Star Traders RPG v3.6.11 BugFix Released

The newest edition of Star Traders RPG (both Elite and Free) is being uploaded to the Android Market!

  • Increases Ship Maximum for Elite to 20 Ships per Captain
  • Increases Ship Database Performance
  • Fixes Memory Exhaustion for some ROM on main menu
  • Fixes Merchant Trade Crash
  • Fixes Smuggler Trade Crash
  • Improving Main Map Performace
  • Fixed Agility Display on Status Menu
  • Fixed Speed Display on Status Menu
  • Adds Speed/Agility Display to Victory Screen
  • Adds Speed/Agility Display to Dry Dock
  • Adds Speed/Agility Display to ShipYard
  • Adds 12 New Ship Designs
  • Adds 6 New Templar Ships
  • Increase Value of Starting Ships by $10,000
  • Increase Value of Unlock Starting Ships by additional $7,000
  • 2 New Insane/Impossible Ships
  • 1 New Crazy/Insane/Impossible Ship
  • New Star Traders RPG Page


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