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Star Traders RPG v2.8.3

Rank Shuttle
Rank Ship is a low-level shuttle that you can always buy. This is so that if you want to store a good ship and trade down (or trade one in) you don't have to wait to find a Starport selling a shuttle or a fighter.

If you do not want to buy Shuttles than it is useless.

Dry Dock
Dry Dock requires Rank. Once you have Rank you can use Dry Dock. When you purchase a ship you can Trade In Current Ship or Purchase New Ship. If you Purchase New it goes into the Dry Dock.

Then, inside the Military Base you can use Dry Dock to switch ships. You can install different upgrades and have different cargo on each ship in Dry Dock.

The new v2.8.3 edition fixes HTC Wildfire and HTC Tatoo issues. Sorry about htat.

New Features
The Captain now controls how many people go on an Expedition or Harvesting!


  1. Both Star Traders mini and star traders crash on my Samsung Galaxy 5. The crashes occur when trying to move on the map or when trying to enter an urban zone from the star map. Sometimes when it crashes Im sent back to the first page of the game, and other times the game manages to keep going still.

  2. Joel,

    I will fix them as soon as I see them! I have been checking the Crash Reports page twice every hour looking for reports.

    I have not seen any for Star Traders Mini and none from a Samsung Galaxy 5.

    I will fix IMMEDIATELY once I have a crash report. If you put in "from Joel" in the report information I'll know it is you so I can fix the bugs.

    Otherwise, I can only listen to the people who say it is working fine and fix the reports I am getting.

    I will keep looking for bugs and fixes the crash reports. If you don't want to report the issue via Google then we can only hope someone else randomly has the problem and clicks Report.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Sadly I cannot report crashes yet as Samsung galaxy 5 has not gotten 2.2 yet in sweden, so that might be one reason you havent gotten any samsung galaxy 5 crash reports.

  6. Found an alternate way of sending the crash reports via an app, and I hope you get the correct information. Two mails should be sent, one for Star traders mini and one for the normal version(2.8.3)

  7. Joel,

    My mistake, sir. I just assumed that Google would be smart and make crash reporting global!

    I am very sad you do not have a button for this in Sweden. It probably means the game has more problems than the ones I know about. Bummer!

    I really hope it works. I do very much want to fix all the errors in the game.

    I will wait to see if the reports show up. Even if they don't maybe I can still figure it out.

    * Does it crash every time? Only the first time? Only after the first time?

    * What Options do you have turned on? If you "Disable Starfield" does it stop crashing?

  8. Well, I sent the crash reports to your email, as I could not send them directly via the non-existing crash report button.

    It crashes randomly(but often). Sometimes Im lucky and can move 10-15 times, and sometimes I cant move even one or two times.

    I tried disabling all sound, toasts, starfield, but it still crashes.

  9. Also its possible that the crash report button is android 2.2+?

  10. Joel,

    v2.8.4 is for you. I hope it works. I updated both RPG and Mini. I'm crossing my fingers.

    Please e-mail me if you can for faster response.


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