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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders RPG v2.7

Version 2.7 is be released to Android Market!

New Features

  • New Ship Movement System
  • Smooth Map Movement
  • Combat Sound Effects
  • Music Sound Track
  • Improved Difficulty System
  • Improved Contract Difficulty
  • Improved Merchant Reputation System
  • Game Text Fixes
  • Fixes All FC

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  1. Liking the concept, upgraded to Elite version, now i've paid my money I feel I can comment :)
    - the ship upgrades need an overhaul, I would like to see full screen shot of my ship with installed an available upgrades shown. To be really impressive, damage from recent battles could be displayed until repaired.
    - battles need more detail, I'm not quite sure what I'm after, something inbetween full interactive battles (eg. Elite, privateer, etc) and the current button pressing.
    - lets face it, today smartphone are leagues ahead of the old zx spectrum and early pc based games and look at the little gems that some devs managed to create :)

    Excellent 'work in progress' game, I'm hoping for great things to emerge in the future.



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