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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights RPG v0.3.11 Released

Thank you for supporting our new project

New release of Cyber Knights RPG on the Android Market:

8/10/2011 - v0.3.11
  • Fixed Clinic Bugs
  • Improved Taxi Map Icons
  • Even Better Blue Arrow
  • Improved Gang Intel Pages
  • Delete Contact Button
  • Pawn Value for Files
  • New Contact / More Images / Fixed Screen
  • Fixed Trash Filled Building

A number of forum members and e-mail players helped us get the Implants bugs worked out. We hit our target -- "no corrupted saved game files" but it took us some extra work to get working for all formats and phones.

Rest assured, you should not be able to remove any type of implant.

The blue arrow keeps getting more reliable and opening the correct dialog more often. Try it out by just using tap instead of Long Press. Tap should be doing a better job of opening the correct dialog now.

A few reports of bad buildings came in and thanks to those persistent detailed folks the map is improving with each release.

The icons display for Taxis have been updated, hopefully this will mean that the game map is easier to navigate.

Several large, medium and small sized screen UI fixes for shops, contacts, matrix have been tested and are now deployed.

Looted "computer files" now have a credit value so that they are worth pawning back to a store. They now count as a combat reward as well as possible advice for new players. If you already have the file, now you can sell it for combat credits.

At the request of several players we have added a "delete" button to the contact list so at a data terminal you can De-V-Chip someone.

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If you would like to support the development team you can purchase the donate version for $1.99


  1. Cyberknights is a good game. But I can't figure out how to use the maglock. I go to my carried gear and select it. After I press yes to the use question, it stays in the carried section - not in the equipped section. I bought the elite version thinking it only works in elite, but I get the same problem. Is there a trick to using maglocks?

    Also, an update to the help section would be nice.

  2. @virtualsurfer - sorry for the confusion. As we are in beta, Maglocks are one of the items that still has a little way to go before it is ready for prime-time. It will be used to help bypass security gates and break into locked buildings or safe houses that you have not rented. As the city is expanded to "in door" regions as well, it will play a more prominent role.

    Sorry that it wasn't explained. We are trying to update the help file as fast as we can, but its a hard one to keep up with!

    If you want to contact me directly about your purchase, shoot me one at


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