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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Table Top Wargames

Growing up as a kid, the team here at Trese Brothers Software was pretty obsessed with table top wargames. Specifically, those released by Games Workshop (Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, Mordeheim was a huge hit...). It was an amazing (if expensive hobby) that combined long term planning (army building), creativity (painting and modeling), short term tactics (being the general on the table), story telling (stringing multiple battles into a campaign), basic economics training (I want it, but I can't afford it) and good times with friends.

Table Top War games are a long term (and often expensive) investment. They take a lot of patience and a lot of focus, as a turn can take a long time and as with all turn based games, you can do a lot of waiting. Painting a full army is a test of one's dedication and endurance to the max.

Did you play table top wargames? Other figurine or table top games? As a gaming experience--I find it to be a uniquely rewarding, and engaging experience on many levels. I still collect and still play. How about you?


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