Saturday, December 31, 2011

Star Traders RPG v4.2.1 Released

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v4.2.1 - 12/31/2011

  • NEW Ship Artwork: Dragon Hull
  • Improves Cloud Backup (Alert if Enabled / Disabled)
  • New: Pirate Dragon
  • New: Dragon Cruiser
  • New: Dragon Cutter
  • Fixed 2 Ship Sale Selector Bugs
  • Fixed some Typos in Explorer

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Holidays from Trese Brothers!

Happy Holidays to all our supporters, gamers, forum members, and contributors!  Thank you for helping make this such a great year for our team, as we have expanded, introduced new games to the market, and kept supporting our existing game set.

We honestly could not do it with out you!

As with most of the working world, things have run a little slowly here during the vacation times (much needed, I promise) and we are looking forward to shoveling a flood of coal back into the engines, toss in a few bottles of lighter fluid, and the corpses of some xenos for good measure, and get this engine roaring again.

Stay tuned for some very exciting news and updates in the New Year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Templar Assault - Tileset Revamp

Templar brothers!  This holiday season, we are decking the halls with newly re-vamped and advance map tiles!  This teaser shows a set of the tiles in their new form, darker, grimier, and all around better.  This is a work in progress, and we don't expect to see these tiles land on the market for a week or so, but the art team is excited about the beautiful new tiles and wanted to share this holiday season.  Thoughts and feedback?  Now that we have redecorated, it will be up to you to deck the halls in alien blood!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Star Traders RPG v4.2.0 Released to Android Market

A new release of Star Traders RPG is now available for download:

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v4.2.0 - 12/18/2011

  • New Google Cloud Backup for Android 2.2 (Activate in Roster)
  • New Google License Checks ONLY Once Per Version
  • Improved Economic Persistence Model 
  • Character Specific Economic Models Saved 
  • Reduced Orbital Fuel Consumption for "Fast Ships" 
  • Improves Data in Economic Reports 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG v0.6.11 Released

Purchasing Cyber Knights RPG Elite provides additional content and supports our game projects and the brotherhood that keeps things around here running smoothly.

v0.6.11 - 12/17/2011

  • Added Cyber Knight Intro Cinema Dialog
  • Slower/Realistic Hotel Healing
  • Replaced Team XP Allocation
  • Adds Job State Persistence
  • Improved Mini-Map UI
  • Fixes Default Weapons
  • Fixes Bad Drugs
  • Fixes Package Delivery
  • Fixes Media Issues in Hotel
  • 3 Region Maps Improved

How do you test?

Here at Trese Brothers, we work hard to test our games on your phones.  We go out of our way, as we do with everything customer support.  It's getting to be an addiction I think!  

How do you test your games?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Star Traders RPG v4.1.17 Released

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v4.1.17 - 12/15/2011
  • Increased Spice Harvests in Elite +10%
  • Spice Trade More Profitable on Capital/Survey Worlds
  • Political Officer Ban Toast Improved
  • Political Officer Ban Warning Improved
  • Balanced Recent Ship Stats
  • Fixed Reported Menu Zoom Crash
  • Fixed Exo-Crawler Unlock Bug
  • Fixed Predator Array Unlock Bug
Release Notes

This release intends to enhance or add the Spice Merchant profession. While previously a marginally profitable business, this releases increase the profitability to 25% per unit under optimal circumstances.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Templar Assault v0.3.0 Released to Android Market

Templar Assault

Play for Free:

v0.3.0 - 12/13/2011
  • Elite: New 3 Level Campaign (Vestmarch)
  • Fixed Map Crashes
  • Large Map Performance Improvement
  • New Option to Hide AI Turns
  • New Dialogs, Background Info
  • Improving "Resume Game" Performance
  • Now Adding v3 Features!

Templar Assault v0.2.17 Released to Android Market

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Play for Free:

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v0.2.17 - 12/11/2011
  • Fixed Reported Crashes
  • New Loading Dialogs
  • New "Resume Game" Prompt
  • Fixes Small Screen Support
  • Fixes Typos
  • More Back Buttons
  • Improving Map Performance

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Veteran Player's Manual Released

One of our dedicated players on the community forum has been gathering together nuggets of gold from posts made by the slayernz, Cory and other Star Traders RPG experts and compiling them together into one place.  For a new player, or even a veteran player, it is valuable resource that can help you tackle the next difficulty level, or better understand the intracacies of the deep game of Star Traders RPG.

Thanks to Fenikso on the forum for all the hard work and for sharing!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG v0.3.9 Released

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v0.6.9 - 12/10/2011
  • 9 Additional Implants
  • NEW: CyberHeart Implant
  • NEW: CyberLungs Implant
  • NEW: Wired Nerves Implants
  • 6 Additional Weapons
  • NEW: Thug Sledge, Cut Hammer
  • Fixes Combat Crashes (thx @gravling)
  • Fixes Dialog Display Bugs
  • More Soft Back Buttons
  • Added Rules for All Cyberware

Star Traders RPG v4.1.15 Released

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v4.1.15 - 12/10/2011
  • NEW Ship Artwork: Harbinger
  • Ship Cost Balancing
  • Operation Fuel Use Balancing
  • New: Harbringer Carrier
  • New: Pirate Harbinger
  • New: Indomitable Class
  • New: Resiliant Class
  • New: Nova Jammer
  • New: Harbinger Class
  • Fixed Reported Zoom Map Crash

