Friday, September 30, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG v0.3.27 Released

A new release of Cyber Knights RPG can be downloaded on the Android Market:

9/30/2011 - v0.3.27
- New war-hunds, trained combat dog (22 new monster teams)
- New weapon type - bounty rifle
- 5 new Elite only weapons, 3 new weapons for all!
- Unique starting EQ / implants for new characters!
- Early characters protected from hard battles by XP minimum on battle groups

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Star Traders RPG v3.9.27 Released

v3.9.27 - 9/28/2011
  • Improves Contract Payments
  • Fixed Import Captain Score Bugs
  • 4 New Ultra Rare Space Hulk Types
  • 2 New Fearsome Aliens
  • 5 New Player Ships (Bounty/Military)
  • Fixes Pesky Map Crash
  • Improves Scrolling Performance
  • New Pilot Bonus vs. Space Hulk
  • New Vet Bonus vs. Narvidians
  • Going to Prison Resets Rep to -5
  • Fixes Crew Transfer For Some Ship Combinations
  • Minor XP Curve Tweaks
  • Log Entry for Ending a Shortage Event
Download our hit Android space simulation RPG for FREE from Android Market:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG v0.3.25 Released

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9/23/2011 - v0.3.25
- Fixes Map Crash
- Improves Navigation Performance
- Fixes Content Bugs
- Fixes New Game Crash

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG v0.3.23 Released

Thank you for supporting our new project, we need your input and help.

9/22/2011 - v0.3.23
- New AzTek Medi-Fixer available; sells medical gear at discount to loyalists
- Highlighting for short combat move (2 or less spaces)
- Highlighting for optimal range for weapons
- Toast identifies weapon when switching in combat
- 10 Elite Only Armors!
- Updated mini-map screen shots

Thanks to Andrew for all the new content!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Star Traders RPG v3.9.25 Released

v3.9.25 - 9/20/11
  • All New Icon by Andrew
  • New XP Bonus for Contracts
  • Additional XP Balancing Acts
  • Increased Rumor Potency for Elite
  • Starting Ship Stats Display
  • Reduce Extraneous Lock Toasts
  • Reduces Award Toasts in Palace
  • Fixes Prison / Drifting Combat Result
Download Star Traders RPG for Free:

Download Star Traders RPG Elite for $1.99:

Reducing Extraneous Notifications
This release includes several changes to reduce the number of redundant notifications that can occur in some situations.

Display Starting Ship Stats
This release includes additional information for starting ship selections.

Monday, September 19, 2011 - Updating

The Trese Brothers web development team (did you notice we have a lot of teams?) has started an overhaul of the site. We are are re-stylizing it with a new style--simple and sleek. We are really just getting started, but the next major step is to be adding more help content, game content, artwork, and other useful information for Trese Brothers veterans, newbies, and all sorts of gamers who might be interested.

We'd love to hear any comments or suggestions on what you'd like to see up on our growing domain!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Game Design - Story from a Player's POV

[ Two of the new Runners coming to join your cause in Cyber Knights Elite RPG ]

Having "a story" is something that Trese Brothers sees a lot as a request for our games in comments on the forum, or a 5 star comment "awesome story." The disparity between the comments ("needs a story!" and "awesome story!") got me thinking about, from a player's point of view, how can you break down what is seen as a story?

To take it back to creative writing classes, a meaningful plot can be grossly boiled down to something changing in a significant way (we turned the heat up high and dumped in a lot of oil, and this is what was left... something changes).

Ok, that's a novel. But in a game or RPG, I think there is a twist. The player wants to cause a significant change to something or other. See the world change on its own is fun and can be extremely engaging, but without the ability to make your own changes, I think you could argue that a story is lacking.

But... change what? Changing your equipment or getting a new cybernetic implant may be very significant for your character, but that isn't the type of change that a story is concerned with (usually, unless it involves special or unique items). The player wants to cause a change to the external world, not just to his own internal character or group.

I can sign on to that. But, having played some competitive games on the Android market, sometimes I feel like the changes I am able to make are dictated, like my character has been bolted to a railroad car and is just cruising down the track. I don't want my changes scripted! Therefore, I believe the player wants freedom to cause many changes to the external world, and to make a myriad of choices about how to approach, interact with, or manipulate his or her world.

Finally, I want my RPG to feel real--like a story or a novel. I want to choose my path, but as I do, for reality's sake, I want other paths to close to me as I do so. Therefore, as a serious gamer, I want freedom to cause many changes to the external world which open and close other paths to change within the world. This raises replay-ability, increases my immersion in the game world, and lets me know that my choices are individual and special.

I've tried to dissect my approach to gaming, to understand what I think a "story" is in an RPG, and to try to figure out when I think a story is "good" in an RPG. Does your thinking follow mine? Do you want other characteristics in your gaming experiences?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Game Design - Letting the UI Show It

A Short Combat Move

Games--especially our type of games--are often pretty complicated. There is a lot going on under the hood in terms of math, statistics, calculations, and special ways of playing that can help or hurt the player.

While a help file is a good start (the Cyber Knights one is growing, I promise!), I always feel like many of the nuances of a complicated game can be lost on a first (or second or third) time player because unless they see a specific and clear pattern to the happenings in the game, it can be very hard to intuit the rules.

