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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders RPG v3.9.17 On Amazon Free Game, Star Traders RPG Paid Edition, Star Traders RPG Elite

What's new in version 3.9.17
  • v3.9.17 - 8/17/11
  • Fix Coord Display in 12 Places
  • Fuel Curve Adjustments
  • Add New Rumor Tips
  • Improved Skill Texts
  • Improved Attribute Texts
  • Tied Blockade XP to Solar War
  • Tied Surviellance XP to Spy War
  • Improved Fuel Econ Display, Curves
  • New Ships: Tiberia Liner, Hammer Freighter
  • New Ships: Tgux Class, Sniper Vector, Dreadnought MK2
  • - Improved Spice Hall Morale [Game Performance]
  • - Fixed Urban Zone
  • - Fixed Docking


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