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Star Traders RPG - Independent Spacers

Each Independent Spacers belong to no Faction. There are almost as many Independent Planets as all of the Factions added together. Each makes up his own mind – no Rank, Reputation, Trade Permit, or Death Warrant can tell him what to do. He'll fight whom he pleases, when he pleases, and suffer the consequences with all Factions. None will defend him or his home. He stands in
defense of no one. Independent Spacers measure a Captain's worth on the here and now – not the Rank or Reputation reported by some distant database. They will not be intimidated, but they are impressed by Experienced Captains with a happy Crew.
  • Civilized Planets (RPG): Rinze Mining Camp
  • Fringe Planets (RPG): Aro Prime, Bellix-Free II, Delta Hydri-3, Epsilon-Indi-2, Kalflange Outpost, Kinngott Outpost, Outer Reach, Refuge Camp, Rift-Leporis 4
  • Feral Planets (RPG): Aalamotlirgoz, Caabhosi, Callumus II, Notlatach, Ugolhush, Ulzsa-makisk, Zat, Ogotthana
  • Civilized Planets (Elite): Caldora, Chalicstine, Rinze Mining Camp, Roavin, Traneldor B
  • Fringe Planets (Elite): Altairus, Aro Prime, Bellix-Free II, Blastblink, Cross-9X33 Delta Hydri-3, Epsilon-Indi-2, Ggett II, Gloomhorn, Ileigth Beta, Kalflange Outpost, Kapteyn Gammat, Kinngott Outpost, Kinoaonas-Five, Marquette Alpha, Ogvidisso-B, Opix IV, Outer Reach, Refuge Camp, Rift-Leporis 4, Tapella Outpost
  • Feral Planets (Elite): Aalamotlirgoz, Bothax 3, Caabhosi, Callumus II, Caltharame, Dax Fendura, Dire Caltakus, Dire Gotuath, Dire Kinaohasthos, Duskrip, Endividius, Ghactllli, Hellarc, Ihaca-3, Infernus, Kikone Third, Notlatach, Sothaortatul Gamma, Terrox, Thonas035, Ugolhush, Ulzsa-makisk, Zat Ogotthana

Features: Each Independent Planet self-governing & each Independent Captain is autonomous. So there are no features of a central government (e.g., Conflicts & Alliances, Trade Permits, Rank, Reputation). The wise Captain knows how to use this to her advantage.

The number of Independent Worlds increased after the Templar Assault began and the primary Fleet of Law departed the Sector in 002.45AE


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