Star Traders RPG v1.4

Star Traders RPG - Version 1.4 Update

- First (of Many) New Ship Artwork Added
- New Enemy Ships
- New Enemy Captains

- Improving Performance
- Fixed Game Text
- No New Force Closes? [Please Report!]

Coming Soon
- Achievements
- New Missions
- New Ships
- New Artwork
- Better Writing



  1. I really like this game, pretty indepth.
    Is there a port for the pc to play this?

  2. Other than odd gameplay issues, the only real error I've seen has been an ERROR #6 (something like that) when trying to Advance during combat. It happens infrequently, but you're forced to make a different action before you can advance.


  3. Excellent game aside from one issue. Playing on a touch screen phone mistakes happen and normally with important events there is a conformation button. When you disable an enemy ship if you accidently hit to take there ship as your own that Is it you can't go back to your old one. Would like a yes I want to swap button added there.

  4. Plot course doesn't work when clicking from the status menu>cargo>e.g. records

    keep the updates coming... I am loving this!!!


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