Friday, December 9, 2011

Star Traders RPG v4.1.13 Released

v4.1.13 - 12/8/2011
  • Fixes Map Crash
  • New Urban Zone Econ Engine
  • Persistence of Zone Stats
  • Increased Conflict Effects
  • Balanced some Cutter ships
  • Balanced some Manta ships
  • Fixed Media Playback on some devices

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Templar Assault v0.2.15 Released to Android Market

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v0.2.15 - 12/7/2011
  • New Level "Gatecrasher" (Free & Elite!)
  • Auto-Resume / Auto-Save within Levels
  • Renamed Level 41 to Siege of Roavin
  • Balanced "Last Stand" Level
  • Added "Back" Button Throughout
  • Fixes Several Music Bugs
  • Fixed CP Calculation Bugs

Cyber Knights RPG v0.6.7 Released to Android Market

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Try our Cyberpunk RPG for Android for FREE:

Great for fans of ShadowRun and Star Traders too!

v0.6.7 - 12/6/2011
  • WARNING: Combat Initiative Rules
  • New Finnian Connector: Cava Saint!
  • Fixes New Game Freeze Bug
  • Reduction in Runner Cost $
  • Fixed Runner Starting Config
  • Fixed Back Room Bugs
  • Fixed Item Use/Reload Bug
  • Fixed -1 AP Runner Bug
  • Improved "Angel Nomad"
  • Improved Job Cancel
  • Improved Item Kit Functions
  • Fixes Pawn Shop Bugs

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Star Traders RPG v4.1.11 Released

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v4.1.11 - 12/4/2011
  • NEW Ship Artwork: Admiral
  • Fuel Use Balancing
  • New: Admiral Raider
  • New: Admiral Cruiser
  • New: Admiral Carrier
  • New: Forgotten Dark
  • New: Tiberia Dark
  • New: Admiral Liner
  • Improved Blockade Fuel Use
  • Improved Patrol Fuel Use
  • Improved Spy Fuel Use
  • Increased Harvest Returns in Elite Map Rumors

Templar Assault v0.2.13 Release to Android Market

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Thank you for supporting our new project, we need your reviews!

v0.2.13 - 12/4/2011
  • NEW: 6 Level Skirmish Campaign (Carfix)
  • Difficulty Level Fixes
  • Fixed Captain Animation
  • Xeno Spawning Bugs Fixed
  • Help File Updated
  • Ammo Display Fixed
  • CP Display Fixed (for 6 CP)
  • Rule Change: 1 Defense CP
  • Rule Fix: 1 CP Back Move
  • Tons of Typo Fixed
  • Turn Count Toast

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG v0.6.5 Released to Android Market

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Build a custom team of cybernetic operatives and rage the streets and shadows of a massive interactive city. Over 500 buildings and 36 maps to explore.

Elite $1.99


v0.6.5 - 12/2/2011
  • New Jobs and Job Targets
  • Revised Job Pay Scales
  • Fixed Several Recruit Bugs
  • Improved Help File Combat Info
  • Balanced Hand Blades
  • More Map Details Added
  • Additional Backroom Contacts
  • Experience System Overhaul (v6)
  • Fixed Gunslinger Runner Art Bug
  • Fixed Corp Agent Runner Art Bug
  • Replaced "Karma" with "XP" in Teams

v0.6.3 - 12/1/2011
  • Fixed Auto Rifles
  • Fixed Combat Item Menu
  • Fixed Weapon Switching Mid-Combat
  • Converted Toasts to Dialogs

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG Elite v0.6.1 Released

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v0.6.1 - 11/30/2011
  • Fixed Reported Crashes
  • 3 New Monsters: Alpha Hunds
  • New High XP Combats (30 New)
  • Balanced Some Monster Stats
  • Fixed Sniper Weapons
  • Back Room Icon Added
  • Fixed Min/Max Rep Bugs with Staff
  • Added Character Class / Credits to Menus
  • Updated Runner Hire Dialogs
  • Fixed Combat Blade Cyberware Equip
  • Fixed Glove Equip
  • Fixed Recruit Counting on Dead Runners
  • Added "Crash Out" if you have $0 go to a cheap hotel
  • Improved Character List Sorting
  • Fixed Hostile Sprite Display and Map Zoom
  • Fixed Two Music "Cut Out" Bugs
  • Fixed 3 Reported Crashes with Back Rooms
  • Fixed Maximum Rep On 3 Contacts
  • Drug Use By Alternate Characters Does NOT Remove Main Character Exhaustion
  • Improved Random Monster Balance
  • Fixed Crash with PersonaFix and Initial Runner XP

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Templar Assault v0.2.11 Released to Android Market

Try our new turn based tactical role playing (RPG) game for your Android phone:

Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this beta game.

Thank you for supporting our new project, we need your reviews!

v0.2.11 - 11/30/2011
  • New Elite Skirmish Level
  • Added Captain Animation
  • Fixed Map Performance
  • Fixed Reported Typos
  • Improved Small Screens
  • Big V3 Update Coming Soon!

Star Traders RPG v4.1.9 Released

Please support Star Traders RPG By Leaving a Review.

