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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders RPG v3.1.6

A new release of our epic space role playing game Star Traders RPG has been released to the Android Market.

The newest release, Star Traders RPG version 3.1.6 includes a number of feature updates and minor bug and performance fixes.
  • Star Traders now sends Hazard toasts for ANY loss of Captain Health
  • Improved Hold / Cargo UX to display AU distance to market, buy/sell labels and coordinates (hopefully still fits on all screens!)
  • Improved long distance move performance and memory management (working towards better navigation!@!!!!!)
  • New Explorer (Intrepid Explorer I, in honor of Spaceman Spiff!)
  • Fixes Alien ship backgrounds
  • Fixes Narvidian ship backgrounds
  • Fixes Zoom map performance bugs
  • Updated Officer Mute Options
  • Added new Military Officer feedback dialogs


  1. Our hero, the intrepid spaceman spiff struggles to pay for his Water Fuel and repairs to his damaged spacecraft. How will he afford his spice?


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