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Mobile Gaming - Where do you get your help?

When you are in a mobile game that is complicated or in which you need some additional info, where do you look for, or expect to get your help?
  • In-game help (with ? links)
  • In-game help file
  • Visit the game's website
  • Join the game's forum
  • Look it up on Facebook
  • I comment on the game with my question or complaint
  • I want a PDF to read
Also, I'm curious what types of help people would classify that they are seeking. Do you feel like you mostly need fact explanation (what do these stats do), FAQs (how do I get rid of heat), guides (how to profit as a merchant), or walk-throughs (how do I get the Blue Ox ladder connector)?

I will be posting a similar set of questions on the forum. All part of an information gathering campaign so we can serve you better!


  1. First of all, I check the ingame help, which is not always overly useful or even non-existent. If that doesnt help its the game website or forum if there is one. CK/ST is Ace when it comes to the forum help, much thanks to the forum active playerbase.

  2. @joel - when you find an in-game help file that you like, what is good about it? Well-organized, complete, full of screenshots (or text).

    We appreciate your feedback!

  3. That depends entirely on how complex the game is but it being well organized is a must. Screenshots are not always needed but useful when explaining the hud for example. It should not contain too much text, that can make it confusing for the player. Last but not least, keep it simple, one should not have to be a rocket scientist to read it, leave the advanced stuff for the forums. If you must, add a link.

  4. Dont forget, if you add too much help(the blue ox ladder connector example) then you take away some of the fun of exploring. Some things could be added to the ingame dialogue instead for example if you have good enough rep. An optional tutorial would not hurt like an easy battle tutorial showing you step by step how the combat works.

    If people want hard facts they will likely search for it.

  5. @joel - i don't think we will ever provide walk-throughs (blue ox connector), as will really be left to the community / forum, but I was curious =)

    It sounds like a good tutorial would go a lot farther than full help file with all the text, screenshots, and woes of maintenance. Thoughts?

  6. A tutorial would go a long way yes, for example the first time you are hacking the matrix or add a tutorial mission that leads to the first hack. and keep a simple helpfile together with a link to a CK wiki for example. More help/hints can be added to npcs.

  7. Yes,also I prefer an in-game help,like a tutorial,or also a simple "?" button in key-menus or interfaces...maybe you know Pirates and Traders,like that...there's a "?" in the zone map,one in the city menu,and every button explains in a help menu the basilar things to look and to do in that menu....i appreciate this type of help 'cause it gives to the player the good sensation of no-invadence...if you need help there's a quick and exhaustive menu where what u need to know there's,at the other part,if u want to find yourself the way to play the game u can do it...=)

  8. @sly - i haven't always been a fan of the on-screen [?] as it kind of detracts from the game UI as a whole and prevents immersion.

    But! That's just my opinion... and as mentioned, this blog post was to poll the community.

    Glad to see a tutorial coming up to the top of the list.


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