Independent game developers for Android live and die by your support and reviews -- give yours to Trese Brothers games today =)

v4.1.9 - 11/30/2011
  • NEW Ship Artwork: Cutter
  • Fixed Persistent Memory Bug
  • "Big Ships" Release
  • Adusted Fuel Use Curves
  • NEW: Obliterator Cruiser
  • NEW: Obliterator Carrier
  • NEW: Pirate Obliterator
  • NEW: Pirate Carrier
  • NEW: Paladin Cutter
  • Improved Blockade Fuel Use
  • Improved Patrol Fuel Use
  • Improved Spy Fuel Use
  • Improved Landing Fuel Use
  • Increased Exploration Returns in Elite Map Rumors

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG Elite v0.6 Released

** Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this beta. **

v0.6.0 - 11/29/2011
  • Fixed All Reported Crashes!
  • Semi-Permanent Runners (8 Types)
  • NEW "Back Room" System
  • Added 120 Back Room Contacts
  • In FREE: Recruit Ganger
  • In FREE: Recruit Trogger
  • Elite Recruit Hacker
  • Elite Recruit Face
  • Elite Recruit Gunslinger
  • Elite Recruit Sniper
  • Elite Recruit Corp Agent
  • New HUD UI
  • New Status UI
  • New Team Management UI
  • New Warning Icons
  • Fixed Bugs -- Please Press Report

Incoming Transmission...

Cyber Knights are now hiring runners as semi-permanent team members. These named denizens of NBZ can be equipped, trained, located and upgraded as you wish.

Elite Players may have as many as they need.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Templar Assault v0.2.9 Released to Android Market

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Thank you for supporting our new project, we need your reviews!

v0.2.9 - 11/27/2011
  • Added Basic Templar Walk Animation
  • Fixed Reported Game Crashes
  • Improved Some Sprite Artwork
  • More AI Bugs Fixed
  • Updated Rift Levels (Fixes)
  • New Defense Force Trooper Artwork
  • Map Loading Performance

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Star Traders RPG v4.1.7 Released to Android Market

The newest release of our sci-fi space trading RPG is available on the Android Market:

v4.1.7 - 11/27/2011
  • NEW Ship Artwork: RipTide
  • Fixed Reported Crashes
  • New Ship: Dark Vector
  • New Ship: Crisis Vector
  • New Ship: Inquisition Cruiser
  • New Ship: Pirate Deathwing
  • Improved Combat Media Performance

Friday, November 25, 2011

Templar Assault v0.2.7 Released to Android Market

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Thank you for supporting our new project, we need your reviews!

Play FREE:

v0.2.7 - 11/25/2011
  • More AI Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed Briefing Typos
  • Improved Campaign Dialogs
  • Fixed Reported Crashes
  • Balanced 'The Gauntlet' Level
  • Updated Moons Levels (Fixes)
  • Map Performance Improvements

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Star Traders RPG v4.1.5 Released to Android Market

The newest release of our space trading and exploration game for the Android is available on the Market.

Try Star Traders RPG for Free:

v4.1.5 - 11/23/2011
  • NEW Ship Artwork: Manta Ray!
  • 6 New Manta Ray Ship Designs
  • Fuel Usage Discounts for Slow Ships
  • Improved Operational Toast Options
  • Fixed 2 Ship Purchase Bugs
  • Improved Ship Pricing
  • Fixed Log Performance Bug for Large Logs

Templar Assault v0.2.5 Released to Android Market

Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this beta game.

Thank you for supporting our new project, we need your reviews!

v0.2.5 - 11/23/2011
  • Fixes Xeno AI Bugs
  • Improved % to Critical Equation
  • Updated Moons Levels
  • New Skirmish Level for Elite
  • Balanced 'Hold the Gates' Level
  • Improved Briefing Files
  • Fixed Reported Crashes from Market
  • More Fixes for "Familiar Ground"
  • Improved Skirmish Select Menu

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cyber Knights - Runners!

Cyber Knight, a new era is coming.  The quiet war between the mega-corporations is growing.  The street violence among the gangs and NBZ warlords is rising.  

The need for Cyber Knights is higher than ever.  But the risk and the requirements come with it.  These aren't the jobs you used to run.  The streets are getting meaner, the well is getting deeper, and you're going to need some friends to help you get in and get out alive.

You can't rely on those one-timer gang-boys.  They have their uses--but if you are going to really take on the mantle of a Cyber Knight, you are going to need to hire long-term contributors.  Skilled hit-men, street urchins, pit fighters, wiz kids and hackers.  Who will you choose?

[ Runners will be featured in a near-term release of the Android RPG -- Cyber Knights RPG!  Get in on the gritty, futuristic action in the New Boston Zone now! ]

Monday, November 21, 2011

Star Traders RPG v4.1.3 Released to Android Market

The newest release of our flagship space trading RPG, Star Traders, has been posted to the Android Market:

v4.1.3 - 11/21/2011
  • Fixed 1 Menu Crashed
  • More Menu Tweaks
  • Ten New Ship Designs
  • 6 New Smuggler Ships
  • 4 New Savage Pirate Ships
  • Accuracy Improvements in Fuel Calc
  • Ram Damage Lowered on Lower Difficulties
  • More Torpedoes During Military Surplus
  • Options to configure XP toast up to 200
  • Options to turn off operational toasts
A milestone for ST RPG fans and developers -- with the v4.1.3 release Elite now has 300+ unique ship designs (302 to be exact.) Combine that with thousand of upgrade combinations for massive replay-ability!

