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Cyber Knights is Coming

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[Leaked] Cyber Knights - Summer Weapons Catalog

[Fragments of the Paydata Transmission]

... new catalog of competitive weapons ...
... must not allow AzTek Global or Yak... market lead ...
... lack of transportation res... local production ...
... new killing power ... streets of the New Boston Zone.
... disseminated into local shops ... encourage ...

[ Yakashima Operative Report - M12-Op5433-12, year 2217 ]

While the paydata itself is garbled and lacking most of the substantive words, its promise is clear. The new factory-hive that Mars Corp opened on the Long Island in the old Boston Harbor will soon be roaring to life. This information collaborates with Report M17-Op5544-13, in that Mars Corp worker class citizens are being secretly shuttled to Long Island.

This paydata was extracted--at great cost--from a mainframe host code-named Dead.Of.Night and first referenced in N22-Op1121-03, year 2216. Per the report, Dead.Of.Night is allegedly within the factory hive. The hemorrhaging and failing brain of the Cyber Knight who extracted the paydata from Dead.Of.Night is responsible for the lack of clarity in the encoded text. The M12 team recommends that no decker or hacker below class D6 attempt to access this host.

As such, the evidence seems clear. Mars Corp will be engaging in mass weapons manufacturing just outside the NBZ within the month. They will feature a new line of arms and armor which will initially target the surplus and street stores within New Boston, attempting to edge out any competition and finally gain a demanding market lead.

The recommendation of the M12 team is to sabotage the operations on Long Island at any cost. As a secondary recommendation, if Mars Corp is successful in producing the new "Summer Line," it is critical that the Yakashima security forces are re-armed, as the Cyber Knights and street gangs of the NBZ are certain be carrying the new catalog.

[ Look forward to a new Summer Line of weapons released to the streets of the NBZ. Within the month, Mars will have released all the new models! Also, keep your ear to the concrete, because soon connectors will be hiring Cyber Knights to follow up on the recommendation of the M12 team! ]


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