The Syndicates - De Valtos Syndicate

One of the most powerful Syndicates, the De Valtos leadership controls the sole elected position in the Quadrant – the all-powerful Board of Directors President. By means of their control of the Syndicate Board, they are granted license to operate the Syndicate Capital.
  • Civilized Planets (RPG): De Valtos Prime, Syndicate Core
  • Fringe Planets (RPG): none
  • Feral Planets (RPG): none
  • Civilized Planets (Elite): De Valtos Prime, Ryelline Ganne, Syndicate Core
  • Fringe Planets (Elite): Antronin, Butakov Prime, Valtos Marquiss
  • Feral Planets (Elite): Dire Oblivious
  • Features: Best Economy, 5% more Contracts to Syndicate Capital City than other cities.


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