Friday, May 13, 2011

Star Traders RPG v3.6.14 Released

The first post-Google IO 2011 Star Traders RPG release has been uploaded to the Android Market both in the Free and Elite Editions!

  • New Resource Artwork from Andrew
  • 3 New Alien Ships from Cory
  • Major Changes to Memory Manager for Images (Improved Performance, Less Crashes)
  • Fixed Several Force Closes
  • Fixed Award Description for Blackheart
  • Fixed Pirate Evade Cause Loss of Death Warrant
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency Calculator Again (Rounding Bugs)
  • Fixed ST RPG Bugs with Dialogs & Full Screen (not present in Elite)
  • Fixed Some Game Text
  • Added Ship Statistic Artwork to Ship Stats Page
  • Fixed Some Performance Issues on Main Map
  • Improved Performance and Layouts for Tablets
  • Improved Main Menu Performance / Display Issues for All Screens
Don't forget to fire those torps!

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