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Star Traders RPG v3.6.3 Released

  • Fixes FC on Main Map
  • Fixed FC in Contract Offer
  • Fixes Map Freeze Issue
  • Trade may end shortage
  • Trade may end surplus
  • Trade may increase ban length
  • Contracts Where Reputation too Low for Palace go to Spice Hall
  • Contracts Where Reputation too Low for Stardock go to Spice Hall
  • Improved Time Consumption System for Star Dock
  • Improved Time Consumption System for Trade Exchange
  • Improved Trade Reputation Curves and This
  • Improved Torpedo Accuracy for Aft Upgrade
  • Improve Contract Payment for Palace
  • Improved Contract Payment for Military Base
  • Improved Shortage Pricing
  • Improved Shortage Quantities
  • Fixed Dry Dock Transfer Bugs with Water-Fuel/Water-Tank
  • Fixed Dry Dock Force Close
  • Improved Sector Dock Reputation Curves
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