  • Best vs. Spy Battle Enemies
  • Extra Bonus for Death Warrant
  • Creates Valuable Record Resource

The Inhuman Humanoids

Drawing characters that are not human is an exciting challenge. The range of humanoids runs a huge gambit, from elves (just the ears!) to dwaves (short, stocky humans) to fenrians (wolfish), to any other animal you can image (snakes, lizards, foxes), to truly inhuman humanoids (golems, kupos, robots). Recently, working on an upcoming project from TreseBrothers, we have been planning the races of a fantasy RPG world based around on open-ended story. A few non-humanoid races were added to the story, and we consciously chose to stay away from near-humans (elves) and only use inhuman humanoids in really out-of-the-way or exotic situations.

Inhuman humanoids have been used in many classic fantasy RPGs. The Frog in ChronoTrigger, the Rat or eagle-men in Shining Force, Kupos throughout the history of Final Fantasy, Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7. Our upcoming project features two inhuman humanoids that can be recruited as player characters.

You either love them, or you hate them. What do think about them? Did you ditch them or play them religiously? What made one character more compelling or exciting than another? Was it because they were emotionless, their personality, their amazing artwork, or the fact that they were covered in fur?

[The attached images are NOT the two inhuman humanoids in question. Come on, a bug and a snake!?! I just like sharing some recent artwork. Check this blog on your Android phone and let me know how the images look on your device!]

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Star Traders RPG 30 Days Old!

We noticed that Star Traders RPG has existed for 30 days on the Android Market.

We feel like that is a substantial milestone and are happy to see that some people are playing it still.

Thank you all for your support!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Star Traders RPG Guide: Merchants & Harvesting

Currently the key to Explorer & Merchant:
  • Stockpile in Cache
  • Stockpile on Multiple Planets
  • Sell from Stockpile to Upgrade/Repair, Sell Minimum Quantities Only
  • Sell Everything Under Shortage Rumor Only
  • Harvest & Stockpile Only During Resource Rush Rumors
  • Operate Out of "Trade Embargo" and "Economic Boom" Rumor Planets (Buy Fuel, Recruit)
  • Operate Out of "Spice Trader" Rumor Planets (Morale)
  • Get a 100+ Cargo Hold
  • Avoid Trade Resources that Require Trade Permits
With a 100+ hull you can easily stash thousands of points of harvested water-fuel. Once that is handled the Captain can move on to finding goods (Harvest for Merchant, Explorer for Explorer) and stockpiling them for sale.

Harvesting can be a good survival technique and the sales of harvested or discovered resources can sometimes offset the Captain's losses . However, large profits will not be realized until the Captain masters the Spice Hall, Rumor Page and Resource Reports.

The Captain that knows he won't sell metal for $500 here because the going price is $5,400 on the next planet over does not cover his expenses -- that Captain gets riiiiiiiiich.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Removing the Grid

In one of the upcoming projects we are working on at TreseBrothers, we have been wrestling with tile sets and "the grid." When building a environment based on tiles, lots of tile artists get obsessed with a concept called "removing the grid." You can go to great lengths to hide the fact that your world is based around a grid of square, same sized tiles. You can draw lots of variations of grass tiles, or create overlays to try to hide the grid. I have decided to can it--its not worth it.

Having wrestled with this, and done a lot of tile creation now, I have come around to believe that you want to find a balance between showing the grid and trying to hide it. In a game that is based on a grid, and especially when tactics are involved, a lot of the game play and strategic decisions are made based on that grid, distances that characters are from each other, and the range of different effects and abilities. Our goal will to be create beautiful tiles that make the grid subtle without hiding it. Especially on a small device like a phone, or when creating a touch-based RPG, its important that the control areas, and the target areas for a touch are clear.

That is why our art team has resolved--we will not hide the grid! The grid will be subtly obvious. Check out these sample environments based on our new tile sets. What do you think? Imagine them on your phone, and send in your valuable feedback!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Star Traders RPG New Ships List

EDIT: There is now a PDF document that includes the names AND statistics for these ships.

