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Star Traders RPG v3.9.25 Released

v3.9.25 - 9/20/11
  • All New Icon by Andrew
  • New XP Bonus for Contracts
  • Additional XP Balancing Acts
  • Increased Rumor Potency for Elite
  • Starting Ship Stats Display
  • Reduce Extraneous Lock Toasts
  • Reduces Award Toasts in Palace
  • Fixes Prison / Drifting Combat Result
Download Star Traders RPG for Free:

Download Star Traders RPG Elite for $1.99:

Reducing Extraneous Notifications
This release includes several changes to reduce the number of redundant notifications that can occur in some situations.

Display Starting Ship Stats
This release includes additional information for starting ship selections.


  1. When the water fuel got more expensive I think it made contracting a little problematic, at least early in the game. Early contracts are now often not worth it, even with full sails and ship condition. The captain loses money on a lot of them and can even basically lose the game by successfully contracting himself into bankruptcy.

    Not saying that water fuel should be cheaper, maybe contract bounties could be raised. But I do think the balance is off.


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