Thursday, March 17, 2011

Star Traders RPG v3.6.0 Released

- Ship To Ship Cargo Transfer
- Rumor Type Balance Returned to ORIGINAL v1.5 levels
- Increased All Economic Factors
- Tons of New Ships
- Improved Character Class Special Abilities
- Improved Spice Hall Rumors
- Improved Performance
- Fixed Award Bugs
- New Game Improved
- New Ship Icon
- Updated Bonus for Electronics/Weapons on lower difficulties
- Fixed Image Display Margins on toasts
- Improved Option Page Performance
- Improved Upgrade Page Performance

What is coming up:

- Player Bases
- Full Urban Zone Trade View
- More Space Hazards
- More Upgrades
- More Ships
- Diplomacy
- Manual By Elizabeth & Crew
- Hardware Acceleration in Honeycomb

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