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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders RPG New Ships List

EDIT: There is now a PDF document that includes the names AND statistics for these ships.

  1. Farfallen Space-Hulk
  2. Righteous Space-Hulk
  3. Zendu Space-Hulk
  4. Krangg Alien
  5. Bolllish Alien
  6. Heela Alien
  7. Narvidian Fighter
  8. Narvidian Carrier
  9. Narvidian Hive
  10. Lance Class
  11. Paladin Class
  12. Vegas Class
  13. Warhammer Class
  14. Assualt Cruiser
  15. Attack Cruiser
  16. Patrol Cruiser
  17. Longbow Carrier
  18. Star Carrier
  19. Pirate Gunboat
  20. Pirate Crossbow
  21. Tiberia Runner
  22. Refugee Shuttle
  23. Pilgrim Shuttle
  24. Firefly Hauler
  25. Atmo Liner
  26. Fronteir Freighter
  27. Ultra Freighter
  28. Mega Freighter
  29. Solar Liner
  30. Fronteir Liner
  31. Star Liner
  32. Moon Liner


  1. Is access to carrier dependent upon rank or class?

  2. You dont have statistics for the space hulks/alien ships


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