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Resurrecting Game Addictions

Recently, a good friend of ours re-installed Diablo 2. I am not sure how he even found his install disk, and was even more amazed that he found BattleNet still up and running! D2 has not died! Lo and behold, I ran into another friend who had recently re-installed D2, and then another friend who was trying to beat Baldur's Gate. Castle of the Winds was recently mentioned on the comments to this blog, and I had a round of flash backs and thought about getting a hold of it. A friend in Boston just bought and installed the King's Quest series.

Are you out there, installing and playing the best games of our youth?


  1. I find myself returning to fallout 2 every now and then, otherwise no. I did play Diablo 2 a year ago though.

  2. The Fallout series is definitely one of those game series to which its worth going back. I haven't touched D2, because I was obsessed in my youth, but have gotten pulled into some ancient turn based strategy games in the last few years.

  3. Ever play Fallout Tactics? Curious, as I saw it while checking on Fallout. Any good?

  4. Not as good as fallout 1/2 but still quite fun. Ive played through it twice, still got the box somewhere I think.

  5. Oh god, I thought I was the only one who had paid to buy CotW! Haha, that was the first RPG I ever played on my old Windows 98. That makes me all sorts of nostalgic. You've gotta love the classics. In my personal opinion, D2 still holds the award for best risk/reward loot.

  6. Justin,

    Castle of the Winds was my first RPG too. What a game. Following that, I spent too much time playing Shining Force. About eight years ago, I loaded a lot of emulators and went back and beat FF2-FF5, ChronoTrigger and many of the other games that ruled my childhood.

    D2 holds a special place in most of our hearts, I believe. It is the reason that I still get twitchy and lunge forward at times when I see gold plated, fancy fonts of a specific hue! Oh god, a unique!


  7. Indeed, I used to play Diablo 2 alot. Singleplayer and Lan only though, my copy wasnt exactly legal. Hoping Diablo 3 will be at least as fun as Diablo 3, in any case its a given purchase.

    FF6(emulator) and 7 have been replayed several times. Chrono trigger as well on emulator(3 times, not counting game+). Tried playing through phantasy star 1 but it kept freezing up after a certain point.

  8. Did anyone ever play (and get crushed by) a Ninetendo game called Shadowgate?

  9. joel,

    emulators definitely played a big part in being able to get back and beat old games. I hit up Contra, Super Contra, Super Mario Bros, and a whole list of awesome RPGs (FF series, Ogre Battle, Chrono, etc) through emulators. Those things are magical.

    I was always bummed they could not seem to get good emulator support for the more recent / powerful / random platforms like the N64, Playstation, or Sega Saturn, because there were always titles there I wanted to try.

  10. Well, there are a couple of good ps 1 emulators and there are working ones for N64, but I they dont support all games sadly. I played through FF9 on emulator and loved it to bits but I wont buy a ps.

    Not sure about Sega Saturn.

  11. I just checked my old CD folder and I have 3 play disks for Diablo II and 2 install disks as well as 3 serial numbers. Digital Crack much?

  12. Diablo II certainly is one of the best games of all time, certainly the defining game that any RPG has to live up to. I play it sometimes, usually at the start of a new ladder season to race alongside everyone else. After that I play single-player, sometimes time-travelling to older versions.

    For anyone who wants to find a great collection of "old" games that have been made compatible with modern operating systems, check out


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