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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Recruiting a Team in Cyber Knights RPG

As a Cyber Knight in the New Boston Zone, the dangers and challenges stacked against you are too great to go-it-alone all the time. Perhaps you just need extra muscle or you need a specialist to supplement your own skills and abilities, you can hire team members of different types to allow you to survive your runs and make it to the other side to get your reward in hard credits.

Hiring Soldiers and Gangers

The different gangs, security or criminal organizations, and mega-corporations within the NBZ may be willing to allow you to hire a soldier or a ganger for a time to help you complete some task or to watch your back. These soldiers are hired muscle, whose loyalty lies with their faction, but who will work for you for a short time.

Here are a few ground-rules about hiring gangers that you will need to know as an active Cyber Knight:

  • A soldier is a temporary hire! The soldier’s loyalty lies with the faction, not with you. If you stop at a hotel or a safe house, the soldier will depart your company, and return to his faction. Some Cyber Knights have developed a powerful addiction to stimmers and crammers to keep their soldiers working longer shifts.
  • You can equip a soldier with new gear, armor, guns, or even cybernetic implants. Be careful to get this gear back from the soldier, because he or she will claim it as their own when they leave if you let them. If you leave gear with a soldier, don’t expect the next soldier you hire to have that gear!
  • A faction will only allow you to hire one of their soldiers if you have a positive Reputation with the faction. Therefore, if you are not liked by the Blue Ox, they are not going to rent you one of their Moon Blood boys to bang up the town.
  • A single faction will not rent you more than one of their soldiers at a time. The Los V will refuse to let you hire two hyper-punks at the same time.
  • Soldiers can only be hired from a faction’s boss.
  • If a faction soldier dies while working with you, you can suffer a loss of reputation with the faction. It’s a risk you take, because by hiring a soldier, you are responsible to the faction to make sure he or she comes home in one piece.

Hiring Runners

Runners are qualified, skilled individuals who can bring much more than muscle to a team. Runners are currently not avaialble in the Cyber Knights BETA, but here some facts that you should know as an active Cyber Knight in the NBZ:

  • Runners are longer-term hires. They will stick around for a number of days before requiring more payment.
  • You can equip runners with gear, armor, guns, and cybernetic implants. You can retrieve this gear from the runner if you don’t plan to keep working with them. However, if you re-hire the runner, they will bring the same gear back and continue to work with you.
  • You will be able to hire more than one runner at a time.
  • Runners will have a profession and bring specialist skills to the table, like hacking, which can augment your own abilities.


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