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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders RPG v2.8

A brand new version of Star Traders RPG has been uploaded to the Android Market!

New Features
  • Military Dry Dock Allows Multiple Ships Per Captain
  • Landed Repair Camps Allows Makeshift Ship Repairs
  • Performance Improvements Allow 12% faster map
  • Military Contracts Button Allows Ranking Officer Contracts
  • Supports Vega Tablet
  • Supports Nook Color
  • Increases Maximum Rank to 18
  • Increases Maximum Reputation to 1000
  • Improved Leveling UX
  • Waypoint Distance Calculator Fixed
  • New Military Shuttle for Ranking Officers
  • New Trade-In vs. Buy Option


  1. So far so good, really liking the new military bases :) My only problem is that I'm getting a FC everytime I return to Cadar Prime after completing a contract.

    Definitely keep up the great work guys, its amazing how far this game has progressed :)

  2. Justin,

    Help me out if you can and press "Report" on that Cadar Prime crash. I'm trying to figure it out!

    Sorry :(

  3. When I die im getting an fc. I am playing basic lvl. Mytouch 3g. I love the new military bases. Could be cause my phone has too much stuff on it (slows down)?

  4. Please I beg you press the "Report" button so Google can send me the error information =)


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