Friday, January 7, 2011

Star Traders RPG Mini

There is a new edition of Star Traders RPG on the Market

  • Star Traders RPG the original and free version (6 Megs, Music and Normal Size Map)
  • Star Traders RPG Elite the full epic vision (7 Megs, Music and Huge Size Map)
  • Star Traders Mini the micro download edition (2.3 Megs, SFX and Normal Size Map)

1 comment:

  1. Any chance for an import captain feature on the ST mini? Either from Basic or Elite.
    I use Basic since Elite strains my poor little G1 too hard. But I paid for Elite since I wanted you to have some money from me.
    If only t-mobile would come out with a new phone that didn't have a foolish keyboard. (combining the top row and numbers? C'mon...)


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