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To the Fringes of the Quadrant - Translating Star Traders

Star Traders has always had a strong international audience, which could be surprising as it is a game that involves a lot of text and numbers and could be hard to play if that content was not in your native language. However, there has been a growing international community, dominated by Russian, Italian, and Spanish speaking users.

In order to share the Star Traders universe more fully with these communities, we embarked on looking for translators to help us bring the gaming experience to our largest communities in their native language.

In our search, we found and have started using, a (currently) free, online, collaborative translation platform. Excitingly enough, it can taken native Android string libraries and hand them off to translators. For anyone out there considering translation, we'd like to share that our initial interactions and projects with this community of translators has been exciting and successful, and we'd recommend it as a powerful platform.

Here is the project site URL:

Joining is free and easy. Just follow the links.


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