Templar Assault v0.2.3 Released to Android Market

Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this beta game.

Thank you for supporting our new project, we need your reviews!

v0.2.3 - 11/21/2011
  • Display Target (Xeno) Hit Points
  • Display "% to Critical Hit"
  • Updated Moons of Endivius Campaign
  • Fixed Dark Room in Hold the Gates
  • NEW "Familiar Ground" Skirmish (Elite)
  • Improved Several Briefing Files
  • Improved Small Screen

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG v0.5.0 Released

Cyberpunk role playing Shadowrun-style on your Android Device or Kindle Fire:

** Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this beta. **

  • New "Negotiate" Job Type
  • New "Threaten" Job Type
  • New Hirable Ganger (Gunslinger)
  • New Hirable Ganger (Cybersword)
  • "Back" Button added to UI
  • Semi-Transparent Wheel Menu Background
  • Enabled 10 Connector Contacts
  • Enabled 8 Data Hound Contacts
  • New Spiked Club Ganger Weapon
  • Fixes Matrix Disconnect UI

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Templar Assault v0.2.1 Released to Android Market

Templar Assault Update #2 for Free and Elite:

Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this beta game.

Thank you for supporting our new project, we need your reviews!

v0.2.1 - 11/19/2011
  • Updated Drop Zone Level
  • Updated Hold The Gates Level
  • Fixed Main Menu Crash
  • Fixed Squad Selection Crash
  • Improved Small Screen Support

Blast from the past

by Mel – November 18, 2011

Great game in the vein of space crusade.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Star Traders RPG v4.1.1 Released

The newest release of our science-fiction / space trading RPG has been released to the Android Market:

v4.1.1 - 11/18/2011
  • Fixes 3 Crashes
  • Changed Elite Main Menu
  • Six New Ship Designs
  • 4 New Military Cruisers
  • 2 New Blockade Ships
  • Improved Trade Save Performance
  • Artwork Cleanup and Bugfixes
by Yeow Seng– November 19, 2011

Good gods! Hundreds of ships! Extremely challenging gameplay for the hardcore gamers and very simple interface for the casual.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Templar Assault v0.2.0 Released to Android Market

We are happy to announce the release of our newest game to the Android Market: Templar Assault Elite!

v0.2.0 - 11/17/2011
  • Elite Released ($1.99)
  • New Campaign: Dark Secrets
  • 4 New Skirmish Levels
  • Long Leviathan
  • Null Blade
  • Exo Scout Special Power
  • Soldier Special Power
  • Captain Special Power
  • Elite Only Items
  • Elite Only Armor
  • Elite Only Maps
  • Updated Help File

Templar Assault: Pro Tips

Here are some strategy tips that the team has been compiling here as we try to beat the upcoming campaigns and skirmish maps on Hard and Brutal difficulty levels!

  • First Rule - Never Fall Behind.
  • Second Rule - Never Leave a Templar Behind
  • Third Rule - Keep your captain close to your squad.  This is so he can use his new special ability--Command, to give additional CP to nearby squad members.
  • Fourth Rule - rely on your soldier's defensive abilities.  In the next upcoming release, a Templar soldier on defense can often fire multiple times without spending his remaining CP.  Therefore, a CP stored for defense is more valuable than a CP spent on offense!
  • Fifth Rule - Never let a xeno form close to your squad at the beginning of their turn.  In a single turn, a xeno form can slaughter your strongest warrior, even your captain, from 5 health to dead!
  • Sixth Rule - Watch your ammo like a hawk.  Conserve when you can.  Always use your Force Sword over your Light Leviathan.  Calculate how many heavy rounds you will need to clear the distance to your goal.  Against the fast and agile xenos, your Leviathan Gauntlets are clumsy and slow, if strong.

Got pro tips of your own to share?

See Templar Assault on the Android Market.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Star Traders RPG Officer Information By SlayerNZ

Here is the mostly complete list. Thanks to a post from TP that focused on rumors for me putting this together.

The Political Officer
  • We heard about a talented Political Officer stranded on (name of planet).
  • The Exchange is closed rumor
  • In the palace
  • Notification of trade bans
  • Improved negotiation skills

The Mechanic
  • We heard about a talented mechanic stranded on (name of planet).
  • In the palace
  • Repairs in-flight

The Alien Hunter, aka Veteran Officer
  • Alien attacks on a planet rumor
  • Wilderness area of a planet
  • significantly improved salvage values for alien ships
  • bonus to fighting aliens
  • possibly attracts aliens

The Scout, aka the Smuggler Officer
  • a group of very skilled scouts are operating on (name of wild zone)
  • Wilderness area of a planet
  • Bonus to Explore/Harvest activities

The Pilot
  • Booming Spice, overflowing the Exchange and Hall rumor
  • In the palace
  • Improved Pilot/Stealth benefits

The Military Officer
  • The Mercenaries are congregating rumor
  • Military Surplus Rumors on large worlds
  • In the Palace
  • Bonuses with all ship to ship combat, especially boarding

The Spy
  • A Major Accident shutting down the Star Dock Rumor
  • In the palace
  • advises when no Good Rumors left (only Flavor Texts)
  • makes "Buy Rumor" is always free

The First Mate
  • Major starport expansion rumor
  • In the palace
  • Bonuses to crew morale

Read more:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Star Traders - Ship Art Update 100%!

