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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Recovering from a Very Negative Reputation

• The actions that cause the largest drops in Reputation are hostile Combat, Destroying a Ship (during Combat or on the Combat Victory Screen), and illegal Trade. So avoid these!
• Take Contracts from the Spice Hall. (Slow, but most likely to be available)
• Surveillance/Blockade the enemy during a Spy Battle.
• Sell Artifacts/Weapons/Electronics/Records to the other Faction during a Trade Alliance. (Fast, but never know how long it will be until a useful Trade Alliance appears. In the meantime, Cache these items when possible.)
• Buy (Purchase or Trade-In) a new Ship. Doesn't increase the Reputation, but does clear the Criminal Warrants & Pirate flags, which will temporarily significantly decrease hostile encounters making it easier to accomplish the above actions. (Only works for Buy Ship from a Star Dock, not Take Ship as Spoils of War or switching to a Dry Docked Ship.)


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