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Star Traders RPG v3.9.9 Released

The newest release of Star Traders RPG and Star Traders RPG Elite can be downloaded from the Android Market:

v3.9.9 - 8/5/2011
  • Availability Unlock: Databank
  • Availability Unlock: Smuggler Hold
  • Availability Unlock: Escape Shuttle
  • New Award (Independet Captain, -120 Reps)
  • New Performance Options
  • New Memory Saver Option (fixes FCs!)
  • Updates some ships
  • Slightly more upgrades @ Indy Worlds
  • Slightly More Trade @ Indy Worlds
  • More Balanced Ship Sale Prices
  • More Credits for Upgrades at Trade In
  • Increases Upgrades Available at Dock
  • Fixed Main Map Memory Exhaustion Bug
  • Improved Intimidate Skill Description
  • Fixed 2 Reported FC
  • Fixed 1 Sound Cut Out Bug on Samgsung
  • Minor Armor Damage Tweaks

People said the Escape Shuttle was too hard to find after you had been playing for a while. Fixed that with an unlock.

People Report'd bugs with "out of memory" errors on some phones. Added an option they can use to stop that from happening.

Heard that people wanted a "big negative" award, so I added that.

A new player sent me an e-mail saying that they had ignored intimidation for too long because they didn't see anything about fuel use. I updated the description to be more specific about what it does for deep space.

There was a general feeling from many players that after we added the latest set of upgrades that the scarcity of upgrades was getting pretty bad, so we increased the number of available upgrades.

There have been some threads about Water-Fuel, Reputation and other discussions. As a result we have increased the number of trade goods (in particular, water-fuel) found at indy worlds. The logic being that they are smart traders, know fuel is key, and produce it as much as they can.

And many players have said that they want the "Future" unlocks to be filled in ASAP so we are releasing the first part of the project with v3.9.9

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  1. If you get a Force Close on your device when entering the Star Dock, please upgrade to 3.9.9a


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