  1. Farfallen Space-Hulk
  2. Righteous Space-Hulk
  3. Zendu Space-Hulk
  4. Krangg Alien
  5. Bolllish Alien
  6. Heela Alien
  7. Narvidian Fighter
  8. Narvidian Carrier
  9. Narvidian Hive
  10. Lance Class
  11. Paladin Class
  12. Vegas Class
  13. Warhammer Class
  14. Assualt Cruiser
  15. Attack Cruiser
  16. Patrol Cruiser
  17. Longbow Carrier
  18. Star Carrier
  19. Pirate Gunboat
  20. Pirate Crossbow
  21. Tiberia Runner
  22. Refugee Shuttle
  23. Pilgrim Shuttle
  24. Firefly Hauler
  25. Atmo Liner
  26. Fronteir Freighter
  27. Ultra Freighter
  28. Mega Freighter
  29. Solar Liner
  30. Fronteir Liner
  31. Star Liner
  32. Moon Liner

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Star Traders RPG Gets Reviewed!

I am hard at work to improve the UI, and a "move all"/"sell all" set of buttons are in the works.

In a few weeks I suspect we will have finished testing and creating art for building player bases, which will be similar to taking over a planet.

The ability for players to submit Captains online will allow everyone to compete, become faction Prince or Planetary Governor and help define larger story elements of the Syndicate/House conflicts.

My brother and I would appreciate if you purchase Elite, it helps pay for the hosting and development costs.

Read our recent review over at PlayDroid. They gave us a tentative 4 stars and we are taking the suggestions for better graphics, sounds and animated explosions seriously.

I'd love to hear your feedback on PlayDroid's feedback =)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Star Traders - Favorite Captain - The Loyalist

I wanted to share my favorite character type with all the Star Traders RPG players out there. I have been playing ST RPG from the very beginning, and have always loved the character type I call "The Loyalist."

The Loyalist joins a fashion as a military officer. He does missions exclusively for his faction, and wracks up immense reputation. His main goal is military promotions, riches, and a new ship. I run contracts and get promotions, watching my commissions rise and the cost of repairs at the Stardock fall. The Loyalist only takes aggressive action when his faction commands it--he buys a Trade Permit, and a Death Warrant, but he never kills unless the mission asks for it.

Another really important aspect of The Loyalist's early game is the proximity to home. I always play Cadar, and I always stay very close to the Cadar capital until I have reached a significant base of power. and cash. The Loyalist stays close to home, running to a mission, and back to the capital. The Loyalist keeps his ship in the best repair, and recruits from Cadar-only planets as often as he can, but will do recruiting tours when necessary.

When The Loyalist (can you tell I love this character?) gets rich, he starts his trek across the insanely huge Elite galaxy to the true core worlds, heading for the Cadar capital. It is a hard trek, because he has made many enemies in his days of serving loyally.

This is my favorite captain type. What's yours?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Star Traders RPG Game Web Site Update

There is a new version of the game's web site available:

This includes the new PDF Player's Guide v2.0

The Politics of ST RPG

The Quadrant is rife with conflict and shifting alliances. The two major powers in this area of space are the House and the Syndicates. At odds for centuries, these two loose groups of stellar nations are vastly different in laws, attitude, culture and belief systems.

Unable to reconcile these differences for very long, conflicts between House and Syndicate define the political landscape of the Quadrant. The House is often more willing to form internal alliances than the Syndicates. Constant struggles for resources and an undertone of jealousy towards the Thulun keep most Alliances short. Star Traders will find Trade Wars, embargo and shortages common near in House space. Among the Syndicate worlds Taxes, Bans and rampant stockpiling cause regular surplus of manufactured goods.

Star Traders RPG Official Forum

Star Traders RPG and Star Traders RPG Elite now have an official forum:

If you would like to help moderate, please contact ''

Monday, November 22, 2010


I just wrote this for a player who was asking about techniques and Water-Fuel

The water-fuel calculator is concerned about a number of things:

  • Is the ship fully staffed (100% Crew)
  • How many crew members?
  • How large is the ship's hull?
  • Does the Ship Have 20+ Solar Sail?
  • Does the Ship Have 30+ Solar Sail?
  • Is the Ship's Solar Sail Full Repaired?
  • Does the Ship Have 20+ Reactor Engine?
  • Does the Ship Have 30+ Reactor Engine?
  • How High is the Captain's Pilot?
  • How High is the Captain's Intimidation?
  • What is the current difficulty?
The scaling equation that's used has rapid fall-off towards the edges, so there are a number of ways to push the results out to Infinity (the goal of most bounty hunters, certainly) for Green and even Red.

