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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Have you seen the Story Teller?

I heard the StoryTeller is a man, but others have said she is a woman. One young man I met claimed he met her in the woods while he was walking, and that she was a one-eyed hag of terrible power. He said her words bent his sword into a heap of slag when he tried to challenge her. He said her one eye saw as well as three.

Don't Wikipedia it--you won't find it there in the listings. A friend--who I haven't seen since--told me that the some write it as StoryTeller because its not a man or a woman. That the StoryTeller lives out here somewhere in cyberspace, flitting in and out of the great data centers of New Boston.

The most credible account I have heard is that he is just an old man who runs the old steam train between here and there. He runs the Engine with an ease that lets you know he was born to do it, and that he'll do it till he passes. If you're lucky, he might call you into the Engine room from the station platform, and fill your head with stories while the old steam train chugs to there, or to here, whichever way you are heading.


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