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Cyber Knights is Coming

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StarTraders RPG v1.07 Released

This is a new release for our current game, Star Traders.

  • Fixed Force Close Issues
  • Trying to Fix all ANR
  • Speeding Up Scrolling


  1. Great Game, reminds me os spacetrader for windowsmobile. Thank You. Its possible to see prices on nearest planets just to know what to buy and where to fly ?

  2. y favorite game so far. Please continues the development. It is worth to pay for such great game.
    Hope larger map, more features in the future. Not enough tips and hint, such as what is the health of Captain for. How to heal?
    Cannot find where to delete captain.

  3. Can't figure out how to not engage random ships i encounter, could use a guide of commands unless i just missed it. Thanks for your hard work!

  4. @nemo: that will be in the next version. I like the idea of nearby prices, thank you!

  5. @Anson: I will work on adding more tips and Hints to the Rumors list, and fixing the documentation up more.

    I also added "Doctor" under "Spice Hall" so that you can heal your Captain.

  6. @m: I will try to improve the documentation around that. Check out the new version -- 1.2, it has a full list of what Skills to raise to avoid what. If you increase your Stealth, Pilot and Wisdom you should have a lot less encounters.


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