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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders RPG Gets Reviewed!

I am hard at work to improve the UI, and a "move all"/"sell all" set of buttons are in the works.

In a few weeks I suspect we will have finished testing and creating art for building player bases, which will be similar to taking over a planet.

The ability for players to submit Captains online will allow everyone to compete, become faction Prince or Planetary Governor and help define larger story elements of the Syndicate/House conflicts.

My brother and I would appreciate if you purchase Elite, it helps pay for the hosting and development costs.

Read our recent review over at PlayDroid. They gave us a tentative 4 stars and we are taking the suggestions for better graphics, sounds and animated explosions seriously.

I'd love to hear your feedback on PlayDroid's feedback =)


  1. I think his caveat about being an old-school gamer played in your favor in that review - and probably with your current client base, in general. I agree that the game lacks a certain 'polish' that you see in a lot of games, and it definitely lacks in clarity (the game play certainly isn't the easiest to pick up right away). But I agree with his final premise that this game is going the right direction and certainly is the best of the niche it services rightnow.


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