Thursday, December 16, 2010

Star Traders RPG Merchants, Reputation and Player Feedback

Star Traders RPG players have been sending excellent feedback via e-mail, on the forum and on Twitter! It is great to hear from everyone and trust me, we are hard at work to improve the game and live up to your suggestions!

Consistently recently we have received reports that Captains are confused by the behavior of some[*] neutral and faction Merchant Captains. In light of that feedback the next release will contain a revised set of rules for Merchants and Smugglers operating under a Trade Permit for a Faction.

From the Captain's point of View
  • The Captain knows he will no loose reputation by ignoring, acknowledging or retreating from merchants (if they really are merchants. Bounty Hunters with high Stealth may appear as Merchants.)
  • The Captain will see the Acknowledge button for Merchants. This button will appear in a way similar to Smugglers -- the Merchants and Smugglers want to leave the area as much as the Captain does.
From the Merchants point of View
  • The Merchant AI no longer reports any Captain who does not acknowledge Faction Authority IF the Captain's reputation is above -15
  • The Smuggler AI no longer reports any Captain who does not acknowledge Faction authority IF the Captain's reputation is above -20
  • The Merchant and Smuggler expect to acknowledge at long distance and leave the area. Any attempt to advance to closer range is a violation of Faction laws. Most Merchants will report that infraction to the Faction.

[*]The game contains many different types of each Captain (behavior, how they spend the XP, ect) for each major category.

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