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Star Traders RPG v3.9.23 Released

v3.9.23 - 9/10/11
- Added Option to Hide Un-Available Upgrades
- Doubles Ship Upgrades For Sale in ELITE
- Doubles New Ships For Sale in ELITE
- Clear Log Button in Ship's Log
- Performance Improvements for Map
- Performance Improvements for Combat

Available on the Android Market Star Traders RPG in both Free and Elite editions:

New Options
You can now access an option in the "Game Interface" category that disables the display of any unavailable upgrades. If the Star Port does not have the upgrade for sale then no information about it will be displayed. This option is intended for users who are familiar enough with the upgrade menu that they no longer wish to see the full list.

New Elite Bonuses
All Elite players will find an increased number of ships and upgrades for sale in the Quadrant, and in particular on the high-rating worlds of the Elite map.

Performance and Ship's Log
A recently requested feature, the Ship's Log can now be cleared and performance should be improved in both combat and the main menu.


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