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Cyber Knights is Coming

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An Interview with the Military Officer

Star Traders Weekly: Can you talk a little about your advice for boarding?

Military Officer:
Certainly, Cynthia. I like to give each Crew Member 2 weapons (that is Crew * 2 - Engines = Weapons in Hold.) I also suggest that you strike fear before boarding. My boarding attackers do this:

Round #1: Torp!
Round #2: Close
Round #3: Guns
Round #4: Close
Round #5: Decks (now they're scared!)
Round #6: Board

-- If, upon loosing a Boarding Action AND your ship did not take a hit, immediately Gun.

More than likely the enemy still has Crew in shuttles or allocated to "outside the ship"

With 70 Crew I would tell my Captain to keep around 60 weapons on board.

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Star Trader's Weekly: That's all well and good, but we want the real details!

Weapons benefit the crew on the Engines ONLY if the enemy ship wins Boarding action and gets hostile Crew on Board.

Enemy ships have an "upgrade package" that is consistent for the character class of the pirates. They are not specifically "Attack Shuttles" but they have many of the same modifiers.

After Boarding is completed, the game is tracking "Crew Points" in various Locations. In a battle between Good Ship and Bad Ship, the Crew of Good Ship could be:

A: On Good Ship
B: In Transit To Bad Ship
C: Fighting Inside Bad Ship
D: Fighting Inside Critical Area of Bad Ship
E: Fighting with Captain Inside Bad Ship
F: Fighting with Captain on Bridge of Bad Ship

So, sometimes you will fight at Boarding Range but repel Boarders. Therefore, the Crew points are stuck in "B" and are very vulnerable to destruction in the next turn.

If you think about it as a dice game, the Captains are allocating Crew orders (say, as cards face down on the table) and then rolling dice to see who's cards, and how many, are flipped up. The result is the mix of cards.


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