Star Traders RPG v3.5.5 Released

The newest version of Star Traders RPG, v3.5.5, has been uploaded to the Android Market!

Changes and Improvements in v3.5.5
  • Orientation Bug Fixed
  • Ship Pricing Fixed
  • Improved Ship Pricing for "Star Trader" Character Class
  • Pardon Pricing Fixed
  • Improved Pardon Pricing for "Captain" Character Class
  • Added "Ignore" Action to Combat Intro Page
  • Added "Status" Action to Combat Intro Page
  • Store Cache Location in Log When Cache Created
  • Dry Dock Button Refreshes After Ship Sales
  • Spy War Toast Improved
  • Trade War Toast Improved
  • Better Android 3.0 Performance
  • Reduced Zoom Map Crashes
  • Fixed All FC Reported to Google
  • Fixed 2 Bugs/Logs Sent Via E-Mail


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