Star Traders RPG v3.5.7 Released

Star Traders RPG has been updated on the Android Market once again.

This is a critical bugfix release and I encourage everyone to upgrade for maximum ST RPG joy.

  • Fixed Mutiny Bugs
  • Fixed Acknowledge Button Defect
  • Added 2 New Ship Images
  • Improved Serpent's Tooth image
  • New Ship Designs
  • Bold Battle Stations button
  • Alliance Summary on Combat Introduction
  • Crew Loss Toasts
  • Improved Pricing on High Population Worlds
  • Improved Water-Fuel Generation
  • Fixed Bugs with Orientation Lock and Keyboards
  • Faction Specific Ships in Encounters
  • Faction Specific Ships in Military Base
  • 6 New Attack Shuttles
  • 6 New Defender Class Corvettes
  • 18 New Faction Pilots
  • Fixed Rank Pricing on Impossible
  • Improved Fuel Use Curves (more fuel) on Insane & Impossible
  • Increased Pirate AI on Crazy - Impossible
  • Reduced Bounty Hunter AI on Normal - Basic
  • Improved Armor Soak vs. Ram
  • Improved Armor Resistance for Battle Prow

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