Cruise the Quadrant in new style, finesse and beauty!  All of your old ship designs have been revamped using the knowledge the art team has accumulated over the last year.  The Trese Brothers Art Team is very excited to announce a 100% re-design of every ship model in Star Traders!  We have worked hard to keep to the spirit of the old designs, while enhancing the visual for our dedicated captains!
Check out Star Traders Elite RPG on the Android Market:
Star Traders Elite RPG

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Star Traders RPG v4.1.0 Released

The newest release of our flagship space simulation RPG, Star Traders RPG has been released to the Android Market:

Play for FREE:

Upgrade for $1.99:

v4.1.0 - 11/11/2011
  • Ship Art Update Part III
  • New Ship Hull (Blade Ship)
  • New Carrier Ship Art
  • New Battleship Art
  • New Space Hive Art
  • New Hawkwing Ship Art
  • 8 NEW Ships: Blade Cutter, Pirate Blade, Spear Cutter, Ranger, Zendu Cruiser (Total Ships: 290)
  • Changed Ship Art for 12 Designs
  • New Type of Space Hive (Cargo 950!)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG v0.4.9 Released

The newest release of our cyberpunk Shadowrun-styled RPG, Cyber Knights RPG, is available for download from the Android Market:

Play for FREE:

Upgrade for only $1.99:

v0.4.9 -- 11/11/2011
  • Improved/Faster Animated Walk System
  • Option To Disable Animated Walking
  • Improved 3 Zone Maps
  • Fixed Main Menu Crash
  • Fixed Shakedown Encounter
  • Fixed Starting Ammo for Sniper
  • Fixed Security Levels on Hosts
  • New Matrix Hosts
  • Fixes Crashes, Improves Combat Performance

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trese Brothers Software: Amazon App Store

Our games are all on!

Cyber Knights RPG v0.4.7 Released

The newest release of Cyber Knights RPG is now on the Android Market:

  • Smooth Walking + Option to Turn it Off
  • New Custom Button Look
  • Improved 6 Map Zones
  • More Realistic Death Effects
  • Combat v2.0 Math Updates
  • Matrix v2.0 Math Updates
  • Improved Contract Results
  • 100 New Hatrix Hosts
  • Improved Media Performance
  • New Zoom Levels on Main Map
Coming Soon:
  • Fixes Typos / Help File Improved
  • New Job Type: Data Courier Jobs
  • New Job Type: Hack Matrix Host
  • New Job Type: Plant Device
  • New Job Type: Threaten Target
  • New Job Type: Negotiate Deal

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Templar Assault v0.1.9 Released to Android Market

Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this beta game.

Thank you for supporting our new project, we need your reviews!

v0.1.9 - 11/9/2011
  • Configure Captain Gear
  • Custom Button Skin
  • Improved Game Performance
  • Display Honor in Shop

* Crash reports were not working for a few days so this is a big bug fix release. Sorry about that, Google wasn't telling developers about crashes!

So many new ships!

Star Traders RPG now has over 260 ships! That's a 100% increase since the first release, all for free.

Well, 260 in the Elite edition. Only $1.99

Star Traders RPG v4.0.9 Released

The newest release of Star Traders RPG features a BUNCH of new ships and new ship artwork:

v4.0.9 - 11/9/2011
  • ELITE: Now with 250 Ships
  • 5 Never Before Seen Icons in ELITE
  • Ship Designs Update Part I
  • NEW: Omega Battlecruiser, Callidus Cruiser, Judgement Class, Exeter Vector, Exeter Lifter, Paladin Lifter, Deathbringer, Predator, Line Cruiser, Dreadnought MK3
  • New Double Exile Spice Hive (!!!)
  • Changed Ship Art for 21 Designs
  • 15 new exemplar ship variants
  • Fixes Crash Reports
  • Updates Main Menu

Monday, November 7, 2011

Star Traders RPG v4.0.7 Released

The newest release of Star Traders RPG has been posted to the Android Market.

v4.0.7 - 11/7/2011
  • Ship Art Update Part II
  • New Destroyer Ship Art
  • New Dagger Ship Art
  • New Merchant Ships Art
  • Improved Media Performance
  • Fixes some Crashes
  • Fixes Resource Pricing Bug on Unionized Quixann

Templar Assault v0.1.7 Released to Android Market

Our newest game, Templar Assault has an update available on the Android Market!

If you loved the game Space Hulk as a kid (like we did) you might want to try out Templar Assault. A must for fans of the Star Traders game Templar Assault allows you to take control of an elite boarding crew and fight hand to hand against the vile Alien.

Try Templar Assault now for free:

v0.1.7 - 11/7/2011
  • New Alien Blood
  • New Alien Death
  • Templar Blood!
  • Alien Attack Icon
  • Fixes Alien Facing
  • Improves Help File
  • Fixes Change Level Button
  • Fixes some Map Bugs
  • Improved Media Performance
Alien Blood is Purple, Templar Blood is Red!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Star Traders RPG v4.0.6 Released

New Ships!

If you have been playing Star Traders RPG any time over the past year, you have gotten to know our ship icons. Well, today they have gotten the first in a series of major overhauls.

