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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders RPG v2.9.0 Released

Another weekend, another Star Traders RPG release!
  • Brand New Awards and Achievements System
  • Initial 25 Awards
  • 2 New Unlockable Character Classes -- Spy and Zealot (especially useful on higher difficulties)
  • 5 New Unlockable Starting Ships -- Great for Merchants and Bounty Hunters
  • 12 New Ship Upgrades -- Water Tank and Stealth Modules! Cargo Upgrades!
  • MAJOR Performance Refinements
  • Support for More Phones, Less Memory and Faster Movement
  • Tons of Grammar Fixes from Forum Posts
  • Reputation and Rank Bug Reports
  • More Informational Toasts to Keep Captain Informed
  • Refined Economic Simulation to Encourage Resource Trading


  1. your game sounds awesome if you buy me a better phone I'll buy your game!


    p.s. same deal available if you buy an Android for mom :-)

  2. lord sunstroke,

    Hahaha, let me know when I can have a cameo in a major motion picture and I am sure we can arrange a trade.

    Warlord Righteous


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