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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights RPG

The newest in-development Trese Brothers game can now be downloaded from the Android market.

It is not completely done but we feel like you will enjoy watching it grow from a basic demo to a full fledged so-deep-you-have-to-swim-out RPG in true TB style.

We build games for you, with you and by you.

Send us your ideas to see them in the next release.

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  1. What ever happened to Secrets of Steel?

  2. Secrets of Steel is in development using the same game engine as CyberKnights RPG -- code name "Storyteller"

    Andrew and I had been working on SoS:RPG for several months when we realized it was still many months of content (story, characters, artwork) away. Suddenly it was clear that we were making a mistake by "going dark" for so long. The Storyteller RPG engine needs user feedback just like any piece of software.

    So the question became -- how do we build a fast RPG that demonstrates Storyteller but does not infringe on SoS:RPG storyline or features.

    The end result is CyberKnights RPG. It uses Storyteller but functions more like Star Traders RPG than it does like SoS. An ideal way for us to test the core software, get more Likes and generally enjoy ourselves while we continue to work on Secrets of Steel.

    If you have looked at CyberKnights, you will see that the world map is about 40 zones in a grid. a very simple world map. a all-seeing world viewer (GPS) is also provided to the player.

    If you could look at Secrets of Steel, you would see that the world map is OVER 400 zones in a sprawling, meandering maze. a complex, highly developed and biiiiig map. That is just one example but it holds true on almost every dimension -- CK is a little slice of SoS with sci-fi dressing. A little slice we could deploy this summer...

    We are making rapid progress and CyberKnights RPG will prove (or disprove) the theories we have about Storyteller's abilities.

  3. Ok, thanks for the detailed explanation. :)

  4. Awesomecake, kind of like a birthday present from Trese Brothers :) I'll get around to testing it as soon as Im done celebrating my birthday.

  5. hi! i try the game and like the translation to spanish as space traders rpg, for when the version international of cyber knights?


  6. @nenexulo22 - we are currently working hard to build out the BETA version of Cyber Knights in English. If you have played, you know the BETA is very far along, very playable, and very fun--but there is still a lot of work to do. When the game itself has started to settle down and we aren't make so many big changes, then we will start thinking about translated version!


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