The ratio in v2.2 is more tightly controlled than previous versions, but a single solar sail damage can make a big difference. Three missing sails can be a serious problem unless the Captain's skills are up to it.

My tip guide for getting to best fuel range:
  • Pilot & Intimidate = 1/2 of Hull
  • Nano-Coat Solar Upgrade to 25 Solar Sail
  • Always Repair Sails first
  • then engines
  • then hull
  • Keep a full crew when possible
  • running out of water-fuel is only an issue without luxury rations
  • negotiation can help luxury rations last longer

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Star Traders RPG v1.81

Rich Mission Engine
  • 25 Mission Types
  • Capture Criminals in Deep Space and Spice Halls
  • Assassinate the Enemy on Hostile Planets and Fringe Settlements
  • Deliver Messages to agents in the Palace or Halls of Government
  • Escort Wanted Criminals between Worlds, Star Ports and Dead Worlds
  • And many more!

Faction System
  • 6 Competing Factions Split into Two Types -- Corporations and Monarchies
  • Be Vagabond, Hero, Criminal, Prince or CEO -- The choice is yours
  • Inspect Enemy Plants Spying
  • Blockade Enemy Planets
  • Earn Promotions to Military Rank
  • Purchase Trade Permits to Buy and Sell Illegal Goods
  • Carry A Bounty Hunter License
  • Gain Access To Military Starports
Complex Economy
  • Trade, Steal, Transport and Stockpile more than 10 unique Resource Types
  • The Choice To Deal in Illegal Goods is Yours to Make
  • Trade in Permit-Only Resources, such as Weapons and recovered Artifacts, is risky but highly profitable
  • Negotiation, Charisma, Rank, Reputation and other factors considered in pricing
Advanced Dynamic Politics
  • Criminal and Hero Status for 6 Factions
  • 5 Types of Conflicts between Factions the Player can Participate In
  • Assassin Wars
  • Trade Embargo
  • Open Stellar War
  • Spy Wars
  • Economy War
2 Types of Alliances between Factions

  • that can Hurt or Help the Player
  • Military Alliances
  • Trade Agreements
Dangerous Worlds and Complex Cities
  • More than 30 unique cities and hostile planets to explore
  • Gather Resources, Information
  • Seek out Ancient Ruins
  • Search for Criminals in Wastelands, Spice Halls and in the Palace
  • Cities respond to your rank, reputation and alliances -- be banned from your enemies Star Ports and get special treatment at the palace
Fast Paced "Card Game" Combat
  • Capture Ships
  • Enslave your Enemies
  • Capture Valuable Goods
  • Cover Your Tracks
  • Avoid Aliens, Bounty Hunters, Pirates, Opposition Military and Independent Spaces

Newest Star Traders RPG Promo

Thursday, November 11, 2010

ST RPG Elite Map Preview

Here is a preview of what the new Star Traders RPG Elite map looks like:

Green = Old Zone (AKA, ST RPG Map)
Orange = Farfallen Belt (Dangerous, Void Space)
Blue = Galactic Frontier (Syndicate and Clan Bases)
Red = Incursion Zones

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Star Traders RPG v1.4

Star Traders RPG - Version 1.4 Update

- First (of Many) New Ship Artwork Added
- New Enemy Ships
- New Enemy Captains

- Improving Performance
- Fixed Game Text
- No New Force Closes? [Please Report!]

Coming Soon
- Achievements
- New Missions
- New Ships
- New Artwork
- Better Writing


Star Traders RPG v1.31

New Bug Fix and Feature Release v1.31

+ Details on Blog

* All New Ship Pricing Rules
* Fuel Usage Rules Overhaul!
- New Fuel Usage Estimator In "Cargo"

- Blockade & Surveillance Enhanced
- Major Game Text Improvements
- Fixed a FC Bug (Sorry!)
- Enhanced Shortages & Surplus
- Score Fixes

Star Traders RPG v1.3 Player Update

Star Traders RPG v1.3 contains some significant rules changes and this post will hope to clarify them.

New: There is now a upper limit to the Water-Fuel consumption equation.

