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I just wrote this for a player who was asking about techniques and Water-Fuel

The water-fuel calculator is concerned about a number of things:

  • Is the ship fully staffed (100% Crew)
  • How many crew members?
  • How large is the ship's hull?
  • Does the Ship Have 20+ Solar Sail?
  • Does the Ship Have 30+ Solar Sail?
  • Is the Ship's Solar Sail Full Repaired?
  • Does the Ship Have 20+ Reactor Engine?
  • Does the Ship Have 30+ Reactor Engine?
  • How High is the Captain's Pilot?
  • How High is the Captain's Intimidation?
  • What is the current difficulty?
The scaling equation that's used has rapid fall-off towards the edges, so there are a number of ways to push the results out to Infinity (the goal of most bounty hunters, certainly) for Green and even Red.

The ratio in v2.2 is more tightly controlled than previous versions, but a single solar sail damage can make a big difference. Three missing sails can be a serious problem unless the Captain's skills are up to it.

My tip guide for getting to best fuel range:
  • Pilot & Intimidate = 1/2 of Hull
  • Nano-Coat Solar Upgrade to 25 Solar Sail
  • Always Repair Sails first
  • then engines
  • then hull
  • Keep a full crew when possible
  • running out of water-fuel is only an issue without luxury rations
  • negotiation can help luxury rations last longer


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