Star Traders RPG Guide: Smuggler & Exploration

Star Traders RPG Play Guide for Smuggler
  • Use Stockpile in Cache to Store Electronics, Weapons and Artifacts
  • Stockpile on Multiple Planets Near Independent Worlds
  • Sell Normal Trade Resources to Fund Repairs & Trade Permits
  • Empty/Sell Caches of Electronics, Weapons and Artifacts Under Shortage Rumor if possible
  • Purchase High Value Trade Resources (Electronics, Weapons and Artifacts) at Faction Worlds
  • Sell Smuggled High Value Trade Resources to Fringe Worlds
  • Recruit On Fringe Worlds for Hardy Crews
  • Get a 100+ Cargo Hold
  • Achieve 10+ Explorer (for RPG-Core Planets)
  • or Achieve 25+ Explorer (for Elite Planets)


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