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The Inspiration for Star Traders RPG

Today I notice a 3 Star Review on the "Star Traders Elite RPG" reviews (one of our first 3 stars on Elite) and it stung a little bit reading it.

"Vae victus? De valtos? Uh warhammer 40k ultramarine novels much? And no sounds -_- otherwise ok game"

I want to acknowledge that I have been inspired by great authors my entire life and Star Traders RPG wouldneverhave existed without the books I read as a child and young adult.

Settings like Dune, Star Wars, Warhammer 40K, Firefly, Issac Asimov and a whole host of unique one off words.

I am a sucker for the Space Opera and I am the first to knowledge the debt I owe to these worlds and authors.

I felt (perhaps I was wrong) that a fair way to acknowledge these greats was to include minor references -- Spice, De Valtos, Serenity class, inquisitors, artifacts, spacing guilds, syndicates, Tennath, Rychart and so forth.

I tried to keep the references subtle but I am happy to state for the record that I owe the literature that covers my bookcase -- both Java Programming Books and Frank Herbert, et al. a great deal.

- Cory

PS: Working on Sound and Music today.

PPS: Colter didn't create Vae Victus -- he got it from the same place I did, actually -- Brennus of the Gauls.

I get the review but crediting WH 40K for "Vae Victus" seems a unfair to world history and ancient literature.

Vae Victus is "Woe to the conquered (ones)" in Roman Latin.

It will make sense once "Story Mode" drops. =)

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