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Game Nostalgia = Amazing Gaming

Everyone is growing up with computers and video games now. Just like childhood movies, the first and best games you played hold a special place in your heart. But, unlike most childhood movies (which can be very hard to like when you see them again, decades later), childhood videos games still hold that appeal, challenge and excitement.

For example, a few years ago I went back and defeated the Contra series for the Nintendo. I never had a Nintendo as a kid, and could only play Contra at my neighbors house. I never gained enough skill (or hours playing) to actually beat it, though I loved the game. Going back, I obsessively mastered that game and crushed it. And I loved every minute. And it was still hard! Contra, and so many other games from past decades are still amazing games, even if they do not have the most top notch graphics. Like movies, often the top notch graphics (or too much CG) causes the designers to lose sight of good gameplay.

Star Traders RPG has a lot of amazing elements from games from everyone's past--Master of Orion, Sid Meier's Pirates, Nova and others. Many of the games in our pipeline, like Secrets of Steel, will have powerful echoes of legendary fantasy RPGs--ChronoTrigger, Final Fantasy, Shining Force.

What are the games from your past that you still love, and may have even gone back and conquered again and again?


  1. I always seem to go back to Mario 3, and it's funny how many of the secrets I still remember. I haven't been into games much recently, until I bought the new Mario game for Wii, which takes some of the best elements from the series and combines them into a new Mario 3-esque world ready to be freshly explored.

  2. Muir,

    I think you have really touched on the key to awakening gamers' nostalgia (and powerful love) in new games that walk in the legacy of the old greats. Its a combination of using the best, classic elements from the older game and combining that with strong game play and new content to be explored.

    Right after I finished with Contra, I had to go after Super Mario Bros 3 as well, and loved every minute of it. I was even lucky enough to beat the final boss on a wall-projector, in massive size.

    Tried Star Traders? Remind you of any games you always loved?

  3. Well well well. Shadowrun, Actraiser, Soul Blazer, Illusions of Gaia, Terrenigma via SNES, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Vagrant Story, Harvest Moon Back to Nature, Parasite Eve (just the first one), Persona 2 via PSOne... aaand Escape Velocity Nova, the Avernum series, Gabriel Knight 1 and 2 via PC/Mac...

    Nothing else qualifies for 'classic' But i've played each of these games more times than I will admit in public.

  4. Animus,

    Thanks for the list--impressive. I have not played most of them, so it gives me a great list to go try out.

    One thing I love about such classic greats is that you are almost guaranteed to love them. There is something in me that stirs just hearing the names--never having seen the games--that I can sense they are all blockbuster.


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