Check out the newest release on the Android Market:

v4.0.6 - 10/31/2011
  • New Vea Victus Ship Art
  • New Smuggler Ship Art
  • New Scout Ship Art
  • New Battle Frigate Ship Art
  • Increases Power of Space Based Rumors
  • Five New Ship Designs
  • Fixes Text Bugs in Combat
  • Improves Game Performance
  • Fixes Reported Crashes

Cyber Knights RPG v0.4.5 Released

Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this beta.

We are proud to announce the availability of our latest release of Cyber Knights RPG, the Shadowrun-style role playing game set in a cyber-punk future.

Play this RPG on your Android phone or tablet, for free, ad free!

v0.4.5 - 10/31/2011
  • Optimum Range System Improved
  • Cross Fading Media / Music
  • New Contract Pricing System
  • New Memory Saver Option for Encounters
  • Reputation Loss for Expired Contracts
  • Improves Refreshments and Entertainment
  • D-Pad Improvement
  • Moves Negotiation Button
  • New Hotel UI

Templar Assault on Droid Gamers

The Android game review geniuses over @DroidGamers have posted a great little introduction piece supporting the announcement of Templar Assault.

If you have a second, drop on by their web site and leave a comment supporting the Templar warriors.

Templar Assault v0.1.5 Released to Android Market

The newest edition of our Warhammer 40K-inspired Space-Hulk style game has been released to the Android Market. This update features a new map, tons of improvements, better graphics and fixed bugs!

v0.1.5 - 10/31/2011
  • Fixes Map Restart Bugs
  • New Map "Suicide Mission"
  • Improved Help File
  • Improved Tutorial
  • Access to Mission Briefing from Menu
  • Improves Interface
  • New Squad Statistics
  • More Honor Points
  • Fixed Training Button

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Templar Assault v0.1.3 Released to Android Market

We proudly announce the latest release of Templar Assault our new Android game. This marks the second day of TA and the second release as well. Enjoy!

v0.1.3 - 10/30/2011
  • New Map Control Interface (Move, Turn, Reverse)
  • New Dialog and Event Icons
  • Fixes Level Bugs in Bridge Level
  • Fixes Dialog Typos
  • Improves Mission Briefs
  • Added New Help File Sections
  • 1 New Alien Type
  • Fixes Screen Reset in Squad Control
  • Hides Unfinished Professions
  • Improves Alien UI
  • Small Screen Support Improved

Cyber Knights - Underground Havens

Where is the safest place to be in the New Boston Zone? You've got the dome crumbling overhead, if your important you probably have at least one Cyber Knight out gunning to assassinate you, the air is toxic, life expectancy is short, and the sun is dull behind that radio-active cloud cover.

I am exciting that we will soon be introducing underground havens, tunnels, gang dens and more to the NBZ. The richest contacts, mega-corp execs, and Connectors all live somewhere safer, maybe on and island or a out-of-city military retreat, but for your normal run-of-the-mill who is stuck in the NBZ, new safe territory is being opened up under-ground.

Cramped, maze-like, and full of its own dangers, the Under-NBZ won't be any nicer than the street level NBZ, but you will find some of the city's power players and dignitaries holed up down there.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Templar Assault: Vae Victus!

Crashing down on the Android Market is the newest strategy game in the Star Traders RPG universe. Templar Assault is a turn-based war game strategy, in which the venerable warriors of the Templar order face off against xenoforms and other malevolent forces across the Quadrant. Empowered by millennium of genetic training, encased in ancient Leviathan armor, and wielding the mighty weapons of the Templar order, the small squads of tightly coordinated warriors are capable of standing against any threat in the Quadrant.

You are their captain, their commander. Lead your Templar warriors across the galaxy to the hottest spots of danger!

The first campaign starts on a derelict Clan Java Liner, floating back into known space in the Quadrant. The Spear Cruiser class dispatched by the Templar order arrives to investigate the damaged hulk, and lands the first away team of four warriors on the craft. From there, its blood, gore and battle in the tight confines of the ship's under-belly.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Templar Assault v0.1.1 Released to Android Market

The Trese Brothers are proud to announce our newest Star Trader themed release to the Android Market:

Templar Assault!

v0.1.1 - 10/28/2011
  • New Release
  • Play for Free, Ad Free
  • Interactive Tutorial Map & Squad
  • Features first Campaign: Rift of Larudhu
  • 2 "Rapid Deployment" Maps for quick play
  • Current has 11 Levels

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Star Traders RPG v4.0.5 Released

We are very proud to announce a new version of our popular Android game has been released to the Android Market:

v4.0.5 - 10/26/2011
  • Cross Fade Game Music
  • Improved Game Performance
  • New Boarding Combat Results
  • Improved Combat AI for Merchants
  • Better Combat Performance
  • More Water Fuel on Merchant Ships
  • Improved 4.0 Combat System (v4.1?)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG v0.4.3 Released

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Thank you for supporting our new project, we need your reviews!

