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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Understanding the CyberKnights RPG HUD

CyberKnights RPG Interface Help, Part II

The CyberKnight's heads up display (HUD) is substantially more complex than the Star Traders display which shows date, fuel and waypoint.

A: Portrait / Status Menu
Click this image to open the main status page for the current character.

B: Health / Mental Level Bars
The red bar shows the current Cyberknight's health and the green bar shows mental condition.

C: Equipment Menu Button
Launches the Equipment page for the current character.

D: Computer Menu Button
Launches the Computer page for the team.

E: Heat Bar
Shows the team's current Heat in the ever-present surveillance system of New Boston. Heat is bad news for any CyberKnight and causes less Karma, worse encounters, more combats, Nano thieves, Matrix hyper-demons and other horrible stuff.
  • Reduce heat with safehouses, hideouts and hotels

F: Job Map / City Map Button
Shows the team's current position as a yellow square, any active job as a dark red square and a job + current position as a bright red square. Click the Job Map to launch the City Map.

G: Credits and Karma Display
Show's the team's current credits and the current CyberKnight's Karma points.

H: Zoom and Hide HUD Buttons
Zoom the map and hide the HUD buttons, for your convenience.


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