Major Factors for Low Fuel Use
  • 100% Fully Repaired Engines
  • 100% Fully Repaired Sails
  • Sails Above 20 (or above 30)
  • Engines Above 20 (or above 30)
  • Green Sectors
  • High Intimidation Skill
How to Avoid Mutiny
  • When possible, have Water-Fuel
  • Conserve Water Fuel by Repairing Solar Sails
  • Carry Luxury Rations At all Times
  • Have High Intimidate Score
  • Have High Strength Statistic
  • Avoid Red Sectors

New Fuel Usage Calculator
Limitations: Assumes Green Sector and Deep Space. Landing, Docking and Red Sectors are lots higher in some cases BUT: There is now a upper limit to the Water-Fuel consumption equation and that is true of all situations.

Ship Prices Revised

The feedback we have received was the ship prices were too high for non-combat Captains to use, so we have revised the ship cost equation. It should also be noted for those Captains shopping for a new Ship that changing the vessel can do wonders for your reputation:

Buying a ship also includes a universal pardon and reset of all criminal warrants for the Captain and Crew. Buying a new ship sets Morale to 10.

Star Traders RPG v1.3

New Bug Fix and Feature Release v1.3

+ Details on Blog

* All New Ship Pricing Rules
* Fuel Usage Rules Overhaul!
- New Fuel Usage Estimator In "Cargo"

- Blockade & Surveillance Enhanced
- Major Game Text Improvements
- Fixed a FC Bug (Sorry!)
- Enhanced Shortages & Surplus
- Score Fixes

Star Traders RPG v1.22

New Bug Fix and Feature Release v1.22

- Added NEW Deep Space Contract Type
- Unlimited Levels for all Professions (Previously Was 50)
- Updated Intimidation Skill Text
- New Roster

- Game Text Improvements
- Fixed 3 FC Bugs (Sorry!)
- Improved Doctor Pricing
- Fix Blockade & Surveillance Bugs

Saturday, November 6, 2010

You are Better at Our Game Than We Are

We are constantly impressed by the reports of people's successful Captains in Star Traders RPG.

The creators of the game often struggle to pass level 12 and we are hearing reports of players with captured Flagship Cruisers and Level 50 Captains.

So, please -- keep sending us your reports. We don't know how you're doing it but it would be nice to know -- I would like to use your techniques!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Star Traders Work in Progress

Here are the comments I found on the Android Market about ST-RPG.
  1. base price for comodities
  2. move to sd
  3. healing your captain
  4. understand what exactly the stats do
  5. explain defeat
  6. save game / copy game
  7. so easy to die
  8. Needs a check to be sure you wish to trade in your ship
  9. Could use more animation
  10. How do you delete an old captian?
  11. Diplomacy system is schizo
  12. index file explaining things like surveillance
  13. Art gets a bit dull after a while
Everything that I made small and gray is in the current v1.2 release based on your requests.

The rest of them have been put into my Google Documents Spreadsheet and will be included ASAP!

Thank you so much for playing our Games (Evil Bears and Star Traders.)

Evil Bears v1.0 Released

Our exciting new Arcade style gesture drawing game is on the Android Market for only $0.99


Is anyone playing Star Traders RPG in landscape mode? I spent a lot of time trying to make it work in both ...

Getting Past Level 12 in Star Traders RPG

A few people have e-mailed me about their favorite Captains and I was pretty surprised to hear about people getting up above level 12. I usually die between level 4 and level 8.

My Captains are often risk takers, but I thought I would ask anyone who is reading (and was/is playing ST-RPG)

  • Have you made it to double digit levels?
  • What is your strategy?
  • What "profession" are you playing?

Star Traders RPG 1.2 Released

This is a major bug fix and feature release!

New Version of Application and Web Site Enhancements..

  1. Spelling
  2. Grammar
  3. Crashes
  4. Lameness

  1. New and Improved Difficulty Levels
  2. Doctors to Heal Captain
  3. No Perma-Death Difficulties
  4. New Defeat Screens
  5. Captain Stats Explained
  6. Ship Upgrades Explained

Friday, October 29, 2010

StarTraders RPG v1.07 Released

This is a new release for our current game, Star Traders.

  • Fixed Force Close Issues
  • Trying to Fix all ANR
  • Speeding Up Scrolling

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Star Traders RPG v1.05 Released

  • Fixes Force Closes for games lasting 1000 turns (wow really? how!?!?!)

Star Traders v1.03 Released

  1. Better Performance
  2. Fixed Force Close Issues w/ Random Number Generator
  3. Added requested "Delete Captain" Feature