10/24/2011 - v0.4.3
  • Gold selector placed around current character in combat
  • Matrix update - stealing paydata may raise matrix heat and always costs turns
  • In-game help explaining attributes and skills
  • Status shows your Physical Power [Rested to Exhausted]
  • Recruit Gang Members in Elite
  • Many Typo fixes (thanks forum!)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Star Traders RPG 4.0.3 Released to Android Market

A new release of Star Traders RPG has been sent to the Android Market:

v4.0.3 - 10/19/2011
  • Reduced Combat AI for Bounty Hunter
  • Reduced Combat AI for Military Officer
  • Working to Improved 4.0 Combat System
  • 7 New Ships
  • Rear Carrier, Spike Class, Redesigned Flagship Carrier
  • New Elite Versions of: Crossbow, Longbow, Revers
  • New Rim Freighter + New type of Merchant AI
  • Fixed Ship Description Strings
  • Improve Contract Pricing
  • More Weapons / Artifacts on Smuggler Ships

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG v0.4.2 Released

Play Cyber Knights RPG for Free:

10/17/2011 - v0.4.2
  • Option to disable On Screen D-Pad
  • Fixed issue with Front-line Medical Pass
  • Recruit Gang Members in Elite
  • New boss feedback on requests
  • Many Typo fixes (thanks forum!)
  • Corrected tip for using all passes
Discussion on the forum:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Recruiting a Team in Cyber Knights RPG

As a Cyber Knight in the New Boston Zone, the dangers and challenges stacked against you are too great to go-it-alone all the time. Perhaps you just need extra muscle or you need a specialist to supplement your own skills and abilities, you can hire team members of different types to allow you to survive your runs and make it to the other side to get your reward in hard credits.

Hiring Soldiers and Gangers

The different gangs, security or criminal organizations, and mega-corporations within the NBZ may be willing to allow you to hire a soldier or a ganger for a time to help you complete some task or to watch your back. These soldiers are hired muscle, whose loyalty lies with their faction, but who will work for you for a short time.

Here are a few ground-rules about hiring gangers that you will need to know as an active Cyber Knight:

  • A soldier is a temporary hire! The soldier’s loyalty lies with the faction, not with you. If you stop at a hotel or a safe house, the soldier will depart your company, and return to his faction. Some Cyber Knights have developed a powerful addiction to stimmers and crammers to keep their soldiers working longer shifts.
  • You can equip a soldier with new gear, armor, guns, or even cybernetic implants. Be careful to get this gear back from the soldier, because he or she will claim it as their own when they leave if you let them. If you leave gear with a soldier, don’t expect the next soldier you hire to have that gear!
  • A faction will only allow you to hire one of their soldiers if you have a positive Reputation with the faction. Therefore, if you are not liked by the Blue Ox, they are not going to rent you one of their Moon Blood boys to bang up the town.
  • A single faction will not rent you more than one of their soldiers at a time. The Los V will refuse to let you hire two hyper-punks at the same time.
  • Soldiers can only be hired from a faction’s boss.
  • If a faction soldier dies while working with you, you can suffer a loss of reputation with the faction. It’s a risk you take, because by hiring a soldier, you are responsible to the faction to make sure he or she comes home in one piece.

Hiring Runners

Runners are qualified, skilled individuals who can bring much more than muscle to a team. Runners are currently not avaialble in the Cyber Knights BETA, but here some facts that you should know as an active Cyber Knight in the NBZ:

  • Runners are longer-term hires. They will stick around for a number of days before requiring more payment.
  • You can equip runners with gear, armor, guns, and cybernetic implants. You can retrieve this gear from the runner if you don’t plan to keep working with them. However, if you re-hire the runner, they will bring the same gear back and continue to work with you.
  • You will be able to hire more than one runner at a time.
  • Runners will have a profession and bring specialist skills to the table, like hacking, which can augment your own abilities.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG v0.4.1 Released!

Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this beta game.

Thank you for supporting our new project, we need your reviews!

10/14/2011 - v0.4.1
  • New On Screen D-Pad For Moving
  • Improved Support for Hardware D-Pads
  • Recruit Gang Members in Elite
  • New AP Equations for Teams
  • Better AP Combat Drug Effects
  • Better Map Centering
  • New River Tiles / Map Artwork
  • Contact Screen Performance
  • New Boss Related Content
  • Improve Ganger Combat AI
Purchase Advanced Elite Edition:

Download Free RPG:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Star Traders RPG v4.0.0 Released

v4.0.0 - 10/13/2011
  • Major Combat / Boarding Overhaul
  • Fixes Award Display in Elite
  • Combat Dice Tweaks
  • Combat XP Curve Tweaks
  • Fixed Upgrade Counts in Starport
  • New Hazard Toasts & Options
  • New Alien AI (2 types)
  • New Bounty Hunter AI (1 type)
  • New Warship AI (2 types)
NEW: Elite Negotiation Special Abilities
  • StarPort Reputation (Star Trader)
  • Palace Reputation (Captain)
  • Exchange (Merchants)

Warning - Intruder Detected...

Warning - Intruders detected!

Dispatch security teams to sector Gamma-54 of the AzTek B-205 Research Facility. Cameras have caught intruders tampering with a Matrix terminal, and some doors on the floor in forced open state.

Warning - HOSTILE Intruders detected!

Dispatch primary security teams to sector Gamma 54 of AzTek B-206, Floor 12. Intruders have proven violent and dangerous. First security team is no longer responding to contact. Intruders are moving up the Research Tower.

Warning .... Warning ...

[ This screenshot of some early development work for interior areas of the NBZ, megacorporations, and underground areas was leaked on the forum recently, and got a lot of excitement! ]

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mobile Gaming - Where do you get your help?

