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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Improving Great Things - Like Dracula or King Arthur

In response to the newest upgrade of Star Traders, there was a post on the forum:

"Great to see a good thing like this not getting abandoned but instead being continually improved."

Star Traders RPG is a project built on constant hard work, user feedback, and a desire to create great video games. It is very exciting and motivating to see this appreciated on both side of the coin--the community and gamers love it, and the development and artistic teams are rapt in the fury of creation.

Under that poetic description, it is simply hard word, sweat, blood, and sleepless nights that keeps a project like Star Traders cranking along.

Another project by which I have been continually impressed, owned by an artist who has a similar hard working approach, is "Dracula vs. King Arthur" ( ). Check it out. It is updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a new page like clock work. Much like Star Traders RPG, it is a product built on the creative fury of the team behind it, and I believe that shines through. Check it out!


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