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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights - Underground Havens

Where is the safest place to be in the New Boston Zone? You've got the dome crumbling overhead, if your important you probably have at least one Cyber Knight out gunning to assassinate you, the air is toxic, life expectancy is short, and the sun is dull behind that radio-active cloud cover.

I am exciting that we will soon be introducing underground havens, tunnels, gang dens and more to the NBZ. The richest contacts, mega-corp execs, and Connectors all live somewhere safer, maybe on and island or a out-of-city military retreat, but for your normal run-of-the-mill who is stuck in the NBZ, new safe territory is being opened up under-ground.

Cramped, maze-like, and full of its own dangers, the Under-NBZ won't be any nicer than the street level NBZ, but you will find some of the city's power players and dignitaries holed up down there.


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