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Cyber Knights is Coming

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From the Trese Brothers Workshop: Secrets of Steel

With a great groan, the ground heaves and splits, revealing the great under-ground workshops of Trese Brothers Software...

Deep within the pit, epic music is blasting as klaxons roar to life, warning that another war torpedo launch is about to be tested. Nearer the surface, the clanging of hammers and the roar of monsters dominates the smoke-filled air. Smiths toil day and night, churning out an arsenal of deadly fantasy weapons, even as story-tellers, wise men, and witches come from the world around to weave an epic story, in an open-ended world.

We are very excited to announce our upcoming game release -- Secrets of Steel, an Android fantasy RPG set in an vast, dynamic universe. Travel an immense world, exploring and fighting back both the mystical and mundane forces of evil and tyranny. Recruit a diverse squad of companions and friends whose bonds and sacrifices define an era.

The epic prologue to Secrets of Steel is now live on KickStarter:

Do you want to be part of the Legend of Steel? Keeper of Secrets? Join our team as a backer and take part in building the next great Trese Brother's game.


  1. Curious, will it have a free/paid method, or will it be a paid only game?

  2. Justin-

    Trese Brothers Software has a commitment to providing high quality free games to the Android market. Like Star Traders RPG, we will provide a free and Elite version. The core game, which will be free, will provide a compelling amount of content and hours of game play.

    Providing both a fully-featured Core version alongside a chargeable Elite version is a model that Trese Brothers Software is proud to use and will follow throughout our upcoming series of games.

  3. any chance this will come out on iphone?

  4. Phirrip,

    We are focused on the Android platform at this time. We do not have plans to release Secrets of Steel to the iPhone.


  5. Looks like it might be a really good game. Do you guys have an ETA on it?

  6. Please just send this to me when done. I can't be bothered to stop playing Star Traders.

    Seriously, if you put only a fraction of the care and hard work into this as you have done (are doing) with ST, then you will still have one Hell of a game.

  7. ArgentLupe,

    We will find a way to let you know when Secrets hits the market. The best way is to follow Cory on Twitter, or keep an eye on the blog here!

    Can you come up from air for Star Traders long enough to check the blog weekly? Comment to let us know if you are still alive =)

  8. I'm not really into mobile gaming, but this game was recommended by one of my friends. And now I can't believe I'm promoting Trese Brother Softwares to my circle of friends.
    Thank you so much for the effort guys

  9. Our customers and community make the game really live. We are always impressed how many of our users were directed to us by word of mouth. So, keep up the recommendations!

  10. OMG, the picture looks like something from Castle of the Winds. I loved that game so I'm already prepared to love Secrets

  11. Andrew and I played the shareware version (we could not afford the real one) of "Castle of the Winds" literally until the disk wore out. It is a fond memory of mine, the two of us sharing a computer and planning each move of the avatar together.

  12. Lol, do you also remember gather as many Summon Monster scrolls as we could to try to create a work-able monster eco-system in the wilderlands outside the town? Of course, the monsters never started spontaneously spawning, even if you summoned 3 or 4 others... but we sure wanted them too!

    Designing worlds, at a young age.

  13. So how are things developing? I'm still really looking forward to seeing how your approach to a fantasy themed game.

  14. Agent - thanks for checking back in on this one. Secrets of Steel is currently on a development hiatus. It is built upon the StoryTeller Engine, which is a Trese Brothers RPG Engine. Knowing that SoS was going to be large (with a huge art / content requirement) we switch our efforts (there are only two of us brothers!) to Cyber Knights for a shorter term project. CK is now on the market, and I think you would enjoy the game, as its a great sci-fi RPG. It is also using the Storyteller Engine, so it has really fleshed the engine out and made us all the more ready for SoS. We are always sure to broadcast upcoming releases to the blog, so keep an eye on it!

  15. Hey Trese brothers,

    A quick question out of curiosity. Have you ever played ADOM?

    PS How's this game looking? ;> (whoops, 2 questions)

  16. @risu - right now SoS is on hold as we are working on its ancestor, Cyber Knights. They are both built on the same game engine, and CK is smaller and simpler, so we have released it to the market in BETA state right now.

    Not sure about ADOM? Ancient Domains of Mystery?

  17. @Fallen - Yes, Ancient Domains of Mystery. I wanted to know whether we can expect any resemblance between SoS and ADOM in terms of complexity if gameplay. I always adored ADOM for its repeat-ability, multiple ending and just the huge number of things you could do..

    About SoS / CK, I did download Cyber Knights a good while ago, but didn't have a change to try it out yet (various reasons), but I got a new mobile recently and can do some android gaming again, so I'll see what it is about. Anyway I only asked because I saw premium version of Cyber Knights and thought the beta was over and you started SoS :)

  18. @risu - I will take a look at ADOM. SoS definitely has the idea of many story-threads, high complexity, endless replay-ability, and a world that can (and will) fall apart in almost uncountable ways.

    To be honest, while the game has been started, it is on hiatus until a later date. We are realistically thinking of picking it back up in early to mid 2012.

  19. Will SoS (possibly after changing config settings) be able to run on really low-end devices? You're one of the only developers who makes decent games that can run on a weak machine.

  20. Definitely. We're working hard to make options available in all our games that allow as many possible devices as we can.

    For example, in ST RPG there is "disable backgrounds" and lots of other features that exist to provide broad hardware support.

    SoS will be no different. Andrew and I were just talking about it today =)

  21. The Secrets of Steel prequel, Heroes of Steel is now on KickStarter!


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