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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights RPG v0.3.29 Released

A new version of Cyber Knights RPG has been posted to the Android Market:

10/3/11 - v0.3.29
  • Gang Bosses: Los V, Blue Ox, Finnian
  • Sort Main Map Buttons / Taxi Buttons
  • Smaller Icons for More Screen Use
  • Bosses: Pardon
  • Bosses: Shake Tail
  • Improves Zone Map Graphics
  • Fixes Menu Crash
  • Improves Combat Performance
  • Fixes Bug with Choices
  • Working on New Matrix Hosts
  • Ongoing Weapon Balancing
  • Better In Shop Sorting

For anyone who follows Trese Brothers news, we have also (in the wake of the Kindle Fire announcement) submitted Cyber Knights to Amazon App Store. They may reject it due to the beta nature of the game. We shall see, but in an effort to reach more devices with our games, we're getting in deeper with Amazon.

Hopefully in the upcoming days we will find Cyber Knights RPG on the list of Trese Brothers wares sold over at the great and powerful ZON:


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