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Star Traders - Favorite Captain - The Loyalist

I wanted to share my favorite character type with all the Star Traders RPG players out there. I have been playing ST RPG from the very beginning, and have always loved the character type I call "The Loyalist."

The Loyalist joins a fashion as a military officer. He does missions exclusively for his faction, and wracks up immense reputation. His main goal is military promotions, riches, and a new ship. I run contracts and get promotions, watching my commissions rise and the cost of repairs at the Stardock fall. The Loyalist only takes aggressive action when his faction commands it--he buys a Trade Permit, and a Death Warrant, but he never kills unless the mission asks for it.

Another really important aspect of The Loyalist's early game is the proximity to home. I always play Cadar, and I always stay very close to the Cadar capital until I have reached a significant base of power. and cash. The Loyalist stays close to home, running to a mission, and back to the capital. The Loyalist keeps his ship in the best repair, and recruits from Cadar-only planets as often as he can, but will do recruiting tours when necessary.

When The Loyalist (can you tell I love this character?) gets rich, he starts his trek across the insanely huge Elite galaxy to the true core worlds, heading for the Cadar capital. It is a hard trek, because he has made many enemies in his days of serving loyally.

This is my favorite captain type. What's yours?


  1. mine is "the lollerskater". He travels around until he runs out of fuel, then he dies.

    1. Awesome! Pure awesomeness. Anyway my favorite capital is the short hall explorer or the kill everything bounty hunter. Very fun!


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