When you are in a mobile game that is complicated or in which you need some additional info, where do you look for, or expect to get your help?
  • In-game help (with ? links)
  • In-game help file
  • Visit the game's website
  • Join the game's forum
  • Look it up on Facebook
  • I comment on the game with my question or complaint
  • I want a PDF to read
Also, I'm curious what types of help people would classify that they are seeking. Do you feel like you mostly need fact explanation (what do these stats do), FAQs (how do I get rid of heat), guides (how to profit as a merchant), or walk-throughs (how do I get the Blue Ox ladder connector)?

I will be posting a similar set of questions on the forum. All part of an information gathering campaign so we can serve you better!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Star Traders RPG v3.9.29 Released

The newest release of our hit Android game has been uploaded to the Android Market:

Try the free-to-play and free-of-ads edition available here:

v3.9.31 - 10/7/2011
  • Improves "Time to Trade" Issues
  • Fixes Water Tank / Cache Bugs
  • Fixes Destroy Mission Bugs
  • Improves Reputation Loss for Spy/Blockade
  • Improves Map Performance for Low Memory Devices
  • Fixes Urban Zone Crash

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG v0.3.29 Released

A new version of Cyber Knights RPG has been posted to the Android Market:

10/3/11 - v0.3.29
  • Gang Bosses: Los V, Blue Ox, Finnian
  • Sort Main Map Buttons / Taxi Buttons
  • Smaller Icons for More Screen Use
  • Bosses: Pardon
  • Bosses: Shake Tail
  • Improves Zone Map Graphics
  • Fixes Menu Crash
  • Improves Combat Performance
  • Fixes Bug with Choices
  • Working on New Matrix Hosts
  • Ongoing Weapon Balancing
  • Better In Shop Sorting

For anyone who follows Trese Brothers news, we have also (in the wake of the Kindle Fire announcement) submitted Cyber Knights to Amazon App Store. They may reject it due to the beta nature of the game. We shall see, but in an effort to reach more devices with our games, we're getting in deeper with Amazon.

Hopefully in the upcoming days we will find Cyber Knights RPG on the list of Trese Brothers wares sold over at the great and powerful ZON:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Advice From Forum for Star Traders RPG: By SlayerNZ

SlayerNZ ( one of the forum's senior moderators took the time to post this information about ST RPG:

There's a ton of information here, and there is also a half-complete Wiki guide that you can look at:

Also, there are a ton of guides for different classes scattered within these forums. I'll rummage around and see if I can't find a few links to help get you started soon.

When you have just started playing the game, here is what I would recommend:

There's nothing wrong with beginning with Basic or Normal difficulty when you are trying to figure out what is going on. At these difficulty levels, you can't permanently die, and things are just a bit safer for you to experiment on. When you find you are killing anything that moves with blatant ease, then you know you're ready to start a new game but with higher difficulty.

The most important two skills for me as a new player were Pilot and Stealth. I found that if I got both of those up to a reasonable amount, I actually survived encounters long enough to gain a foot-hold in the game.

Pilot allows you to change distances in combat more easily - meaning you can advance (or stop the opposition from retreating) more effectively, or you can retreat if you want to avoid conflict more easily.

Stealth helps you avoid getting hit when enemy ships fire at you. Also, it helps reduce the amount of encounters you have in space.

There are 6 factions here, and each have some very useful planets. It is possible to be diplomatic and become friendly enough with all 6 that you only get attacked by independents. However, encounters = combat = XP, so friendly means you will gain experience at a slower rate.

The best strategy for a new player would be to focus on one or two factions from the Syndicates and one or two factions from the Nobel houses. When I began, I started with Cadar, and buddied with De Valtos and Javat. All the rest of the ships out there were fair game. It gave me a good balance of safe havens and encounters.

So all of the above stuff will help you survive in the game, but Rumors are the thing that will make you prosper. It's absolutely crucial to keep your ear to the ground - always go to the Spice Halls and Palace and listen to the rumors there. There are two types of rumors - ones that help you with getting ahead in the game at hand, and others that just help you understand the game itself.

Shortage/Surplus rumors are where you will make lots of money. If you hear of a planet that has a shortage of, say, Crystals, flit from planet to planet trying to fill your hold with as many Crystal units as you can before going to that shortage planet. If you are lucky, even with a modest cargo hold (50 - 60 units), you'll make more than $70,000 profit. Do that a handful of times and you'll find money is quickly a non-issue. You'll be able to spend cash on upgrades, and on new ships for that matter.

Warning about shortages though - if Cadar and Thulun are trade embargoed, and you sell 100 Crystals to Cadar in a shortage, your reputation Thulun will plummet significantly more than in a non-shortage situation. Since I personally despise Thulun, that's never a problem

These people will help make your trip through the quadrant a bit more enjoyable. These people charge an up-front fee based on how much cash you have, so it pays to fill up your hold and do repairs before you sign up a new officer.

For the new player, focus on getting
1) Political Officer. This officer will tell you about embargoes when you land on worlds. It will certainly help you avoid accidentally selling stuff when it may result in pushing a friendly faction into negatives.

2) Mechanical Officer. This officer will help repair your ship during travel. Her job is made easier if you are carrying Crystals and Metal in your hold during your trips though.

Other stuff
It's okay to be a bully in this game - if you are level 20 and you come across a level 2 merchant, the unwritten rule is to turn off your ship-to-ship communication before you laugh maniacally.

Always watch your water-fuel level and know how much fuel you use up traveling both green and red sectors. The last thing you want to do is get caught without water-fuel in deep space.

Good luck ... hopefully all of the above helps out.