Star Traders RPG v3.4.3 Released

We have posted another release of our popular Android mobile role playing game (RPG) Star Traders Elite.

I have posted another bugfix release:

  • Over 100 grammar fixes
  • Improved Harvest Scoring Rolls
  • Fixed Explorer Special Ability Description
  • Fixed Memory Crash in Map
  • Fixed Crash in New Character
  • Fixed Bugs with Award Scoring for Level 50 Award
  • Fixed "Out of Memory" Errors on Ship Log (Shows last 5000)
  • Improved MDPI Icons
  • Fixed Android 1.6 Crash
  • Improved Shipyard Performance
  • Improved Contract Generation Performance
  • Updated 4 Ship Designs
  • Added 2 new Alien Ships (Thanks Chris D.)
  • Improved Economic Conditions around Luxury Rations
  • Improved Zealot Luxury Rations
  • Improved Merchant Abilities
  • Increased Risk of Treasure Hunters for Bounty Hunters / Officers / Zealots
  • Reduced Risk of Treasure Hunters for Spy and Pirate

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  1. "Over 100 grammar fixes"

    I assume you out-sourced this exercise? Certainly can't rely upon those Trese brothers when it comes to grammar haha!

  2. Nope, those 100 were done by me. We have a Captain Stu as well -- he does the hard stuff like commas. ;)


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