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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders RPG v3.0.5

A new release of Star Traders RPG has been uploaded the the market.

v3.0.5 doesn't add any new fancy features but it does improve a lot of UI and add new notifications.

  • Fixed Pirate Defeat Reputation Bugs
  • MAJOR Improvements to Pre-Combat Text & Hostility Information
  • New Contract Void Toast w/ Warning
  • New Contact Expiration Toast w/ Warning
  • New Defeat - Looted Toast w/ What was Taken
  • New Defeat - Searched Toast w/ What was Taken
  • Now Show all 6 Ships in RPG
  • Fixes 5 Awards with Confusing Requirements
  • Fixes Some Awards Text/Grammar
  • Adds Missing Awards Toasts for Excellent Patient
  • Grammar Fixes
  • Increased Star Hero Minimum Rank to 12
  • Improved Contract Fail Toasts
  • Improved Contract Victory Toasts
  • Improved Docked - Exchange Toasts
  • Improved Enemy Ship AI
  • Updated 72 Ship Designs to v3.0.5 Edition
  • Added more than 40 new ships
  • Some new hidden rumor types to support economic system
  • Improved Damage Application Routines For Ram
  • Improved SFX Performance in Combat
  • Improved Reputation Toasts during Blockade
  • Improved Reputation Toasts during Trade Ban
  • Improved Officer Dialog for First Mate
  • Improved Bonuses for Scout/Smuggler Officer
  • Improved Toasts for Damage to Captain in Combat, Explorer, Harvest
  • Improved Harvest UX


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