For example--in Cyber Knights combat, you can execute a short combat move. This is any move of 2 tiles or less, which costs a number of action points equal to the distance you moved (1 tile = 1 AP). If you move 3 or more tiles, you always pay a full cost of 3 AP for the move. This can be extremely useful for melee combatants (Cyber Swords) or others with short ranged weaponry (shotguns, pluggers). However, unless you were watching your AP like a hawk, or had read the update of the help guide when that fact was published, you'd likely miss it!

The following are some screen shots of future updates for Cyber Knights that will start to "let the UI show it" where it is ... something. A first, second, or third time player may not know what the lighter green box around his character is while moving (any tile within the short combat move), but it prompts a curiosity, prompts a player to start watching for a pattern, or to even consult the help file. The second is a special purple highlight on the optimal range for your weaponry. Specific models of guns are best fired at specific distances, and getting closer or farther away than that distance has an impact on accuracy. Without letting the UI show it, you'd have to memorize your equipment and count squares, and hope your counting was good!

Optimal Range in Combat

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cyber Knights - More Runners Coming

[As a tease, here is a newly designed sprite for one of the new runners]

As we move toward multi-team members, the art team is working through the requirements for a new set of runners who can be hired across the city, if you know the right people, or work for the right factions.

The user community (being awesome) is helping suggest stories, ideas, names, and profiles for these new runners who will be added. Join the fun!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Star Traders RPG v3.9.23 Released

v3.9.23 - 9/10/11
- Added Option to Hide Un-Available Upgrades
- Doubles Ship Upgrades For Sale in ELITE
- Doubles New Ships For Sale in ELITE
- Clear Log Button in Ship's Log
- Performance Improvements for Map
- Performance Improvements for Combat

Available on the Android Market Star Traders RPG in both Free and Elite editions:

New Options
You can now access an option in the "Game Interface" category that disables the display of any unavailable upgrades. If the Star Port does not have the upgrade for sale then no information about it will be displayed. This option is intended for users who are familiar enough with the upgrade menu that they no longer wish to see the full list.

New Elite Bonuses
All Elite players will find an increased number of ships and upgrades for sale in the Quadrant, and in particular on the high-rating worlds of the Elite map.

Performance and Ship's Log
A recently requested feature, the Ship's Log can now be cleared and performance should be improved in both combat and the main menu.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG v0.3.19 Released

Thank you for supporting our new project:

9/5/2011 - v0.3.19
- Fixed New Game Bug
- Fixed Hotel FC
- Fixed Combat FC
- Multiple Character Parties Coming Soon!!!

9/3/2011 - v0.3.17
- New Weapon Type - Shotguns
- New Weapon Type - Pluggers
- 5 new Elite Only weapons. 5 new weapons for all!
- New descriptions for every weapon
- More Tile Updates for Slum Zones
- Fixed Downtown Gateway Pass bug

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Star Traders RPG v3.9.19 Released

v3.9.19 - 9/4/11
- Blockade XP = Solar War + Rank
- Surviellance XP = Spy War + Warrant
- Fuel Curve Fixed
- Doctor/Upgrade Prices Fixed
- Fixed a Tablet FC
- Ship Statistic Adjustments
- Fixing Text Bugs + Performance Tweaks

Blockade XP = Solar War + Rank
This fixes several issues with the Blockades rewards code.
  • Blockades can generate XP during a Solar War for Captains Ranked in the Military
  • Blockades can generate a bonus XP point based on the number of Credits gathered from other ships in the area

Surveillance XP = Spy War + Warrant
This fixes several issues with the Surveillance Operation rewards code.
  • Surveillance operations can generate XP during a Spy War for Captains with Death Warrants
  • Surveillance operations generate Records which can be converted into additional Reputation points
  • Record generation is increased by Spy Wars

Fuel Curve Fixed
This fixes several display issues with the Fuel Usage Estimator when in green and calculating for red and visa versa. The Fuel Usage Estimator in "Status > Hold" should now be accurate in all types of Space for both Red and Green Sectors.

Doctor Prices Fixed
Previous versions included a bug where the price of healing at the Doctor would sometimes change randomly based on the number of turns being run by the simulator. This randomized price is now gone and the Doctor will always charge the same amount.

Upgrade Prices Fixed
Previous versions included a bug where the price of some types of upgrades in the Starport would sometimes change randomly based on the character's negotiation skill. This randomized price is now gone and upgrade prices will always include 100% of the character's negotiation skill no matter if the simulator has run the current turn or not.

Friday, September 2, 2011

CyberKnights RPG v0.3.17 Released

Thank you for supporting our new project

A new release of Cyber Knights RPG has been released onto the Android Market!

Cyber Knights Elite ($1.99)

Cyber Knights RPG (Free!)

9/3/2011 - v0.3.17
- New Weapon Type - Shotguns
- New Weapon Type - Pluggers
- 5 new Elite Only weapons. 5 new weapons for all!
- Fixed Downtown Gateway Pass bug
- New descriptions for every weapon
- More Tile Updates for Slum Zones
- Multiple Character Parties Coming Soon!!!

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